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Saint Rose Course Reviews

The College of Saint Rose

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 233Photography 200000
ART 354Typography 300000
AHI 499Independent Study00000
ART 220Sculpture 100000
AOE 001AOE Launch00000
AHI 247History of Modern Art00000
ART 325Screen Printing 200000
ACC 529Corporate Taxation00000
ANT 001*Islamic Civilization00000
ACC 571Adv Computer Auditing00000
ART 203StudioLab:Creat&Innov Thinking00000
ART 100coLAB:Found of Art&Design Sem00000
AHI 103Architecture&the American City00000
ART 226Intaglio 100000
ACC 499Independent Study00000
ART 252Typography 100000
AHI 350Art and Buddhism00000
ART 333Photo Imaging 100000
ACC 418Adv Accounting00000
ART 390Studio Art Internship00000
ACC 553Fin Acct Theory Adv App00000
ANT 111Intro to Cultural Anthropology00000
ACC 429Corporate Taxation00000
ARA 102Culture in Action00000
ACC 575Fraud00000
ART 113Drawing 100000
ART 108Two-Dimen Design00000
ACC 693Accounting Pre-Internship00000
ART 215Painting 100000
ACC 493Pre-Internship00000
ART 224Special Tpcs: Print & Book00000
AHI 211Latin American Art00000
ART 230Computer Graphics00000
ACC 328Taxation00000
ART 239Graphic Design 100000
AHI 295Medieval and Islamic Art00000
ART 302Photoshop 200000
ACC 522Budgeting & Cost Analysis00000
ART 328Relief Printmaking 200000
AHI 388Art Now00000
ART 352Typography 200000
ACC 320Acc't Information Systems00000
ART 370Spec Top:Printmaking-Iceland00000
AMS 498Senior Seminar00000
ART 391Studio Art Intern Fieldwork00000
ACC 421Financial Auditing00000
ANT 110General Anthropology00000
ACC 570Adv Theory Financial Acc't00000
ANT 112Archeology00000
ACC 322Intermed Acc't 200000
ARA 101Identity and Culture00000
ACC 572Advance Taxation00000
ART 001*Introduction to Drawing00000
ACC 431Governmental Acc't00000
ART 101Intro to Art & Design00000
ACC 585Forensic Accounting00000
ART 112Three-Dimensional Concepts00000
ART 110Two-Dimensional Concepts00000
ACC 685Financial Modeling in Excel00000
ART 202Intro to Photoshop Imaging00000
ACC 485Forensic Accounting00000
ART 213Drawing 200000
ACC 699Accounting Grad Internship00000
ART 216Painting 200000
ACC 327Cost Accounting00000
ART 221Sculpture 200000
AHI 208Intro to Art Hist & Visual Lit00000
ART 225Screen Printing 100000
ACC 494Accounting Internship00000
ART 228Relief Printmaking 100000
AHI 215Art and Crime00000
ART 232Photography 100000
ACC 293Prof Develop Program00000
ART 235Sequential Design00000
AHI 285Renaissance Art00000
ART 240Graphic Design 200000
ACC 514VITA Program00000
ART 301Junior Review00000
AHI 344Art History since 194500000
ART 323Critical Concepts in Drawing00000
ACC 414VITA Program00000
ART 326Intaglio 200000
AHI 366History of Photography00000
ART 330Pre-Press Production00000
ACC 528Tax Planning00000
ART 334Photo Imaging 200000
AHI 399SpTop:Ital Renaiss Art w/StAbr00000
ART 353Appl in Graph Design00000
ACC 122Principles of Managerial Acctg00000
ART 356Interaction Design00000
AMS 494Field Experience Seminar00000
ART 380Spcl Tpcs:Graph Dsgn in London00000
ACC 552Intermediate Accounting 200000
AMS 499Independent Study00000
ACC 121Principles of Financial Acctg00000
ACC 221Intermed Acc't 100000
ACC 323Finan Acc't Theory Adv Applic00000
ACC 447Fraud00000
ACC 598Independent Study00000
ART 111Color Theory + Practice00000