Saint Rose Course Reviews

The College of Saint Rose

CHM 190LGen Chemistry 1 Lab00000
CJS 332Intelligence-Led Policing00000
BIO 494Internship00000
CEP 034LFinance Lab00000
BUS 334Business Law II00000
BIO 270Microbiology for Health SCI00000
CJS 110Intro to Criminal Justice00000
ART 232Photography 100000
BUS 205Personal Finance Planning00000
ART 444Experimental Imaging00000
CEP 013Advanced Internship00000
BUS 425Integrated Global Business00000
BIO 190LPrinciples of Biology 1 Lab00000
CEP 058Transition into Employment00000
ART 202Intro to Photoshop Imaging00000
CHM 400Research00000
BIO 351Cell Biology00000
CJS 242Victimology00000
AHI 247History of Modern Art00000
CJS 352Expert Opinion Evidence00000
ART 323Critical Concepts in Drawing00000
BUS 300Spec Topics:Sport Management00000
AHI 388Art Now00000
BUS 376Advertising & Promo Mngmt00000
ART 492Studio Management00000
CEP 005Learner's Permit Prep00000
BUS 491Field Stdy in Fin Plan Dev00000
BIO 112Environmental Science 100000
CEP 023Practical History00000
ART 101Intro to Art & Design00000
CEP 045Civics00000
BIO 210LAnat & Phys Lab00000
CEP 069Mythology00000
ACC 685Financial Modeling in Excel00000
CHM 202LOrg. Chem II Lab00000
BIO 320Pathogenic Microbiology00000
CHM 496Research Honors-Chemistry00000
ART 221Sculpture 200000
CJS 232Policing in a Free Society00000
BIO 360Developmental Biology00000
CJS 281Art & Crime00000
ACC 447Fraud00000
CJS 341Criminal Profiling00000
BUS 103Women & Ldrshp in Practice00000
CJS 399Career Preparation Seminar00000
AHI 344Art History since 194500000
BUS 253Principles of Marketing00000
ART 326Intaglio 200000
BUS 308Practicum in Mktg & Sales00000
ACC 522Budgeting & Cost Analysis00000
BUS 370Consumer Behavior00000
ART 466User Experience Design00000
BUS 388Small Business Management00000
AMS 494Field Experience Seminar00000
BUS 486Investment I00000
BDA 500Stats for Business Analytics00000
CEP 002Fitness00000
BUS 494Internship00000
BDA 690Business Analytics Capstone00000
CEP 009Digital Photography Workshop00000
ARA 102Culture in Action00000
CEP 017Personal Relationships00000
BIO 127Human Biology00000
CEP 030Health and Wellness00000
ACC 571Adv Computer Auditing00000
CEP 039Perspectives00000
BIO 200Human Anatomy & Physio II00000
CEP 048Music and Movement00000
ART 111Color Theory + Practice00000
CEP 066Relationships Workshop00000
BIO 241LMarine Ecology Lab00000
CEP 085Career Exploration00000
ACC 418Adv Accounting00000
CHM 201LOrganic Chem 1 Lab00000
BIO 310Comparative Animal Physiology00000
CHM 301LInstrumental Analysis Lab00000
ART 215Painting 100000
CHM 402Physical Chemistry 200000
BIO 350General Microbiology00000
CIN 100Community Involvement00000
AHI 208Intro to Art Hist & Visual Lit00000
CJS 199Criminal Justice Colloquium00000
BIO 354Immunology00000
CJS 238Substantive Criminal Law00000
ART 226Intaglio 100000
CJS 244Criminal Profiling00000
BIO 370Topics in BIO: Plant Ecology00000
CJS 321Prosecuting Crime00000
ACC 293Prof Develop Program00000
CJS 338Adv Substantive Crim Law00000
BLE 300Found Bi-Lingual Education00000
CJS 343Criminal Personality00000
ART 239Graphic Design 100000
BUS 111Fundamentals of Business00000
ACC 121Principles of Financial Acctg00000
ACC 323Finan Acc't Theory Adv Applic00000
ACC 552Intermediate Accounting 200000
ANT 112Archeology00000
BDA 620Predictive Modeling00000
BUS 499Independent Study00000