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S&T Course Reviews

Missouri University of Science and Technology

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGLISH 1160Writing And Research53551
COMPSCI 5601Security Operations & Program Management53551
COMPSCI 3601Digital Forensics55551
ENGMGT 1210Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects43251
COMPSCI 3610Computer Networks43551
COMPSCI 2500Algorithms33451
CIVENG 2002Cooperative Engineering Training00000
CERENG 4097Materials Senior Design II00000
CIVENG 5208Structural Dynamics00000
CIVENG 5716Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering00000
BIOSCI 1163Biotechnology in Film00000
CHEM 4210Intermediate Organic Chemistry00000
COMPENG 5040Oral Examination00000
CHEMENG 5200Biomaterials I00000
BUS 6111Advanced Business Negotiations00000
CIVENG 3615Water And Wastewater Engineering00000
ARCHENG 5642Sustainability, Population, Energy, Water, and Materials00000
CIVENG 5448Green Engineering: Analysis of Constructed Facilities00000
CHEM 1100Introduction To Laboratory Safety & Hazardous Materials00000
CIVENG 6340Urban Hydrology00000
AEROENG 6447Markov Decision Processes00000
COMPENG 6000Special Problems00000
BIOSCI 2233Evolution00000
CHEM 5220Synthetic Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 5640Neurochemistry with Clinical Correlations00000
ARCHENG 3220Reinforced Concrete Design00000
BIOSCI 3319Microbiology Lab00000
CHEM 6250Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds00000
CHEMENG 5001Special Topics00000
BIOSCI 5333Genomics00000
CHEMENG 5810Introduction to Polymeric Materials00000
ARCHENG 5222Prestressed Concrete Design00000
CIVENG 2602Biological Fundamentals Of Environmental Engineering00000
CERENG 2315Ceramic Materials Laboratory I-Characterization Of Materials00000
CIVENG 5000Special Problems00000
AEROENG 6001Special Topics00000
CIVENG 5331Hydraulics Of Open Channels00000
CERENG 5115X-Ray Diffraction Analysis00000
CIVENG 5619Environmental Engineering Design00000
ART 3100Advanced Art Studio00000
CIVENG 6123Pavement Management, Evaluation and Rehabilitation00000
CHEM 3419Physical Chemistry Laboratory I00000
CIVENG 6760Inca Civilization Geotechnical Engineering Practices00000
AEROENG 5171V/Stol Aerodynamics00000
COMPENG 5310Computational Intelligence00000
CHEM 4620Metabolism00000
COMPENG 6099Special Research and Thesis00000
ALP 3001Special Topics00000
CHEM 5460Molecular Engineering of Materials00000
BIOSCI 3000Special Problems00000
CHEM 6040Oral Examination00000
AEROENG 5282Introduction to Composite Materials & Structures00000
CHEM 6510Separations00000
BIOSCI 3353HComparative Vertebrate Anatomy - Honors00000
CHEMENG 2100Chemical Engineering Material & Energy Balances00000
CHEMENG 3100Chemical Engineering Fluid Flow00000
ARCHENG 4099Undergraduate Research00000
BIOSCI 4323Molecular Genetics00000
CHEMENG 3130Staged Mass Transfer00000
CHEMENG 4241Process Safety in the Chemical and Biochemical Industries00000
BIOSCI 5040Oral Examination00000
CHEMENG 5120Interfacial Phenomena In Chemical Engineering00000
ARCHENG 5206Low-Rise Building Analysis And Design00000
CHEMENG 5310Structure and Properties of Polymers00000
BIOSCI 6210Biomaterials II00000
CHEMENG 6100Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics00000
AEROENG 5570Plasma Physics I00000
CIVENG 2210Mechanics Of Materials00000
BUS 6887Research Methods in Business and IS&T00000
CIVENG 3220Reinforced Concrete Design00000
ARCHENG 5445Construction Methods00000
CIVENG 4010Senior Seminar: Engineering In A Global Society00000
CERENG 3240Applied Glass Forming00000
CIVENG 5156Pavement Design00000
AEROENG 4885Assessment00000
CIVENG 5231Infrastructure Strengthening with Composites00000
CERENG 4250Thermal Properties Of Ceramics00000
CIVENG 5338Hydrologic Engineering00000
ART 1140Painting I00000
CIVENG 5454Construction Technology for High-Rise Buildings00000
CERENG 6099Research00000
CIVENG 5650Public Health Engineering00000
AEROENG 6135Turbulent Flows - Theory, Measurements and Modeling00000
CIVENG 6001Special Topics00000
CHEM 1510Qualitative Analysis00000
CIVENG 6211Plastic Analysis And Design Of Metal Structures00000
ART 3500Innovation Through Design Thinking00000
CIVENG 6612Biological Operations In Environmental Engineering Systems00000
CHEM 3510Analytical Chemistry II00000
COMPENG 3150Introduction to Microcontrollers and Embedded System Design00000
AEROENG 3877Principles of Engineering Materials00000
COMPENG 5160Embedded Processor System Design00000
CHEM 4420Chemical Kinetics II00000
COMPENG 5510Fault-Tolerant Digital Systems00000
BIOSCI 1229Biodiversity Lab00000
CHEMENG 3160Molecular Chemical Engineering00000
BIOSCI 4373Stem Cell Biology00000
CHEMENG 4091Chemical Process Design I00000
CHEMENG 4101Chemical Engineering Laboratory I00000
CHEM 5099Master Research00000