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RVCC Course Reviews

Raritan Valley Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
FILM 122Survey Of American Film53431
CISY 229Information Security Fund00000
DANC 297DIndep Study Dance Performance00000
ENGL 262Drama Of The Western World00000
DANC 114Ballet For Non-Majors00000
CEMT 201Energy Management & Auditing I00000
ELEC 202Electrical Trans & Distrib00000
ASL 102Intro To American Sign Lang II00000
AUTC 202Engine Performance/Diagnosis I00000
CISY 285Database Dev & Design00000
COMM 150Writing For The Media00000
CSIT 254Data Structures00000
BUSI 115Transport & Supply Chain Man00000
DANC 218Jazz Dance IV00000
ARTS 292CIndep Study Visual Design III00000
ECHD 290Early Childhood Education Coop00000
CHEM 214Organic Chem II-Lecture Only00000
ENGL 214Race In Amer Lit And Pop Cul00000
ARTS 220Advanced Photography00000
ENVI 202Geographic Information Systems00000
AUTC 106Clutches &Manual Transmissions00000
COMM 101HSpeech Honors00000
ARTS 247Visual Design II00000
AUTC 210Suspension & Steering Syst00000
COMM 291Indep Study/Co-Op Digital00000
CRMJ 121Crisis Communication Res Per00000
CSIT 132Systems Analysis & Design00000
BIOL 221Microbiology00000
DANC 102Modern Dance II00000
ARTS 289DIndep Study Paint IV00000
DANC 211Modern Dance III00000
BUSI 194Global Strategic Management00000
DANC 232Student Dance Ensemble III00000
ARTS 131Watercolor II00000
ECHD 181Child Growth & Development00000
CHEM 103HGeneral Chemistry I Honors00000
ECTC 103Elect/Enviro Control Tech I00000
ARTS 294Indep Study Printmaking I00000
ENGL 112HEngl Comp II Hon:Text&Analysis00000
CISY 125Programming For Bus Majors00000
ENGL 231African American Literature00000
ARTH 101Art Appreciation00000
ENGR 132Enginr Mechanics I Statics00000
CISY 256Comp Arch & Assemb Language00000
ESLS 024Academic Engl Read/Write II00000
ARTS 234Ceramics IV00000
CISY 293Computer Science Coop Ed II00000
AUTC 116Automatic & Manual Trans00000
COMM 120Intro To Mass Communication00000
ARTH 112The History Of Visual Design00000
COMM 250Screenwriting00000
AUTC 204Auto Electrical Systems II00000
COMP 102Computer Literacy00000
ARTS 253Intro To Contemp Printmaking00000
BIOL 101General Biology I00000
CRMJ 201Criminal Justice Coop Ed I00000
CRMJ 211Criminology00000
CSIT 103Computer Concepts & Program00000
BIOL 125Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
CSIT 217Operating Systems00000
ARTS 273Commercial Photography00000
CSIT 292Computer Science Coop Ed I00000
BIOL 245Cellular & Molecular Biology00000
DANC 106Jazz Dance II00000
ARTS 111Basic Drawing II00000
DANC 206Choreography II00000
BUSI 156Risk & Financial Management00000
DANC 215Modern Dance V00000
ARTS 290CIndep Study Photo III00000
DANC 222Dance Repertory III00000
BUSI 250Business Simulation Seminar00000
DANC 295AIndep Study Dance Performance00000
ANTH 101Intro To Cultural Anthropology00000
DANC 298BIndep Study Dance Performance00000
CEMT 204Building Automation II00000
ECHD 194Music, Mvmt, Art Young Child00000
ARTS 293CIndep Study Video Prod III00000
ECON 202International Economics00000
CHEM 108Gen Chemistry II -Lecture Only00000
ECTC 290Environmental Control Co-Op00000
ARTS 211Acrylic & Oil Painting II00000
ENGL 070English Composition I Workshop00000
CISY 106Fundamentals Of Game Design00000
ENGL 211Masterpieces Early World Lit00000
ARTS 296HVisual Arts Cap Research Honor00000
ENGL 223Ethnic Writers In America00000
CISY 211Systems Dev & Implementation00000
ENGL 235Engl Lit/Middle Ages Thru 18Th00000
ACCT 221Tax Accounting I00000
ENGR 105Introduction To Engineering00000
CISY 237Unix And Linux00000
ENGR 240Intro To Mechanics Of Material00000
AUTC 102Automotive Brake Systems00000
CRMJ 221Lidm For Emergency Ops00000
CISY 271Routing And Switching Essent00000
ACCT 104Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 229Payroll Accounting00000
ARTS 105Two-Dimensional Design00000
ARTS 267Introduction To Video Prod00000
BIOL 111Principles Of Biology00000