RU Course Reviews

Roosevelt University

MATH 491Industrial App of Math00000
MCMP 412Graduate Composition II00000
MATH 309Data Mining00000
MATH 449Regression & Time Series00000
MATH 348Mathematical Statistics00000
MATH 170Math Nursing00000
MCMP 225Composition Seminar00000
MAS 472The Inner Ear Of Beethoven00000
MATH 320Intro To Abstract Algebra00000
MAS 480Crossing Over: Mobile Musics00000
MATH 430Numerical Analysis00000
MATH 369Models For Life Contingencies00000
MATH 115Geometry & Quant Reason Eled00000
MATH 476Loss Models00000
MAS 401Style and Literature00000
MCMP 212Composition II (Major)00000
MATH 233Calculus III00000
MCMP 314Composition Viii00000
LAWA L06Adv Litigation & E-Discovery00000
MCMP 426The Art Of Composing00000
MAS 474Flrnce Price/Slvstre Revueltas00000
MATH 337Theory of Computation00000
LAWA L32Labor And Employment Law00000
MATH 352Analysis00000
MATH 010Mathematical Foundations00000
MATH 420Intro To Abstract Algebra00000
MATH 390Top:Industrl Research Problems00000
MATH 105Foundations Of Arithmetic00000
MATH 447Advanced Probability00000
MAS 301Honors Bma Colloquium (Hon)00000
MATH 469Models For Life Contingencies00000
MATH 121College Algebra00000
MATH 480FMActuarial Science Seminar00000
LAWA L19AIntellectual Property00000
MCMP 201Composition (Bma)00000
MATH 231Calculus I00000
MCMP 214Composition IV00000
MAS 461Schenkerian Analysis00000
MCMP 312Composition Vi00000
MATH 246Linear Algebra00000
MCMP 326The Art Of Composing00000
LAWA L23Estates,Trusts & Wills00000
MCMP 414Graduate Composition IV00000
MATH 317Geometry00000
MCMP 490Thesis00000
LAWA L31Bankruptcy Law00000
MATH 323Cooperation And Competition00000
MAS 475The Music of Duke Ellington00000
MATH 347Probability Theory00000
LAWA L01Ethics & Professionalism00000
MATH 349Regression & Time Series00000
MAS 495Independent Study00000
MATH 367Financial Math00000
LEA 356Adv Internship00000
MATH 389Top: Cryptography00000
MATH 021Algebraic Foundations00000
MATH 418Number Theory00000
MATH 409Data Mining00000
MATH 096Dev. Math For College Algebra00000
MATH 423Cooperation And Competition00000
LIBS 201Writing Social Justice00000
MATH 446Stochastic Processes00000
MATH 110Quantitative Literacy00000
MATH 448Probability And Statistics II00000
LAWA L30Paralegal Internship00000
MATH 457Anova & Experimental Design00000
MATH 116Finite Mathematics00000
MATH 475Derivatives Markets00000
MAS 360Internship in Performing Arts00000
MATH 480PActuarial Sci Sem: Exam P/100000
MATH 122Trigonometry and Precalculus00000
MATH 489Top: Cryptography00000
LAWA L09AReal Estate00000
MATH 495Intro /Partial Differ. Equatio00000
MATH 217Elementary Statistics00000
MCMP 211Composition (Major)00000
MAS 445Shakespeare And Opera00000
MCMP 213Composition III00000
MATH 232Calculus II00000
MCMP 215Soph Composition Jury00000
LAWA L02Legal Research00000
MCMP 311Composition V00000
MATH 245Discrete Structures00000
MCMP 313Composition Vii00000
MAS 471Beholding Messiah's Mysteries00000
MCMP 325Composing: Art and Process00000
MATH 290Intro To Proof00000
MCMP 411Graduate Composition I00000
LAWA L04Litigation I00000
MCMP 413Graduate Composition III00000
MATH 316History Of Mathematics00000
MCMP 425Composing: Art and Process00000
MAS 473Music, Myth, Magic, And Dreams00000
MATH 318Number Theory00000
LAWA L27Corporations And Llc Law00000
LAWA L29Legal Technology00000
LAWA L05Commercial Law00000
LIBF 000Library Fee Course00000
MATH 095Developmental Mathematics00000
MATH 416History Of Mathematics00000