RSC Course Reviews

Rose State College

HSDH 1241Periodontics I00000
HSRT 2114Respiratory Therapy Proc I00000
ENGR 2203Digital Signals and Filtering00000
HPER 1331Aquatic Fitness00000
FSCD 1111Early Learning00000
EMGT 2413Emergency Management Capstone00000
HSHI 2423ICD Coding II00000
CHEM 2203Organic Chemistry II00000
ENVT 1231C-Level Water Laboratory00000
CIT 2423Network Troubleshooting and Management Design00000
HIST 2303History of Oklahoma00000
FSCD 2613Infant/Toddler Programs00000
ECON 2203Consumer Finance00000
HPER 2633Principles of Personal Training00000
CEPE 9001Wellness Center Midwest City Officials00000
HSHI 1112Legal Aspects-Health Information00000
ENGL 2153Fantasy and Sci Fic Lit00000
HSML 2505Clinical Laboratory Science II00000
BA 2603Starting Your Own Business00000
HSRT 2343Respiratory Ther Critical Care00000
CIT 1713C# (C Sharp) Programming00000
ENVT 2412A-Level Water Operator00000
BA 2793Compensation00000
FSCD 2233Practicum in Family Serv & CD00000
CIT 2613Advanced Java Programming00000
HIST 2033America's Civil War00000
GEOL 2091Special Topics in Geology00000
CJ 2453Probation, Parole and Community Corrections00000
HPER 1202Health and Wellness00000
BIOL 2424Human Physiology00000
HPER 1661Varsity Softball-Women00000
EMGT 1213Emergency Management Recovery00000
HSBC 1104Anatomy and Physiology00000
BA 2193Bus Administration Internship00000
HSDH 2405Dental Hygiene IV00000
ENGL 2033Creative Writing00000
HSHI 2102Health Information in Alternate Care Settings00000
CHEM 1114Introductory Chemistry00000
HSML 1213Hematology II00000
ENGL 2323English Literature from 179800000
HSNS 1218Professional Nursing Concepts II00000
ART 1213Drawing I00000
HSRT 2233Respiratory Physiology00000
ENSC 2191Individual Studies00000
HSRT 2353Pediatric Respiratory Care00000
BA 2723Legal Aspects of Employment00000
ENVT 2097Spec Topics Environmental Tech00000
CIT 2183Advanced Database Design (Sql/Oracle)00000
ENVT 2441A-Level Wastewater Laboratory00000
ART 2123Photography II00000
FSCD 1322Learning Environments for Young Children00000
CIT 2563Cryptography and Trusted Systems00000
FSCD 2523Child Growth and Development00000
BIOL 1114Introduction to Biology00000
GEOG 2443Regional Geography of the World00000
CIT 2763Security Scripting00000
HIST 1433Modern Europe00000
GERM 1225Elementary German II00000
CJ 2193Criminal Justice Internship00000
HIST 2213Russian History00000
BIOL 2103Cell Biology00000
HIST 2583Introduction to LGBTQ+ History00000
CJ 2703Delinq & Juvenile Justice Syst00000
HPER 1301Physical Educ Participation00000
BA 1103Business Math00000
HPER 1481Bowling00000
ECON 2503Introduction to Investments00000
HPER 2333Sport Nutrition00000
CEADULT 9000Wellness Center Military Membership00000
HPER 2702Health and Sports Sciences Practicum00000
EMGT 2113Leadership in Emergency Management00000
HSDH 1205Dental Hygiene II00000
ACCT 2803Excel Accounting00000
HSDH 2323Pathology for Dental Hygienist00000
ENGL 0142Integrated Composition Skills00000
HSDH 2431Periodontics III00000
CESENR 9000Sr. Wellness Center & Open Swim Membership00000
HSHI 1222Professional Practice Experience I00000
ENGL 2113Introduction to Literature00000
HSHI 2223Healthcare Reimbursement and Revenue Cycle Management00000
BA 2503Business Communication00000
HSML 1103Intro to Medical Laboratory00000
ENGL 2233Native American Literature00000
HSML 2405Clinical Laboratory Science I00000
CHEM 1145General College Chemistry II00000
HSML 2518Clinical Laboratory Science B00000
ENGR 2013Engineering Graphics and Design00000
HSNS 2222Professional Issues in Nursing00000
ACCT 2323Cost Accounting00000
HSRT 2213Mechanical Ventilation00000
ENGR 2313Engineering Thermodynamics00000
HSRT 2333Respiratory Pathology00000
CIT 1113Fundamentals of Programming Logic00000
ENVT 1111D-Level Water Operator00000
ACCT 2193Accounting Internship00000
ACCT 2403Personal Income Tax00000
ART 2813Survey of Art History I00000
BIOL 1315General Zoology00000
CIT 2883Reverse Engineering00000
HIST 1013World History I00000