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RPI Course Reviews

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSCI 2300Introduction to Algorithms31451
BMED 4510Mechanobiology00000
COGS 6980Master’s Project00000
CSCI 6270Computational Vision00000
CIVL 2670Introduction to Structural Engineering00000
BIOL 4310Microbiology00000
CSCI 2200Foundations of Computer Science00000
ARTS 4380Music and Sound II00000
ARTS 6120Biopunk: Arts Lab Practice00000
BMED 6800Discussions in Graduate Research00000
CHEM 4010Inorganic Chemistry II00000
CHME 6470Downstream Processing in Biochemical Engineering00000
BCBP 6170Advanced Topics in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance00000
CIVL 6230Transportation Economics00000
ARTS 2340Introduction to Afro-Cuban Percussion00000
COMM 4580Advertising and Culture00000
BIOL 6910Research Rotation l00000
CSCI 4420Computability and Logic00000
ARCH 5210Graduate Architecture Design 200000
CSCI 6990Master’s Thesis00000
ARTS 4870Creative Data Design00000
CHEM 2030Inorganic Chemistry I00000
ARCH 6390Energy and Systems Simulation00000
ARTS 6420Experimental Telepresence00000
CHEM 4470Theoretical Chemistry00000
CHEM 6020Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I00000
CHME 4400Chromatographic Separation Processes00000
BCBP 4310Genetic Engineering00000
CHME 6830Combustion00000
ARTS 1040Art for Interactive Media00000
CIVL 4620Mass Transit Systems00000
BIOL 1015Introduction to Biology Laboratory00000
COGS 4960Topics in Cognitive Science00000
ARCH 4880Aural Architecture00000
COMM 2960Topics in Communication00000
BIOL 4860Evolution00000
COMM 6560Visual Design: Theory and Application00000
ARTS 4130New Media Theory00000
CSCI 4230Cryptography and Network Security I00000
BMED 4120Investigative Medicine II00000
CSCI 4700Technical Writing and Communication in Computer Science00000
ARCH 4090Architectural Case Studies00000
CSCI 6550Interactive Visualization00000
BMED 6410BioMEMs00000
ECON 4010Applied Microeconomics00000
ARCH 6320Built Ecologies 100000
BMED 9990Dissertation00000
ARTS 6030Multimedia Performance Systems00000
CHEM 2260Organic Chemistry II00000
ARCH 4580.80Materials Systems and Productions00000
CHEM 4200Industrial Chemistry00000
ARTS 6220Painting00000
CHEM 4780Bioenergetics: The Art of Energy Conversion in Nature00000
ARCH 6620Graduate Architecture Design 400000
ARTS 9990Dissertation00000
CHEM 6300Medicinal Chemistry00000
CHEM 6530Quantum Chemistry00000
CHME 4010Transport Phenomena I00000
ASTR 4960Topics in Astronomy and Astrophysics00000
CHME 4960Topics in Chemical Engineering00000
ARCH 6948Graduate Final Project00000
CHME 6610Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering I00000
BCBP 4780Protein Folding00000
CHME 6990Master’s Thesis00000
ARCH 4830Integrated Design Development00000
CIVL 4150Geotechnical Design00000
BCBP 6870Protein Structure Determination00000
CIVL 4960Topics in Civil Engineering00000
ARTS 2080Contemporary Improvisation Ensemble00000
CIVL 6300Transportation Statistical Modeling00000
BIOL 2930Out-of-Classroom Experience in Biology00000
COGS 6570Advanced Behavioral Statistics00000
ARCH 2860Building Performance Studio 200000
COMM 2510Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 4630Molecular Biology II00000
COMM 4420Foundations of HCI Usability00000
ARTS 4020Advanced Digital 3D Projects00000
COMM 4940Communication Studies00000
BIOL 6410Sequence Analysis00000
COMM 6960Topics in Communication00000
ARCH 5150Structures 200000
CSCI 4040Approximation Algorithms00000
BMED 2100Biomaterials Science and Engineering00000
CSCI 4340Ontologies00000
ARTS 4210Sculpture II00000
CSCI 4500Distributed Computing Over The Internet00000
BMED 4440Biophotonics00000
CSCI 6040Approximation Algorithms00000
ARCH 2510Materials and Design00000
CSCI 6390Data Mining00000
BMED 4600Biomedical Engineering Design00000
CSCI 6840Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations00000
ARTS 4600Ensemble Nonlinear00000
CHEM 6780Bioenergetics: The Art of Energy Conversion in Nature00000
BMED 6510Mechanobiology00000
ARCH 1210Advanced Architecture Career Discovery Program00000
ARCH 2800Architectural Design Studio 100000
ARCH 4770.80Architectural Design Studio 500000
ARCH 6810Research Design Seminar00000
ASTR 2940Special Projects in Astronomy00000