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Rowan Course Reviews

Rowan University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 04305Web Programming25421
CHEM 05103Chemistry in the World Around Us34221
GEOG 16100Earth, People, And The Environment54551
GERM 03101Elementary German I55441
PHYS 00310Analytical Mechanics42351
CS 07321Software Engineering I-Writing Intensive43451
STAT 02260Statistics I11121
FREN 02101Elementary French I34341
PSY 05206Social Psychology54441
EVSC 01110The Environmental Experience55531
CS 04222Data Structures And Algorithms52551
EVSC 01115Environment in the Headlines45341
BME 11100Biomedical Engineering Seminar15111
ADV 04375Advertising Copywriting54441
GEOL 01201Mineralogy and Petrology00000
EVSC 01385Oceans00000
GEOL 01410Taphonomy00000
GERI 8122MGeriatrics00000
ESL 00056Advanced Academic Reading00000
FIN 04328Sel Tp Fin II:Cryptocurrency00000
HES 00116Safety First Aid Basic Understanding of Athletic Injuries00000
HES 00343Kinesiology00000
FIN 04433Financial Institutions and Markets00000
HLT 00200Introduction to Public Health and Wellness00000
HLT 00410Senior Seminar in Public Health and Wellness00000
ESL 00036Low Intermediate Reading00000
ESL 00083Intermediate Listening & Speaking00000
FIN 04512Capital Budgeting00000
HONR 05205Hhl:Songs Of Praise/Protest00000
GEOG 16491Independent Study in Geography00000
EVSC 01290Sp Tp:Global Climate Crisis00000
GEOL 01311Vertebrate Paleontology00000
ESL 00052ESL Level 5 Academic Reading00000
GEOL 01460Current Research in Geology00000
EVSC 01490Advanced Special Topics in Environmental Science00000
GERM 03211Intermediate German II00000
ESL 00033ESL Level 3 Listening/Speaking00000
HES 00243Motor Control and Learning00000
FIN 04422Financial Management I00000
HES 00349Exercise Physiology for the Health Care Professions00000
ESL 00072Low-Intermediate Reading & Vocabulary00000
HLT 00301Health and Diverse Populations00000
FIN 04444Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain Applications00000
HONR 01111Writ Arts:College Comp I-Rs00000
ESL 00022ESL Level 2 Reading00000
HONR 05390St:Religion In Medieval Spain00000
FIN 04600Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management00000
MUS 04521Applied Major Conducting II00000
MUS 04537Chamber Music II00000
ESL 00038Low Intermediate Grammar00000
ESL 00091Advanced Writing & Grammar00000
FMED 7101MCommunity Service Learning00000
FMED 7260MOn Doctoring II00000
ESL 00093Advanced Listening & Speaking00000
FMED 8102MFamily Medicine00000
FREN 02100Masterpieces of French Literature in English Translation00000
ESL 00024ESL Level 2 Grammar00000
ESL 00042ESL Level 4 Academic Reading00000
ESL 08111English As A Second Language II00000
FREN 02102Elementary French II00000
GEOG 16390Geography Research Clinic/Studio00000
EVSC 01220Global Climate Crisis00000
GEOL 01111Edelman Fossil Park Experience00000
ESL 00048High Intermediate Grammar00000
GEOL 01240Introduction to Field Methods in Geology00000
EVSC 01350Field Methods in Environmental Science00000
GEOL 01320Sedimentology and Stratigraphy00000
ESL 00028Beginner Grammar00000
GEOL 01445Glacial Geology00000
EVSC 01420Environmental Science Senior Seminar00000
GERI 7122MGeriatric Medicine00000
ESL 00054ESL Level 5 Grammar00000
FIN 04327Sel Topics in Finance:Fp&A00000
HES 00100Teaching Concepts of Driver Education00000
ESL 00014ESL Level 1 Grammar00000
HES 00209Adventure Processing and Facilitation00000
FIN 04358Bank Management00000
HES 00309Wilderness First Responder00000
ESL 00058Advanced Grammar00000
HES 00346Introduction to Biomechanics00000
FIN 04425Financial Derivatives00000
HIST 05601Master's Thesis In History I00000
ESL 00034ESL Level 3 Grammar00000
HLT 00262Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco00000
FIN 04436Insurance And Risk Management00000
HLT 00304Grant and Professional Writing in Health & Exercise Science-...00000
ESL 00081Intermediate Writing & Grammar00000
HLT 00490Wellness and Community Health Learning Assistant Seminar00000
FIN 04505Advanced Financial Planning00000
HONR 05101Honors: Participation00000
ESL 00004Esl Level 400000
HONR 05301Honors Capstone Proposal00000
FIN 04520Financial Modeling00000
MUS 04241Music Theory IV Written00000
ESL 00086High Intermediate Reading & Vocabulary00000
FREN 02211Intermediate French II00000
ESL 08120Advanced Academic English for Non-Native Speakers of English00000
FREN 02320French Civilization and Culture00000
ESL 00044ESL Level 4 Grammar00000
GEOG 16130Earth Sciences Laboratory I00000