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Rollins Course Reviews

Rollins College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BACS 672Practicum II00000
CHM 460DTopic: Medicinal Chemistry00000
ART 310Introduction to Video Art00000
BACS 541Behav Intervnt I: Applications00000
ASA 203Asian Dynamics00000
ARH 397Art History Internship00000
BUS 450Global Business Strategy00000
ARH 213Arch of Egypt & Near East00000
ART 392Digt & Mixed Media Printmaking00000
ARH 227European Baroque Art00000
BACS 521Experimental Analysis Behavior00000
ASA 498SrRsch: Japanese Politics00000
ARH 332Topic: Europe, Art, & Empire00000
BACS 613Seminar in Radical Behaviorism00000
ARH 105ATopic: Women, Art, & Power00000
BUS 350Supply Chain Management00000
ART 195Visual Journal:Self Reflection00000
CHM 221Organic Chemistry II00000
ANT 312Ethnographic Methods_CE00000
CHN 101Elem Chinese I00000
ARH 219Medieval Art00000
ART 450Senior Seminar00000
ANT 355Middle East: Film and Culture00000
ASA 300Cinema and Society in China00000
ARH 23520th Century Art00000
BACS 512Single Subject Design00000
ASA 499HDHonRsch: Chinese Youth00000
ARH 315Topic: The Early Mediterranean00000
BACS 530Behavioral Medicine00000
ANT 498HDHonRsch: Thesis Research00000
BACS 561Org Behavior, Culture, Ldrship00000
ARH 341African Art and Colonialism00000
BACS 662Professional Development II00000
ANT 305ZTopic: Public Archaeology_CE00000
BUS 320Entrepreneurial & Corp Finance00000
ARH 498HMHonRsch: VanGoghInNature00000
BUS 395Topic: Digital Marketing00000
ARH 195Fashion through Film00000
CHM 121Chemistry II00000
ART 230Introduction to Digital Media00000
CHM 306Physical Chemistry II00000
ANT 227Curating Arch. Collections00000
CHM 498HMHon.Rsrch: Vol Prop of Carbs00000
ART 350Contemporary Art & Theory00000
CHN 102Elem Chinese II00000
ANT 323Foundations in Archaeology00000
ART 440Senior Studio00000
ARH 223Italian Renaissance Art00000
ART 498HMHonRsch: Art00000
ANT 235Florida Before Columbus00000
ASA 295Topic: Modern China00000
ARH 233European Art00000
ASA 303Asian Dynamics00000
ANT 395Topic: Ethnography of US South00000
ASA 499Sr Rsch: JPN POLITICS Meiji00000
ARH 243Fashion in Africa00000
BACS 511Behavioral Assessment00000
ASL 100American Sign Lang I00000
ARH 295Art in Orlando00000
BACS 515Speech-Language Pathology00000
ANT 405Sem:Socially-Engaged Design_CE00000
BACS 522Prin Applied Behavior Analysis00000
ARH 321Topics: Roman Palaces00000
BACS 536Clin Neuropsy Behv Analysts00000
ANT 301Nutrition and Health00000
BACS 551Law, Ethics, & Behaviorism00000
ARH 339History of Photography00000
BACS 599Validity Analysis of QABF-M00000
ANT 498HMHonRsch: Senior ANT Thesis00000
BACS 661Professional Development00000
ARH 368Picturing War00000
BACS 671Practicum I00000
ANT 215Human Ecology00000
BACS 673Practicum III00000
ARH 404Museum Practicum00000
BUS 334Family Business Planning00000
ARH 120Intro Renaissance-Modern Art00000
BUS 390Tp: Export-Import Management00000
ART 110Two-Dimensional Foundations00000
BUS 399IS Rsch: Technical Analysis00000
ANT 306Medicine and Culture00000
BUS 499RSCH: Finance Securities Serie00000
ART 221Drawing & Composition00000
CHM 195Tpc: Introduction to Chemistry00000
ARH 197Cornell Fine Arts Docent00000
CHM 221LOrganic Chemistry II Lab00000
ART 299IS Rsch: Sculpture Studies00000
CHM 420Medicinal Chemistry00000
ANT 202Latin Amer and Carib Society00000
CHM 460ETopic: Fermentation00000
ART 333Sculpture: Digital Fabrication00000
CHM 498HDHonRsch: Hon Chemistry Res00000
ARH 217Arch of the Roman Empire00000
ART 351Painting II00000
ANT 198IS Rsch: Archaeology Lab Work00000
ANT 205UTop:Curating Arch Collections00000
ANT 295Topic: Lang, Gender & Politics00000
ANT 398IS Rsch: Arch Lab Management00000
ARH 283IArt in Orlando00000
ASL 200American Sign Lang II00000