Rio Hondo Course Reviews

Rio Hondo College

CIT 210Cisco Networking I00000
EDEV 021Literacy Skills II00000
AUTO 230Automatic Transmission/Transaxle00000
CIT 060Windows Operating System00000
AUTO 430Finance & Insurance Regulations for the Automotive Industry00000
AUTO 046Honda/Acura Automatic Transmission Systems00000
DANC 151Modern Dance I00000
ART 104Art of the Ancient Americas00000
AUTO 340Analyzing Vehicle Electrical/Electronic Systems00000
ART 130Freehand Drawing I00000
CD 232Curriculum and Strategies for Children with Special Needs00000
BIOL 120Environmental Biology00000
ASL 120Introduction to Deaf Studies00000
CIT 128Python Programmin II00000
ANTH 115Introduction to Medical Anthropology00000
CORR 106Legal Aspects of Corrections00000
AUTO 141Alternative Fuels I00000
DANC 199Dance Appreciation00000
AJ 102Criminal Procedures00000
ELEC 064Home Technology Integration Technologies00000
ART 110Understanding Visual Art00000
AUTO 390Cooperative Work Experience/Internship for Automotive Techno...00000
AJ 107Criminal Law II00000
BIOL 105Human Biology00000
ART 142Introduction to Ceramic Handbuilding00000
CD 211Infant and Toddler Development00000
BIOT 100Introduction to Biotechnology00000
ART 242Advanced Ceramics00000
CHEM 231Organic Chemistry II00000
ANIM 135Environment Design00000
CIT 114Introduction to Cloud Computing with DevOps00000
ASL 211Beginning Interpreting + Ethics 100000
CIT 160Introduction to Operating Systems00000
ADN 251Medical/Surgical Nursing II00000
CIV 142Introduction to Surveying and GPS00000
AUTO 110Introduction to Engine Diagnosis and Tune-Up00000
COUN 102Introduction to the Transfer Process00000
ARCH 235Architectural Design Studio00000
DANC 162Dance Production00000
AUTO 160Upper End Engine Rebuilding and Machining00000
ECON 102Principles of Microeconomics00000
ACCT 290Cooperative Work Experience/Internship for Accounting Relate...00000
EDEV 030WEnglish Skills Workshop00000
AUTO 290Cooperative Work Experience/Internship for Automotive Techno...00000
ELEC 102A/C Electronic Circuits and Devices00000
AJ 105Community Relations/Multicultural Issues Within Public Servi...00000
AUTO 360Analyzing Vehicle Fuels, Lubricants and Combustion00000
ART 120Two Dimensional Design00000
AUTO 410Digital Marketing for the Automotive Industry00000
ADN 150LMedical/Surgical Nursing I Lab00000
AUTO 0451Honda/Acura Chassis Electrical Systems00000
ART 136Intermediate Painting00000
BIOL 112Outdoor Biology00000
AJ 208Principles of Investigation00000
BIOL 206Principles of Genetics00000
ART 151Intermediate Printmaking00000
CD 119Music and Movement for Children00000
CD 103Parenting00000
ART 234Watercolor Painting00000
CD 226Introduction to Children with Special Needs00000
AJ 275Introduction to Forensic Science00000
CHEM 130General Chemistry I00000
ART 299GDirected Study in Gallery and Museum Practices00000
CHST 146The Mexican American in the History of the United States00000
ADN 156Nursing Process Applied to the Care of Children00000
CIT 107Microsoft Excel00000
ASL 150American Sign Language II00000
CIT 125Introduction to C++ Programming00000
ANTH 102Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
CIT 133Windows Server Applications Infrastructure00000
ASTR 110HGeneral Astronomy Honors00000
CIT 180PC Maintenance-A+ Certification00000
ACCT 109Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program II00000
CIT 213Cisco Networking IV00000
AUTO 103Introduction to Automotive Service and Repair: Undercar Serv...00000
CIV 290Cooperative Work Experience/Internship for Civil Related Fie...00000
ARCH 115Introduction to Residential Architecture: Drawing and Design00000
CORR 264Inmate Discipline in Corrections00000
AUTO 130Level-I Smog Technician Training Course: Engine and Emission...00000
COUN 105Orientation and Education Planning00000
ADN 252LPsychiatric/Mental Health Nursing Lab00000
DANC 154Jazz Dance I00000
AUTO 147Introduction to Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology00000
DANC 179Dance History00000
ARCH 261Commercial Architecture Using Revit with Structural and MEP...00000
DANC 254Jazz Dance II00000
AUTO 201Automotive Brake and Suspension Service00000
ECON 135International Political Economy (Same as POLS 135)00000
ACCT 103Payroll Accounting00000
EDEV 024Assessment for Learning Disabilities00000
AUTO 260Advanced Hybrid/Electric Vehicle00000
EDEV 101College and Life Success (Same as COUN 101)00000
ART 107The Art of Asia00000
AUTO 310The Global Development and Advancement of the Automobile00000
ACCT 101HFinancial Accounting Honors00000
ACCT 106Computerized Accounting00000
ADN 154Pharmacology00000
AJ 228Police Field Operations00000
ART 231Intermediate Life Drawing00000
CD 114Observation and Assessment00000