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Rio Hondo Course Reviews

Rio Hondo College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CD 111Early Childhood Education Curriculum00000
CIT 211Cisco Networking II00000
ASL 211Beginning Interpreting + Ethics 100000
BIOL 120LEnvironmental Biology Laboratory00000
AUTO 210Automotive Brake Systems00000
ART 146Introduction to Sculpture00000
CHEM 130General Chemistry I00000
ANIM 135Environment Design00000
AUTO 107Introduction to Automotive Light Service00000
ANTH 125Religion, Magic, Witchcraft, and the Supernatural00000
AUTO 0461Honda/Acura Occupant Safety Systems00000
AUTO 300Assessment of the Automotive Industry00000
ART 115The Art of Film00000
BIOT 100Introduction to Biotechnology00000
AJ 102Criminal Procedures00000
CD 211Infant and Toddler Development00000
ART 260Figure Drawing for Animators00000
CIT 131Windows Server Active Directory00000
AJ 104Legal Aspects of Evidence00000
CORR 106Legal Aspects of Corrections00000
ANTH 102Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
AUTO 135Level-II Smog Technician Training Course: Smog Check Inspect...00000
AJ 275Introduction to Forensic Science00000
AUTO 256Automotive Scantools and Vehicle Network Systems00000
ARCH 235Architectural Design Studio00000
AUTO 430Finance & Insurance Regulations for the Automotive Industry00000
AUTO 350Principles of Automotive Service Management00000
ART 108The Art of Mexico00000
BIOL 105Human Biology00000
AET 122Advanced Photovoltaic Systems Design and Installation (Same...00000
BIOL 201Principles of Biology 2 (Diversity and Ecology)00000
ART 135Beginning Painting00000
CD 102Nutrition, Health and Safety for Children00000
AET 124Advanced Wind Energy Systems Design and Installation (Same a...00000
CD 118Development of Science and Math Experiences00000
ART 232Advanced Life Drawing00000
CD 228Early Childhood Education Practicum00000
AJ 228Police Field Operations00000
CIT 119Microsoft Access00000
ASL 124Deaf Culture00000
CIT 171Network +00000
ADN 156LNursing Process Applied to the Care of Children Lab00000
CIV 143Applications to Surveying and GPS00000
AUTO 046Honda/Acura Automatic Transmission Systems00000
CORR 264Inmate Discipline in Corrections00000
AJ 207Juvenile Law and Procedure00000
AUTO 115Computerized Engine Controls and Diagnostics00000
ANTH 104Introduction to Language and Culture00000
AUTO 142Alternative Fuels II00000
ADN 251LMedical/Surgical Nursing II Lab00000
AUTO 230Automatic Transmission/Transaxle00000
ARCH 125Residential Architecture and Detailing00000
AUTO 265Fuel Cell Technology Fundamentals00000
ANIM 130Modeling for Games00000
AUTO 320The Progressive Growth of Automotive Technology00000
ARCH 261Commercial Architecture Using Revit with Structural and MEP...00000
AUTO 410Digital Marketing for the Automotive Industry00000
AUTO 360Analyzing Vehicle Fuels, Lubricants and Combustion00000
ART 106Survey of Western Art: Renaissance to Contemporary00000
AUTO 450Variable & Fixed Operations of the Automotive Industry00000
ADN 253LMedical/Surgical Nursing III Lab00000
BIOL 101General Biology00000
ART 110Understanding Visual Art00000
BIOL 111LMarine Biology Laboratory00000
AET 120Introduction to Alternative Energy Technology (Same as ET 12...00000
BIOL 125Human Anatomy00000
ART 124Color Theory00000
BIOL 222Microbiology00000
AET 181Home Energy Management and Auditing (Same as ET 181)00000
CARP 040EFoundations and Flatwork00000
ART 141Ceramics II00000
CD 106Child Growth and Development00000
ADN 155LNursing Process: Childbearing Family/Women's Health Lab00000
CD 114Observation and Assessment00000
ART 170Introduction to Digital Painting00000
CD 120Experiences in Language Arts00000
AJ 107Criminal Law II00000
CD 224Diversity Issues During Early Childhood, School Age and Adol...00000
ART 235Advanced Painting I00000
CHEM 110Chemistry for Allied Health Majors00000
AET 299Directed Study in Alternative Energy Technology00000
CIT 111Introduction to Programming00000
ASL 101American Sign Language I00000
CIT 127Python Programming I00000
ANIM 110Digital Character Animation00000
CIT 136Advanced Java Programming00000
ASL 150American Sign Language II00000
CIT 200Systems Analysis and Design00000
ADN 075LVN Transition into the Associate Degree Nursing Program00000
CIT 221Ethical Hacking00000
ASTR 110HGeneral Astronomy Honors00000
CORR 101Introduction to Corrections00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Physical Anthropology00000
AUTO 103Introduction to Automotive Service and Repair: Undercar Serv...00000
ACCT 109Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program II00000
ADN 151Clinical Nursing Concepts00000
ADN 253Medical/Surgical Nursing III00000
ACCT 101Financial Accounting00000
ART 104Art of the Ancient Americas00000
AUTO 390Cooperative Work Experience/Internship for Automotive Techno...00000