Rice Course Reviews

Rice University

ARCH 525Introduction To Architectural Thinking00000
ARTS 238Directed Study00000
ANTH 616Classical Social Theory00000
ARCH 403Degree Project Seminar00000
ARAB 142First Year Arabic II00000
ANTH 544City/Culture00000
ARCH 652Foundations in the History and Theory of Architecture III (1...00000
ANTH 393The Anthropology Of Toxicity: Rethinking Health And Sovereig...00000
ANTH 651The Anthropology Of Water00000
ANTH 422Infrastructures and Power00000
ARCH 352Foundations in the History and Theory of Architecture III (1...00000
ARCH 207Technology I00000
ANTH 512The Archaeology Of Africa00000
ARCH 491Real Estate Lab: Develop, Design And Contstruction00000
ANTH 366Science, Local And Global00000
ARCH 620Architectural Problems: Studio/Paris Program (Rsap)00000
ANTH 589The Archaeology Of Food00000
ARCH 702Pre-Thesis Preparation00000
ANTH 314Ships In The Anthropological Imagination00000
ARTS 325Life Drawing00000
ANTH 399Anthropology Of Reproduction00000
APPL 007Visiting Research00000
ANTH 321Social Life Of Dna00000
ARAB 354Critical Analysis of Media Arabic00000
ANTH 443Anthropology Of Race, Ethnicity And Health00000
ARCH 327Construct00000
ARCH 305Architecture For Non-Architects00000
ANTH 491Directed Honors Research00000
ARCH 375Latin-Europe/Latin-America: the Aesthetics and Politics of M...00000
ANTH 348Anthropologies Of Nature00000
ARCH 433The Cullinan Seminar00000
ANTH 521Social Life Of Dna00000
ARCH 504Core Design Studio IV00000
ANTH 305Historical Linguistics00000
ARCH 607Introduction To Landscape Architecture: History & Method00000
ANTH 554Illness, Disability, And The Gendered Body00000
ARCH 633The Cullinan Seminar00000
ANTH 382Body, Technology, And Enhancement00000
ARCH 677Directed Study00000
ANTH 598Ethnographic Research Methods00000
ARCH 751Present Future II00000
ANTH 203Introduction To Biological Anthropology00000
ARTS 301Beginning Painting00000
ANTH 628Feminist Science And Technology Studies00000
ARTS 328Filmmaking I00000
ANTH 316Black Decolonial Feminisms In The Americas00000
ANTH 660Advanced Archaeological Theory00000
ANTH 409Slow Reading Seminar00000
APPL 750International Research Internship00000
ANTH 212Perspectives On Modern Asia00000
ARAB 264Second Year Arabic II00000
ANTH 426Underground Spatialities Studio00000
ARCH 105Environment, Culture And Society00000
ANTH 326Law, Power And Culture00000
ARCH 238Directed Study00000
ANTH 445Experts And Cultures Of Expertise00000
ARCH 317Landscape And Site Strategies For Houston00000
ARCH 309Technology II00000
ANTH 477Interactions In Healthcare00000
ARCH 345Foundations in the History and Theory of Architecture I (145...00000
ANTH 344City/Culture00000
ARCH 363Architectural Freehand Drawing Workshop00000
ANTH 506History Of Anthropological Ideas00000
ARCH 401Advanced Topics In Architecture The Metropolis00000
ANTH 301Phonetics00000
ARCH 423Professionalism and Management in Architectural Practice00000
ANTH 516Black Decolonial Feminisms In The Americas00000
ARCH 455Housing and Urban Programs: Issues in Policy00000
ANTH 355Space, Place, And Landscape00000
ARCH 501Core Design Studio I00000
ANTH 540Neoliberalism And Globalization00000
ARCH 514Technology III00000
AFSC 402National Security Affairs II00000
ARCH 601Architectural Problems: Studio00000
ANTH 549The Anthropology Of Ethics00000
ARCH 612Advanced Seminar In Architecture00000
ANTH 376Art And Activism00000
ARCH 627Building Workshop I00000
ANTH 581Medical Anthropology00000
ARCH 646Foundations In The History And Theory Of Architecture II (18...00000
ANTH 312The Archaeology Of Africa00000
ARCH 655Contemporary Practices in Architecture00000
ANTH 594The Archaeology Of Slavery And The African Diaspora00000
ARCH 691Real Estate Lab: Develop, Design And Construction00000
ANTH 391Speculative Futures00000
ARCH 729Thesis Written Document (Fall)00000
ANTH 602Anthropology Proposal Writing Seminar00000
ARTS 225Beginning Drawing00000
AFSC 102Foundation of the Usaf II00000
ARTS 280History & Aesthetics Of Film00000
ANTH 623Values And Valuables00000
ARTS 314Screen Printing I00000
ANTH 396Law And Resistance In The Everyday00000
ANTH 645Experts And Cultures Of Expertise00000
AAAS 510Introduction to African and African American Studies00000
AFSC 301Air Force Leadership Study I00000
ANTH 299Experiential Education In Anthropology00000
ANTH 341Museums and Heritage: Exhibiting Art, Exhibiting Culture00000
ANTH 451The Anthropology Of Water00000
ARCH 314Technology III00000