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Regent Course Reviews

Regent University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMM 350Writing for Strategic Communication00000
COUN 595BInternship In Cmhc B00000
BNTB 540New Testament Greek 100000
COM 707Philosophy & Communication00000
BUSN 495Internship00000
BIBL 607Israelite Monarchy00000
COUN 521Counseling Skills & Techniques00000
BIBL 201Principles of Theology00000
BUSN 320Financial Management00000
BIBL 307Worldviews00000
COM 632Media and the Church00000
CES 714Statistics00000
BIBL 422Seminar in Theology00000
COM 752Crisis Comm & Org Image00000
BAN 620Decision Models00000
COSM 631Origins of Life00000
BIBL 762Gospels & Acts: Research Topics00000
COUN 561Ethics of Counseling00000
ARTA 105History of Art and Design 200000
CRJU 411Theories of Criminal Justice00000
BIBL 260Church History I00000
BUSN 420Management Information Systems00000
ARTA 210Typography00000
CES 664Treatment Planning00000
BIBL 316Acts of the Apostles00000
COM 542Multiplatform Writing00000
CES 758Disaster Trauma & Psychological First Aid00000
BIBL 370Contemporary American Cults and Sects00000
COM 699Thesis00000
ARTA 486Senior Project 100000
COM 721Introduction to Applied Doctoral Studies in Communication00000
BIBL 508New Testament00000
COMM 240Cross-Cultural Communication00000
ANIM 413Graphics Packages for Television00000
COMM 485SpTp: Free Speech & Civic Disc00000
BIBL 647Pauline Epistles00000
COSU 310Philosophy of Science00000
BIBL 104New Testament Studies00000
COUN 542Couple Therapy II00000
BIOL 210Nutrition00000
COUN 570Multicultural Counseling00000
ACCT 631Accounting Research & Comm00000
CRJU 231Juvenile Justice00000
BOTB 543Readings in the Hebrew Old Testament00000
CRJU 457Research Methods00000
ARTA 125Vector Based Art Creation00000
BUSN 370Business Law00000
BIBL 282Pentateuch00000
BUSN 470Strategic Management00000
ANIM 103Introduction to Digital Art00000
CES 617Quantitative Research Methodology00000
BIBL 312Psalms and Wisdom Literature00000
CES 705CResidency00000
ARTA 3123-D Design Methods00000
CES 750Counseling Of Women00000
BIBL 318General Epistles00000
CHEM 221Organic Chemistry I00000
CES 771Adv Pract in Group Counseling00000
BIBL 350Biblical Languages00000
COM 610Influence thru Entertainment00000
ARTA 410Advanced Web Design00000
COM 651Public Relations: Cases & Campaigns00000
BIBL 410Spiritual Formation and Christian Discipleship00000
COM 702Communication Research: Quantitative Methodologies00000
ANIM 310Business Planning for Media00000
COM 711Media & Social Influence00000
BIBL 467American Church History00000
COM 730Acad Writing for Publication00000
BAN 605Corporate Ethics & Data Privacy00000
COMM 115Rhetoric: TheArtofPublicSpeaki00000
BIBL 550Introduction to Biblical Languages00000
COMM 330Communicating in the 21st Century00000
ACCT 605Financial Statement Analysis00000
COMM 425Oral Communication00000
BIBL 633Hebrew Exegesis00000
COSM 615Foundations of Scientific00000
BAN 635Data Mining00000
COSM 655Apologetics & Creation of the Cosmos00000
BIBL 673Readings in the Greek New Testament00000
COUN 514Counseling Children & Adolescents00000
ANIM 489Workshop00000
COUN 536Career & Lifestyle Development00000
BIOL 122General Biology II00000
COUN 548Theories of Human Sexuality00000
BIBL 120Principles of Youth Ministry00000
COUN 564Treatment Planning00000
BNTB 500New Testament00000
COUN 573Addiction & the Family00000
ACCT 330Auditing00000
CRJU 131Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
BNTB 685Seminar: Johannine Writings00000
CRJU 345Criminal Law00000
BIBL 230Theological Writing and Research00000
BUSN 110Introduction to Business00000
ACCT 225Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACCT 440Federal Tax II00000
ANIM 210Writing for Animation00000
ARTA 400Packaging Design00000
BIBL 331Systematic Theology I00000
CES 795Doctoral Project Continuation00000