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Ramapo Course Reviews

Ramapo College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMM 400Is-Adv Portfolio Project00000
ENST 400Is-Bergen Energy Project00000
CHEM 340Physical Chemistry I: Lecture00000
COMM 327Motion Graphics & Title Design00000
CMPS 300Is: Machine Learning00000
BIOL 356Evolution00000
EDTC 660Networking And Hardware00000
ARTS 303Intermediate Painting00000
CHEM 445Medicinal Chemistry00000
ARTS 408Senior Thesis Exhibition00000
COMM 263Photography for Designers00000
CMPS 664Advanced Database and Big Data Systems00000
BIOL 290Topics: Epidemiology00000
COMM 359Digital Culture00000
ARHT 325American Art: 1865-194500000
COND 110Begin Swimming00000
CHEM 116General Chemistry I Lecture00000
ENST 215Environmental History00000
AMER 306Cultures Of Amer Left00000
HIST 316Gender,Race& American Politics00000
ARTS 328Portrait Photography00000
CHIN 201Intermediate Chinese I00000
AMER 322American Art I: Contact To 186500000
CMPS 357The .Net Environment00000
BADM 301Ethics in Business00000
COMM 228Evolution of Video Games00000
CNTP 388Co-Op/Internship Contemporary Arts00000
BIOL 212Microbiology for Health Science Lecture00000
COMM 310Apocalyptic Visions in Anime, Film & Media00000
ARHT 205Introduction To African Art00000
COMM 343Cinema Of The Other00000
BIOL 331Genetics: Lecture And Lab00000
COMM 370Journalism on Mobile and Emerging Technology00000
AIID 201Studies in the Arts & Humanities00000
COMM 450Web Series Production00000
BIOL 410Experimental Animal Physiology Lecture00000
EDTC 616Audio Visual Media Production for Educators00000
ARTS 207Digital Photography00000
ENSC 390Topics:Env Toxicology00000
CHEM 211Organic Chemistry I Lecture00000
ENST 326Environmental Law00000
ACCT 630Contemporary Issues In Accounting Practice00000
EXSS 245Athletic Injury Management II00000
CHEM 421Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
HIST 352Age Of Napoleon00000
AMER 311American Photography And Visual Culture00000
CHIN 101Foundations Chinese I00000
ARTS 390Topics: Experimental Animation00000
CMPS 148Computer Science II00000
AFST 202Introduction To African Studies00000
CMPS 327Network Programming00000
BADM 210Business And Sustainability00000
CMPS 369Web Application Development00000
ANTH 223World Cultures00000
CNTP 003Career Pathways Module 300000
BADM 510Foundations Of Statistics For Business Foundations Of Statis...00000
COMM 220Story Structure: Documentary and Fiction Film00000
COMM 203Film Representation: Race, Class and Gender00000
BIOL 111Fundamentals of Biology I Lecture00000
COMM 237Graphic Design00000
ANTH 320Nationalism And Ethnicity00000
COMM 303Writing for Social Media00000
BIOL 215Anatomy And Physiology II: Lecture And Lab00000
COMM 319Creative Non-Fiction00000
AIID 001Career Pathways Module 100000
COMM 339Publication Design00000
BIOL 315Field Biology and Ecology00000
COMM 354Web Design 200000
ARHT 245Masterpieces in Western Civilization00000
COMM 365News Reporting: Broadcast and New Media00000
BIOL 345Nutrition and Human Metabolism00000
COMM 378User Experience Design00000
ACCT 605Advanced Auditing And Information Technology Systems00000
COMM 423Senior Project: Writing00000
BIOL 390Topics:Microbial Biotechnology00000
COND 103Pilates Body00000
ARHT 345Contemporary Global Art Since 200000000
COND 127Aerobics00000
CHEM 110Fundamentals Of Chemistry I: Lecture And Lab00000
EDTC 632Technology & Stories in K-12 Curriculum00000
AMER 214Native Americans00000
ENSC 342Environmental Chemistry II00000
CHEM 205Bio-Organic Chemistry Lec/Lab00000
ENSC 495Adv Topics In Env Science00000
ARTS 217Local To Global: World Animation Now00000
ENST 300Is-Envir & Emer Mgmt00000
CHEM 300Is-Tas Research Honors00000
ENST 338Sustainable Communities00000
ACCT 421Auditing00000
EXSS 109Yoga 200000
CHEM 350Physical Chemistry I Lecture00000
HIST 288Women In Middle Eastern Societies00000
ARTS 320Video Art00000
CHEM 427LInstrumental Analysis Lab00000
ACCT 322Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACCT 590Topics:Audit Analytics00000
AFST 308African American Social & Political Thought00000
ANTH 300Is-Study Abroad Exp In Japan00000
BIIN 450Advanced Bioinformatics00000
COMM 213Design Theory and Critcism00000