QCC Course Reviews

Queensborough Community College (CUNY)

ECON 235International Economics00000
ET 540Digital Computer Theory I00000
BU 402Marketing Research00000
CS 101Algorithmic Problem Solving I00000
CFMAT 10College Focus Mathematics00000
BI 503General Epidemiology00000
ENGL 261Autobiography00000
BE 12CSCUNYStart Academic Reading Workshop00000
BU 860Professional Business Career Development and the Virtual Off...00000
BE 121Development of Reading Skills00000
CN 72Enhanced College-Preparatory Language Arts Skills00000
CH 152General Chemistry II00000
BI 331Kinesiology00000
DAN 222Intermediate Modern Dance III00000
ARTS 293Design for Motion Graphics00000
ENGL 206Genre00000
BI 961Phlebotomy Practice00000
ET 350Computer Control Systems00000
ARTS 121Two-Dimensional Design00000
ET 714Web Technologies II: Building Database - Driven Web Sites00000
BE 40CLESL Reading Writing Workshop CLIP Intermediate00000
BU 918Medical Coding and Billing II00000
ARTS 161Painting I00000
CH 120Fundamentals of Chemistry-Also take CH121 for lab science ex...00000
BI 110Fundamentals of Life Science00000
CIS 251Analysis and Design of Systems Projects00000
CH 912Independent Study and Research I00000
BI 203Cell Biology00000
CRIM 201Policing00000
ARTS 263Painting III00000
CST 102Math Start College Success Seminar00000
BI 403Medical Terminology00000
DAN 252Contact Improvisation00000
ARTH 202History of Art II00000
EE 204Electrical Circuits00000
BI 550Field Internship in Health Sciences00000
ENGL 221Creative Writing: Fiction00000
ARTS 382Special Problems in Studio Art I00000
ET 140Sinusoidal and Transient Circuit Analysis00000
BU 110Cost Accounting00000
ET 502Introduction to Computer Programming00000
ARCH 237Environmental Systems00000
ET 580Object-Oriented Programming00000
BU 801Typewriting/Keyboarding00000
ET 720Advanced Web and Multimedia Programming00000
ARTS 130Art Methods for the K-8 Curriculum I00000
BU 907Word Processing00000
BE 102Developing Competence in College Reading, Writing, and Study...00000
CD 101Exploring Strategies for Student Success00000
ARTH 100Introductory Survey of Art00000
CH 106Chemistry and the Arts00000
BE 203Intermediate Composition for ESL Students00000
CH 127Introductory General Chemistry00000
ARTS 191Introduction to Video00000
CH 900Cooperative Education in Chemical Instrumental Analysis I00000
BI 131Foundations of Biology00000
CIS 205Introduction to Information Systems and Technologies00000
CIS 101Introduction to Computers and Applications00000
BI 171Laboratory: Plants and People00000
CN 7Col Prep Math Sat Pr00000
ARTS 252Drawing II00000
CRIM 102Criminology00000
BI 301Anatomy and Physiology I00000
CRIM 205Criminology00000
ARTH 128History of African Arts00000
CS 201Computer Organization and Assembly Language (2E1)00000
BI 341Assisting in the Medical Office: Medical Assisting Procedure...00000
DAN 103African and Afro-Caribbean Dance00000
ARTS 272Printmaking II00000
DAN 232Intermediate Ballet III00000
BI 453Biotechnology00000
DAN 262Dance Workshop III00000
ARCH 129Visualization II00000
EE 101Engineering Design I00000
BI 520Introduction to Public Health00000
ENGL 102English Composition II: Introduction to Literature00000
ARTS 346Color Photography: Traditional and Computer Methods00000
ENGL 215American Literature I: Colonial Period to American Renaissan...00000
BI 950Field Experience in Medical Assisting00000
ENGL 242Documentary Film00000
ARTH 380Gallery Internship I00000
ENGL 264Graphic Genres00000
BU 103Intermediate Accounting I00000
ET 230Telecommunications I00000
ARTS 390Portfolio Project In Studio Art00000
ET 410Electronic Project Laboratory00000
BU 203Principles of Statistics00000
ET 505Introduction to C++ Object Oriented Programming00000
ARCH 111Architectural Design I00000
ET 570Creating Smartphone Apps00000
BU 403Elements of Salesmanship00000
ET 704Networking Fundamentals I00000
BE 21CSCUNYSTART Workshop for Reading and Writing00000
BU 804Administrative Office Procedures00000
ANTH 101Anthropology00000
ARCH 119Visualization I00000
ARTH 117History of Photography00000
ARTS 242Advanced Photographic Skills00000
BI 150Organization and Delivery of Health Care00000
CIS 153Microcomputer Operating Systems and Utility Software00000