QC Course Reviews

Queens College (CUNY)

CSCI 343Computer Architecture3.53.52.542
CSCI 348Data Communications11111
ARTS 288Sculpture Special Projects00000
ARTH 247European Art, 1848-190000000
BALA 3983VT: Special Topics in Business00000
ARTS 246Design II00000
ANTH 380Seminar in Linguistic Anthropology00000
ARTS 6203Special Projects in Design00000
ANTH 208WPeoples of South Asia00000
ARTH 503Vt: Medievalart00000
ANTH 239Topics in Cultural Anthropology00000
ARTH 7454Art of the United States from the Colonial Era to 190000000
ARTS 207Introduction to Video Editing I00000
ANTH 320Contemporary Anthropological Theory00000
ARTS 266Children’s Book Illustration00000
AFST 234WBlack Women Writers00000
ARTS 370VT: Special Topics in Design00000
ARTH 101History of Western Art I00000
BALA 100Introductory Seminar in Business and Liberal Arts00000
ACCT 752Advanced Studies in Business Law00000
BIOL 43Anatomy & Physiology00000
ANTH 220Food and Culture00000
ARTH 740Art History Methods Colloquium00000
ACCT 791Appl Fin Dyn Analy Model00000
ARTH 7521Seminar in Medieval Art00000
ANTH 248World of the Vikings00000
ARTH 7604Special Problems in Baroque Art00000
ARTS 188VT: Illustration I00000
ANTH 280Language and Social Identity00000
ARTS 235Digital Imagemaking III00000
AFST 201WIntroduction to Black Cultures00000
ARTS 254Drawing Special Projects00000
ANTH 354Time00000
ARTS 276Photography II00000
ACCT 398Internship00000
ARTS 345Design III00000
ARAB 102Elementary Arabic II00000
ARTS 724Contemporary Issues in the Visual Arts00000
ANTH 103Introduction to Archaeology00000
ARTS 7271Printmaking00000
ARTH 206Art of Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic Greece00000
BALA 302WLaw and Ethics of Business00000
ACCT 322Auditing II00000
BIOL 11Introduction to College Biology00000
ARTH 282Art and Architecture of the Andes00000
BIOL 105General Biology: Physiology and Cell Biology00000
ACCT 759Estate, Gifts and Trust Taxation00000
ARTH 506Vt: Art Of The U.S.00000
ANTH 232Photography and the Visual World00000
ARTH 7412Greek Sculpture00000
ACCT 350Financial Statement Analysis00000
ARTH 7481Studies in Mesoamerican Art00000
ANTH 241The Aztecs, Mayas, And Olmecs00000
ARTH 7601Special Problems in Ancient Art00000
ACCT 3913Special Problems00000
ARTH 7607Special Problems In Photography00000
ANTH 259Topics in Archaeology00000
ARTS 151Drawing I00000
ARTS 182Introduction to Sculpture00000
ANTH 275Disease in the Past00000
ARTS 192Storyboarding & Storytelling00000
AFST 102Survey of African Civilization II00000
ARTS 214Web Design I00000
ANTH 290WTopics in Anthropology00000
ARTS 242Typography I00000
ACCT 385Data Analytics for Accountants00000
ARTS 250Design Thinking00000
ANTH 340Archaeological Method and Theory00000
ARTS 261Watercolor I00000
AFST 232WCaribbean Literature00000
ARTS 272Intaglio00000
ANTH 363Interpreting the Human Skeleton00000
ARTS 283VT: Sculpture II00000
ACCT 306Quantitative Techniques in Planning and Control00000
ARTS 296Advertising Design00000
ANTH 2953Independent Studies in Anthropology00000
ARTS 355VT: Photography III00000
AFST 300WSeminar in Africana Studies00000
ARTS 374Serigraphy Special Projects00000
ARAB 305Advanced Arabic I00000
ARTS 731Seminar in Problems of Representation00000
ACCT 723Advanced Auditing Theory and Practice00000
ARTS 7252MFA Graduate Seminar II00000
ARTH 114Survey of Asian Art00000
ASTR 1General Astronomy00000
ANTH 201Essentials of Cultural Anthropology00000
BALA 165Oral Communication In the Workplace00000
ARTH 215Gothic Art00000
BALA 3911Business Internship00000
ACCT 101Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Accounting I00000
BIOCH 7111Biochem Lab Techniq00000
ARTH 254Twentieth-Century Art00000
BIOL 22Introduction to Human Physiology00000
ANTH 212Peoples of the Middle East00000
ARTS 161Painting I00000
ARTH 330Special Problems00000
AACS 220Asian American Communities: Culture, Power, and Agency00000
ACCT 202Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACCT 363Business Law III00000
ACSKL 1003Fundamentals of Mathematics00000