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PV Course Reviews

Prairie View A&M University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARCH 5996IS/ ARCH 5973/ST Arch in Dubai00000
ARMY 4993Independent Study/ARMY 442100000
ANSC 2255Poultry Tech & Marketing00000
ARCH 4743Building Information Modeling00000
ARCH 1233Visual Communications00000
AGRI 2360Environmental Soil Science00000
ARMY 3138Leadership Laboratory VI00000
ADMN 5320Leadership in a Multicultural Society00000
ANSC 3523Meat Science00000
AGEC 1233Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics00000
ARCH 4476Architecture Design VIII00000
ARCH 3293Structural Systems I00000
AGRI 1311Dairy Science00000
ARCH 5506Internship00000
ADMN 5301Educational Administration: Theory, Practice and Research00000
ARMY 2203Military History00000
AGRO 3633Soil Fertility and Fertilizers00000
ARMY 4147Leadership Laboratory VII00000
ACCT 5113Advanced Auditing00000
ARTS 1316Drawing I00000
ADMN 5993Independent Study/ADMN 502300000
ANSC 4993Independent Study/ANSC 453300000
ACCT 5332Data Analytics in Accounting00000
ARCH 1301Architectural History I00000
AGEC 3223Agricultural Financial Analysis00000
ARCH 4364Net Zero Energy Design II00000
ARCH 3453Environmental Systems00000
AGHR 1303Land Grant System and Global Food Security00000
ARCH 4647Architecture Design VIII00000
ADMN 5113Planning and Managing Educational Facilities00000
ARCH 5159Prof Employmnt Dev-Soft Skills00000
AGRI 1370Crop Science00000
ARCH 5591Prof Employmnt Dev-Soft Skills00000
ACCT 4331Accounting Information Systems00000
ARMY 1121Foundations of Officership II00000
AGRO 2633Forage and Pasture Management00000
ARMY 2271Leadership Laboratory III00000
ADMN 5308Special Topics in Educational Administration00000
ARMY 3371Leadership Laboratory V00000
AGRO 4399Independent Study/AGRO 436200000
ARMY 4413Leadership and Management I00000
ACCT 3324Ethics for Accountants00000
ARTS 1301Art Appreciation00000
ANSC 3350Animal Nutrition00000
ARTS 2233History of Art II00000
ACCT 5315Seminar on Tax Consulting, Planning and Research00000
ANSC 4353Breeding/Genetics00000
AFSC 2102Evolution of Air Power I00000
ARAB 1023Elementary Arabic II00000
ACCT 3343Federal Income Tax II00000
ARCH 1266Architecture Design II00000
AGEC 2223Food Distribution Systems00000
ARCH 1307Visual Communications00000
ADMN 5013Educational Administration: Theory, Practice and Research00000
ARCH 3328Materials and Methods II00000
AGEC 3993Independent Study/AGEC 322300000
ARCH 4344CAD Construction Documents and Codes00000
ARCH 3473Ecology and Man00000
AGEC 4325Agricultural Prices00000
ARCH 4433Structural Systems II00000
ADMN 5083Special Topics in Educational Administration00000
ARCH 4633Net Zero Energy Design I00000
AGHR 4413ST/Application of Bloom's Taxonomy for Career Preparation00000
ARCH 4673Introduction to Interior Design00000
ACCT 4322Auditing00000
ARCH 4973ST/Dubai International Travel00000
AGRI 1330Land Grant System and Global Food Security B-GLOBAL00000
ARCH 5351Research Seminar00000
ADMN 5173Computer Applications for Administrators00000
ARCH 5566Architecture Design IX00000
AGRI 2322Food Distribution Systems00000
ARCH 5957Comprehensive Project Studio00000
ACCT 3313Cost Accounting00000
ARMY 1117Leadership Laboratory I00000
AGRO 1703Crop Science00000
ARMY 2127Leadership Laboratory III00000
ADMN 5304The Role of the Principal00000
ARMY 2221Individual Leadership Studies and Team Work I00000
AGRO 3364Soil and Water Management00000
ARMY 2320Military History00000
ACCT 4343Financial Statement Analysis00000
ARMY 3323Leadership Skills and Small Unit Tactics00000
AGRO 3733Plant Pathology00000
ARMY 3993Independent Study/ARMY 332300000
ADMN 5311Planning and Managing Educational Facilities00000
ARMY 4341Leadership and Management I00000
AGRO 4993Independent Study/AGRO 461300000
ARMY 4471Leadership Laboratory VII00000
ACCT 2301Principles of Accounting00000
ARTS 1153Drawing I00000
ANSC 2543Diseases and Sanitation00000
ARTS 1311Design I (2-Dimensional)00000
ADMN 5399Independent Study/ADMN 535300000
ANSC 3503Animal Nutrition00000
ACCT 2113Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 3223Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACCT 4253Oil & Gas Accounting00000
ADMN 5043The Role of the Principal00000
AGEC 4253Agricultural Prices00000
ARCH 3626Architecture Design VI00000