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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
VM 24100Safety, Prevention And Public Health45241
VM 22200Parasitology Microbiology Clinical Mentorship -DL00000
VM 22500Advanced Clinical Mentorship - DL00000
VM 24400Clinical Rotations II00000
VM 24600Management Topics for Vet Techs II-DL00000
VM 25100Medical Math And Terminology For Veterinary Technicians00000
VM 34300Clinical Rotations IV00000
VM 36500Laboratory Animal Management00000
VM 40900International Veterinary Medicine00000
VM 44100Occupational And Public Health For Veterinary Technicians00000
VM 44400Veterinary Technology Clinical Orientation00000
VM 45200Managing Human Resources In Veterinary Medicine00000
VM 45500Equine Behavior For The Veterinary Technician00000
VM 45800Advanced Surgical Nursing And Anesthesia00000
VM 81000Veterinary Externship00000
VM 81003International Veterinary Medicine- Directed Experience00000
VM 82500Grand Rounds00000
VM 86500History Of Veterinary Medicine From Marshals, Horse Doctors, Cow Leeches, The First Schools Of VM00000
VM 87000History Of Veterinary Medicine From The Ancient Greeks Through The Renaissance Seminar00000
VM 89100Special Topics In Veterinary Medicine Arranged00000
VM 89401Clinical Rotation In Small Animal Medicine In Switzerland00000
VM 20500Small Animal Nursing Clinical Mentorship I-DL00000
VM 20800Large Animal Medical Nursing Clinical Mentorship -DL00000
VM 21000Small Animal Anesthesia-Clinical Mentorship-DL00000
VM 21200Operating Room Techniques and Sterilization -Clinical Mentorship-DL00000
VM 21600Small Animal Diag Imaging II-Clinical Mentorship-DL00000
VM 22100Laboratory Animal Health II -DL00000
VM 22000Laboratory Animal Health I -DL00000
VM 22600Laboratory Animal Clinical Mentorship -DL00000
VM 24300Clinic Rotations I00000
VM 24500Management Topics for Vet Techs I -DL00000
VM 24900Clinical Rotations III00000
VM 34200Integrations II00000
VM 34500Management I00000
VM 39000Practicum00000
VM 41001International Practicum00000
VM 42500Veterinary Technician Grand Rounds00000
VM 44300Clinic Rotations VI00000
VM 45000Animals In Emergencies-Disaster Management00000
VM 45300The Role Of The Clinical Research Technician00000
VM 45600Advanced Ophthalmology For Veterinary Technicians00000
VM 49000Topics In Veterinary Medicine00000
VM 81001International Externship00000
VM 82000Applications And Integrations I00000
VM 84000Applications And Integrations III00000
VM 86000Early Origins Of Veterinary Medicine Seminar00000
VM 86700Veterinary Medicine Comes Of Age00000
VM 89000Topics In Veterinary Medicine00000
VM 89400International Veterinary Medicine- Directed Clinical Experience00000
VM 10200Careers In Veterinary Medicine00000
VM 10500Introduction to Veterinary Technology-DL00000
VM 14000Introduction To Veterinary Technology00000
VM 20600Small Animal Nursing Clinical Mentorship II-DL00000
VM 20700Small Animal Nursing Clinical Mentorship III-DL00000
VM 20900Equine Medical Nursing Clinical Mentorship - DL00000
VM 21100Food Animal and Equine Anesthesia-Clinical Mentorship-DL00000
VM 21500Small Animal Diag Imaging I-Clinical Mentorship-DL00000
VM 21700Food Animal and Equine Diagnostic Imaging-Clinical Mentorship00000
VM 22300Pharmacy Clinical Mentorship-DL00000
VM 22400Necropsy Clinical Mentorship For Veterinary Technology00000
VM 22700Clinical Pathology Clinical Mentorship-DL00000
VM 24200Integrations I00000
VM 24800Understanding Animal Disease-DL00000
VM 32300Laboratory Animals And Nursing Of Non-Traditional Pets00000
VM 34400Clinic Rotations V00000
VM 36700Foundations Of Instruction For Allied Health Professionals00000
VM 41003International Veterinary Medicine For The Veterinary Technician-Directed Experience00000
VM 44200Management II00000
VM 44500Veterinary Technology Senior Project00000
VM 45100Contemporary Topics In Life Skills00000
VM 45400Animal Rehabilitation And Physiotherapy00000
VM 45700Advanced Neurology For Veterinary Medicine00000
VM 80900International Veterinary Medicine00000
VM 81002Veterinary Medicine Service Learning-VIDA00000
VM 83000Applications And Integrations II00000
VM 85000Applications and Integrations IV00000
VM 86600Pathogenic Bacteria, Viruses, Mayhew, Darwin, And Mendel00000
VM 87800Swine Herd Health And Diagnostic Pathology00000
VM 89200Principles Of Professionalism, Jurisprudence, And Ethics00000
VM 89500Clinical Applications00000