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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
THTR 13300Survey Of Acting55551
THTR 20100Theatre Appreciation44531
THTR 15001Introduction To Drafting00000
THTR 15002Introduction To Scenery Construction Tools And Techniques00000
THTR 15003Introduction To Rigging For Theatre00000
THTR 16000Introduction To Scene Design And Technology00000
THTR 16100Introduction To Costume Design And Technology00000
THTR 16200Introduction To Light Design And Technology00000
THTR 16300Introduction To Sound Design And Technology00000
THTR 16400Introduction To Theatre Organization And Management00000
THTR 21300Voice For The Actor00000
THTR 23300Acting I: Acting Technique00000
THTR 23500Vocal/Physical Preparation00000
THTR 25300Survey Of Audio Production00000
THTR 25400Drafting For Theatre00000
THTR 25600Stage Make-Up00000
THTR 26300Introduction To Sound Studios00000
THTR 27000Theatrical Materials And Techniques I00000
THTR 29000Special Topics In Theatre00000
THTR 32300Acting: Movement For The Actor00000
THTR 33300Acting II: Scene Study00000
THTR 33400Acting III: Acting For The Camera00000
THTR 33600Rehearsal And Performance II00000
THTR 35300Theater Audio Techniques I00000
THTR 35400Painting For The Stage00000
THTR 36000Scenic Design00000
THTR 36100Costume Design00000
THTR 36200Light Design00000
THTR 36300Sound Design00000
THTR 36800Theatre Production II00000
THTR 38000History Of Theatre I00000
THTR 38100History Of Theatre II00000
THTR 39000Directed Study Of Special Theatre Problems00000
THTR 43300Acting IV: Acting Shakespeare00000
THTR 43400Advanced Acting Skills00000
THTR 44000Directing: Page To Stage00000
THTR 45800Problems In Theatre Technology00000
THTR 46800Problems In Theatre Design00000
THTR 49000Special Topics In Theatre00000
THTR 51000Stage Dialects00000
THTR 51300Vocal Production For The Stage I00000
THTR 51400Vocal Production For The Stage II00000
THTR 52300Creating A Character I00000
THTR 52400Creating A Character II00000
THTR 52500Theatrical Characterization00000
THTR 52600Advanced Stage Movement00000
THTR 53200Professional Issues In Theatre00000
THTR 53300Acting Technique00000
THTR 53500Vocal/Physical Preparation00000
THTR 53600Advanced Problems In Acting00000
THTR 53800Acting For The Camera00000
THTR 53900Period Style For The Actor00000
THTR 54000Advanced Directing00000
THTR 54500Directional Process In Production00000
THTR 55000Advanced Scenery Technology00000
THTR 55100Advanced Costume Techniques00000
THTR 55300Theatre Audio Technology II00000
THTR 55400Advanced Theatre Drafting00000
THTR 55600Advanced Stage Makeup00000
THTR 55800Advanced Problems In Theatre Technology00000
THTR 56000Advanced Scenic Design00000
THTR 56100Advanced Costume Design00000
THTR 56200Advanced Light Design00000
THTR 56300Advanced Sound Design00000
THTR 56400Theatrical Rendering00000
THTR 56700Model Construction00000
THTR 56800Advanced Problems In Design00000
THTR 56900Special Problems In Audio Production00000
THTR 57001Statics And Structures For Theatre I00000
THTR 57002Statics And Structures For Theatre II00000
THTR 58000Period Style For The Designer00000
THTR 59000Directed Study Of Special Theatre Problems00000
THTR 59700Production And Design Seminar00000
THTR 61300Classical Text I00000
THTR 61400Classical Text II00000
THTR 63300Interpretive Acting Techniques00000
THTR 64000Directing Internship00000
THTR 65800Special Problems In Technology00000
THTR 66900Tutorial Internship For MFA00000
THTR 67000Script Interpretation00000
THTR 67100Modern Theory And Criticism00000
THTR 69700MFA Terminal Project00000
THTR 69800Research MA Or MFA Thesis00000