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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MA 26100Multivariate Calculus32.42.82.79
MA 16010Applied Calculus I3.63.42.835
MA 26500Linear Algebra3.32.72.733
MA 16100Plane Analytic Geometry And Calculus I4444.73
MA 26600Ordinary Differential Equations43.5342
MA 35100Elementary Linear Algebra443.53.52
MA 17000Introduction To Actuarial Science44451
MA 52700Advanced Mathematics For Engineers And Physicists I31231
MA 35300Linear Algebra II With Applications21321
MA 15300Algebra And Trigonometry I35211
MA 15555Quantitative Reasoning55551
MA 15800Precalculus- Functions And Trigonometry33231
MA 16020Applied Calculus II22321
MA 16500Analytic Geometry And Calculus I21231
MA 16200Plane Analytic Geometry And Calculus II00000
MA 27900Modern Mathematics In Science And Society00000
MA 37500Introduction To Discrete Mathematics00000
MA 46000Geometry00000
MA 51000Vector Calculus00000
MA 53100Functions Of A Complex Variable II00000
MA 55700Abstract Algebra I00000
MA 63100Several Complex Variables00000
MA 69000Topics In Algebra00000
MA 13900Mathematics For Elementary Teachers III00000
MA 30400Differential Equations And Analysis Of Nonlinear Systems For Engineering And The Sciences00000
MA 45400Galois Theory00000
MA 51600Advanced Probability And Options With Numerical Methods00000
MA 53800Probability Theory I00000
MA 56200Introduction To Differential Geometry And Topology00000
MA 64400Calculus Of Variations00000
MA 69600Topics In Geometry00000
MA 17400Multivariable Calculus00000
MA 25000Problem Solving In Probability00000
MA 36200Topics In Vector Calculus00000
MA 44000Real Analysis Honors00000
MA 50400Real Analysis00000
MA 52800Advanced Mathematics For Engineers And Physicists II00000
MA 55600Introduction To The Theory Of Numbers00000
MA 62000Mathematical Theory Of Optimal Control00000
MA 68400Class Field Theory00000
MA 10800Mathematics As A Profession And A Discipline00000
MA 16600Analytic Geometry And Calculus II00000
MA 22400Introductory Analysis II00000
MA 30100An Introduction To Proof Through Real Analysis00000
MA 39000Topics In Mathematics For Undergraduates00000
MA 47400Methods Of Random Modeling00000
MA 52100Introduction To Optimization Problems00000
MA 54500Functions Of Several Variables And Related Topics00000
MA 58500Mathematical Logic I00000
MA 66300Algebraic Curves And Functions I00000
MA 18400Professional Practicum II00000
MA 28400Professional Practicum III00000
MA 37300Financial Mathematics00000
MA 44200Multivariate Analysis I Honors00000
MA 48700Professional Practicum V00000
MA 55800Abstract Algebra II00000
MA 63800Stochastic Processes I00000
MA 69300Topics In Analysis00000
MA 45300Elements Of Algebra I00000
MA 51500Mathematics Of Finance00000
MA 53200Elements Of Stochastic Processes00000
MA 55400Linear Algebra00000
MA 61100Methods Of Applied Mathematics I00000
MA 69400Topics In Differential Equations00000
MA 15910Introduction To Calculus00000
MA 18200Honors Calculus II00000
MA 36000Advance Calculus Differential Equations Honors00000
MA 41600Probability00000
MA 49000Topics In Mathematics For Undergraduates00000
MA 53000Functions Of A Complex Variable I00000
MA 56000Fundamental Concepts Of Geometry00000
MA 64200Methods Of Linear And Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations I00000
MA 69700Topics In Topology00000
MA 18100Honors Calculus I00000
MA 26200Linear Algebra And Differential Equations00000
MA 34100Foundations Of Analysis00000
MA 45000Algebra Honors00000
MA 51100Linear Algebra With Applications00000
MA 52500Introduction To Complex Analysis00000
MA 55300Introduction To Abstract Algebra00000
MA 59800Topics In Mathematics00000
MA 66400Algebraic Curves And Functions II00000
MA 17300Calculus And Analytic Geometry II00000
MA 38600Professional Practicum IV00000
MA 46200Elementary Differential Geometry00000
MA 51800Advanced Discrete Mathematics00000
MA 53900Probability Theory II00000
MA 57100Elementary Topology00000
MA 63900Stochastic Process II00000
MA 69200Topics Applied Math00000
MA 18300Professional Practicum I00000
MA 27101Honors Multivariate Calculus00000
MA 36600Ordinary Differential Equations00000
MA 42800Introduction To Fourier Analysis00000
MA 48400Seminar On Teaching College Algebra And Trigonometry00000
MA 52000Boundary Value Problems Of Differential Equations00000
MA 54400Real Analysis And Measure Theory00000
MA 57500Graph Theory00000
MA 65000Commutative Algebra00000
MA 13800Mathematics For Elementary Teachers II00000
MA 19000Topics In Mathematics For Undergraduates00000
MA 30300Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations for Engineering and the Sciences00000
MA 42100Linear Programming And Optimization Techniques00000
MA 50300Abstract Algebra00000
MA 52300Introduction To Partial Differential Equations00000
MA 54600Introduction To Functional Analysis00000
MA 61500Numerical Methods For Partial Differential Equations I00000
MA 66500Algebraic Geometry00000
MA 22300Introductory Analysis I00000
MA 30800Elementary Discrete Mathematics00000
MA 42500Elements Of Complex Analysis00000
MA 48100Advanced Problem-Solving Seminar00000
MA 51900Introduction To Probability00000
MA 54300Ordinary Differential Equations And Dynamical Systems00000
MA 58400Algebraic Number Theory00000
MA 66100Modern Differential Geometry00000
MA 13700Mathematics For Elementary Teachers I00000
MA 22100Calculus For Technology I00000
MA 29000Topics In Mathematics For Undergraduates00000
MA 38500Introduction To Logic00000
MA 51400Numerical Analysis00000
MA 54200Theory Of Distributions And Applications00000
MA 57200Introduction In Algebraic Topology00000
MA 64300Methods Of Partial Differential Equations II00000
MA 69900Research PhD Thesis00000