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Purdue Course Reviews

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CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
LING 31100Fundamentals Of Phonology And Morphology43551
LING 32100Foundations Of Syntax And Semantics53551
LING 20100Introduction To Linguistics54551
LING 49000Directed Reading In Linguistics00000
LING 49900Research In Linguistics00000
LING 51100Phonology I: Descriptive Analysis00000
LING 53100Semantics I: Lexical And Sentential Semantics00000
LING 56000Service Learning In Languages And Linguistics00000
LING 57600Latin American Indigenous Languages And Cultures00000
LING 59100Special Topics In Phonology00000
LING 39800Special Topics In Linguistics I00000
LING 49800Special Topics In Linguistics II00000
LING 50000Introduction To Linguistics00000
LING 52100Syntax I: Syntactic Analysis00000
LING 53200Semantics II: Formal And Grammatical Semantics00000
LING 57000Field Methods In Linguistics00000
LING 59000Directed Reading In Linguistics00000
LING 59400Special Topics In Historical Linguistics00000
LING 61900Seminar In Phonology00000
LING 68900Seminar In Linguistics00000
LING 69800Research MA Thesis00000
LING 31500Elements Of Phonetics00000
LING 36800Sociolinguistic Study Of African American English00000
LING 51200Phonology II: Theoretical Approaches00000
LING 52200Syntax II: Issues In Syntax00000
LING 54100Historical Linguistics And Language Change00000
LING 56500Sociolinguistics00000
LING 59300Special Topics In Semantics00000
LING 59800Special Topics In Linguistics00000
LING 62900Seminar In Syntax00000
LING 69000Individual Seminar00000
LING 69900Research PhD Thesis00000