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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
IE 33500Operations Research - Optimization33431
IE 55800Safety Engineering44331
IE 33200Computing In Industrial Engineering51551
IE 33600Operations Research - Stochastic Models00000
IE 53500Linear Programming00000
IE 29199Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op I00000
IE 38399Professional Practice Co-Op III00000
IE 49900Research In Industrial Engineering00000
IE 56600Production Management Control00000
IE 63300Dynamic Programming00000
IE 69000Advanced Topics In Industrial Engineering00000
IE 43100Industrial Engineering Design00000
IE 53600Stochastic Models In Operations Research I00000
IE 57900Design And Control Of Production And Manufacturing Systems00000
IE 65600Research Seminar In Human Factors00000
IE 34300Engineering Economics00000
IE 47000Manufacturing Processes II00000
IE 54500Engineering Economic Analysis00000
IE 58300Design And Evaluation Of Material Handling Systems00000
IE 67000Advanced Topics In Manufacturing Engineering00000
IE 38199Professional Practice Co-Op I00000
IE 49000Special Topics In Industrial Engineering00000
IE 63000Multiple Objective Optimization00000
IE 65900Human Aspects In Computing00000
IE 38300Integrated Production Systems I00000
IE 49500Industrial Practices Seminar00000
IE 55900Cognitive Engineering Of Interactive Software00000
IE 59000Topics In Industrial Engineering00000
IE 67400Computer And Communication Methods For Production Control00000
IE 39699Professional Practice Internship00000
IE 53700Discrete Optimization Models And Algorithms00000
IE 58000Systems Simulation00000
IE 63500Theoretical Foundations Of Optimization00000
IE 29299Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op II00000
IE 39399Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op III00000
IE 53200Reliability00000
IE 57000Manufacturing Process Engineering00000
IE 63200Scheduling Models00000
IE 69800Research MS Thesis00000
IE 23000Probability And Statistics In Engineering I00000
IE 38299Professional practice Co-Op II00000
IE 48600Work Analysis And Design II00000
IE 54600Economic Decisions In Engineering00000
IE 58800e-Work And e-Service00000
IE 68000Advanced Simulation Design And Analysis00000
IE 33000Probability And Statistics In Engineering II00000
IE 39599Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op V00000
IE 53000Quality Control00000
IE 57400Industrial Robotics And Flexible Assembly00000
IE 63400Integer Programming00000
IE 69900Research PhD Thesis00000
IE 30000Honors Program Seminar00000
IE 39499Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op IV00000
IE 53300Industrial Applications Of Statistics00000
IE 57700Human Factors In Engineering00000
IE 63900Combinatorial Optimization00000
IE 69600Graduate Professional Practice00000
IE 20000Industrial Engineering Seminar00000
IE 37000Manufacturing Processes I00000
IE 47400Industrial Control Systems00000
IE 53800Nonlinear Optimization Algorithms And Models00000
IE 58200Advanced Facilities Design00000
IE 64600Advanced Decision Theory00000
IE 38600Work Analysis And Design I00000
IE 48400Integrated Production Systems II00000
IE 55600Job Design00000
IE 58100Simulation Design And Analysis00000
IE 69700Seminar00000