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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CNIT 18000Introduction To Systems Development24.32.32.33
CNIT 24000Data Communications And Networking11111
CNIT 55800Bioinformatics Computing And Systems Integration35221
CNIT 15501Introduction To Software Development Concepts35331
CNIT 55200Information Technology Project Management45451
CNIT 24200System Administration32441
CNIT 55500Advanced Network Security53441
CNIT 13600Personal Computing Technology And Applications00000
CNIT 17600Information Technology Architectures00000
CNIT 23500Management Information Systems And Collaboration Technology00000
CNIT 26700Introduction To C++ Language Programming00000
CNIT 28101Topics In Computer Information Technology II00000
CNIT 31500Systems Programming00000
CNIT 32500Object-Oriented Application Development00000
CNIT 46100Parallel Data Systems00000
CNIT 48101Topics In Computer Information Technology IV00000
CNIT 55100Information Technology Economics00000
CNIT 55900Data Warehousing00000
CNIT 58100Workshop In Computer Technology00000
CNIT 14100Internet Foundations, Technologies, and Development00000
CNIT 27000Cybersecurity Fundamentals00000
CNIT 28500Topics In Programming Languages00000
CNIT 32100Enterprise Collaboration00000
CNIT 34200Advanced System And Network Administration00000
CNIT 34600Wireless Networks00000
CNIT 37200Database Programming00000
CNIT 38301Packaged Application Software Solutions00000
CNIT 39900Topics In Computer And Information Technology00000
CNIT 42100Small Scale Digital Device Forensics00000
CNIT 44500Advanced Internetwork Routing And Switching00000
CNIT 45600Wireless Security And Management00000
CNIT 47000Incident Response Management00000
CNIT 48000Managing Information Technology Projects00000
CNIT 49000Senior Project00000
CNIT 55000Organizational Impact Of Information Technology00000
CNIT 56100Advanced Parallel Data Systems00000
CNIT 10700Computers And Software Packages00000
CNIT 19900Topics In Computer And Information Technology00000
CNIT 25500Programming For The Internet00000
CNIT 27600Systems Software And Networking00000
CNIT 29900Topics In Computer And Information Technology00000
CNIT 32200Research Methodology And Design00000
CNIT 34210Storage Area Networking00000
CNIT 34500Internetwork Design And Implementation00000
CNIT 37000Introduction To Cryptography00000
CNIT 38101Topics In Computer Information Technology III00000
CNIT 39200Enterprise Data Management00000
CNIT 42000Basic Cyber Forensics00000
CNIT 43500Advanced Network Services00000
CNIT 45500Network Security00000
CNIT 47100Vulnerability Analysis And Testing00000
CNIT 48800Data Warehousing00000
CNIT 49900Topics In Computer And Information Technology00000
CNIT 55600Basic Computer Forensics00000
CNIT 59800Directed MS Project00000
CNIT 10500Introduction To C Programming00000
CNIT 15500Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming00000
CNIT 18101Topics In Computer Information Technology I00000
CNIT 27200Database Fundamentals00000
CNIT 29500Object-Oriented Programming00000
CNIT 32000Policy, Regulation, And Globalization In Information Technology00000
CNIT 34010UNIX Fundamentals00000
CNIT 34400Network Engineering Fundamentals00000
CNIT 36100Software Redesign Using Cobol00000
CNIT 38000Advanced Analysis and Design00000
CNIT 39000Supervised Practicum00000
CNIT 41500Advanced Coding Security00000
CNIT 42500Software Development For Mobile Devices II00000
CNIT 45000Enterprise Application Development00000
CNIT 46000High Performance Computing Systems00000
CNIT 47500Electronic Commerce and Business Implementation00000
CNIT 48700Database Administration00000
CNIT 51100Foundations In Homeland Security Studies00000
CNIT 55300Quality Management In Information Technology00000
CNIT 55700Advanced Research Topics In Cyber Forensics00000
CNIT 56500Information Security Management00000
CNIT 62300Contemporary Computer Technology Problems00000
CNIT 11100Computer Literacy00000
CNIT 17500Visual Programming00000
CNIT 22700Introduction To Bioinformatics00000
CNIT 25501Object-Oriented Programming Introduction00000
CNIT 28000Systems Analysis And Design Methods00000
CNIT 30500Information Technology00000
CNIT 34000UNIX Administration00000
CNIT 34220Network Administration00000
CNIT 35500Software Development For Mobile Computers00000
CNIT 37600Information Storage And Management00000
CNIT 38501Advanced Systems Design And Integration00000
CNIT 40500Software Development Methodologies00000
CNIT 42200Cyber Criminology00000
CNIT 44600Advanced Wireless Networks00000
CNIT 45800Biomedical Informatics00000
CNIT 46500Senior Software Development Project00000
CNIT 48900Advanced Topics In Database Technology00000
CNIT 51200Managing Resources And Applications For Homeland Security00000
CNIT 56000Advanced High Performance Computing Systems00000
CNIT 59000Special Problems In Computer Technology00000
CNIT 69800Research MS Thesis00000