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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CE 34000Hydraulics1.
CE 29700Basic Mechanics I (Statics)
CE 22200Life Cycle Engineering And Management Of Constructed Facilities34221
CE 29800Basic Mechanics II Dynamics12231
CE 31100Architectural Engineering43431
CE 32201Project Control And Life Cycle Execution Of Constructed Facilities33231
CE 55000Physico-Chemical Processes In Environmental Engineering I52551
CE 20300Principles And Practice Of Geomatics32441
CE 39800Introduction To Civil Engineering Systems Design34231
CE 27000Introductory Structural Mechanics00000
CE 29100Civil Engineering Practice II00000
CE 30300Engineering Surveying00000
CE 33100Engineering Materials II00000
CE 34300Elementary Hydraulics Laboratory00000
CE 35000Introduction To Environmental And Ecological Engineering00000
CE 35300Physico-Chemical Principles Of Environmental Engineering00000
CE 37100Structural Analysis I00000
CE 38299Professional Practice Co-Op II00000
CE 39100Civil Engineering Practice III00000
CE 39700Undergraduate Professional Internship00000
CE 40300Principles Of Photogrammetry And Remote Sensing00000
CE 42600Construction Cost Control Concepts00000
CE 44300Introductory Environmental Fluid Mechanics00000
CE 46100Roadway And Pavement Design00000
CE 47300Reinforced Concrete Design00000
CE 48300Geotechnical Engineering II00000
CE 49700Civil Engineering Projects00000
CE 51200The Comprehensive Urban Planning Process00000
CE 51501Building Energy Audits00000
CE 52200Computer Applications In Construction00000
CE 52700Analytical Methods For The Design Of Construction Operations Sem. 100000
CE 54000Open Channel Hydraulics00000
CE 54400Subsurface Hydrology00000
CE 54700Transport Processes In Surface Waters00000
CE 55700Air Quality Management00000
CE 56100Transportation Systems Evaluation00000
CE 56500Traffic Engineering: Operations And Controls00000
CE 56800Highway Infrastructure Management Systems00000
CE 57300Structural Dynamics00000
CE 57900Structural Stability00000
CE 58700Soil Dynamics00000
CE 59300Environmental Geotechnology00000
CE 59500Finite Elements In Elasticity00000
CE 61400Statistical And Econometric Methods I00000
CE 66100Algorithms In Transportation00000
CE 67401Bridge Engineering00000
CE 68100Engineering Properties Of Soils00000
CE 68500Rock Mechanics00000
CE 69100Civil Engineering Seminar00000
CE 69700Civil Engineering Projects00000
CE 23100Engineering Materials I00000
CE 29000Civil Engineering Seminar00000
CE 29202Contemporary Issues In Civil Engineering00000
CE 30600Analysis Of Survey Observations00000
CE 33300Civil Engineering Materials00000
CE 34100Hydraulics, Hydrology, And Drainage00000
CE 34400Drainage Design Laboratory00000
CE 35200Biological Principles Of Environmental Engineering00000
CE 35500Engineering Environmental Sustainability00000
CE 38300Geotechnical Engineering I00000
CE 39201Technical Communication In Civil Engineering00000
CE 39499Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op IV00000
CE 39699Professional Practice Internship00000
CE 40800Geographic Information Systems In Engineering00000
CE 41400Building Mechanical And Electrical System Design00000
CE 44000Urban Hydraulics00000
CE 45600Water And Wastewater Treatment00000
CE 46300Highway Transportation Characteristics00000
CE 47400Structural Analysis II00000
CE 49100Civil Engineering Practice IV00000
CE 49800Civil Engineering Design Project00000
CE 51300Lighting In Buildings00000
CE 52000Construction Project Control Systems00000
CE 52400Legal Aspects In Engineering Practice00000
CE 53000Properties And Production Of Concrete00000
CE 53800Experimental Methods In Construction Materials Research00000
CE 54300Coastal Engineering00000
CE 56000Public Mass Transportation00000
CE 56300Airport Design00000
CE 56600Transportation Planning00000
CE 57000Advanced Structural Mechanics00000
CE 57200Prestressed Concrete Design00000
CE 57600Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design00000
CE 58400Foundation Analysis And Design00000
CE 59200Plastic Design Of Steel Structures00000
CE 59700Civil Engineering Projects00000
CE 61200Physical Geodesy00000
CE 63100Advanced Concrete And Aggregates00000
CE 67200Advanced Topics In Structural Engineering00000
CE 67600Behavior Of Reinforced Concrete Members00000
CE 68400Geological Engineering00000
CE 68901Plasticity Theory00000
CE 69800Research MS Thesis00000
CE 19100Civil Engineering Practice I00000
CE 29199Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op I00000
CE 29299Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op II00000
CE 29900Civil Engineering Projects00000
CE 36100Transportation Engineering00000
CE 38199Professional Practice Co-Op I00000
CE 38399Professional Practice Co-Op III00000
CE 39399Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op III00000
CE 39599Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op V00000
CE 41300Building Envelope Design And Thermal Loads00000
CE 42400Human Resource Management In Construction00000
CE 44200Introduction To Hydrology00000
CE 45700Air Pollution Control And Design00000
CE 47000Structural Steel Design00000
CE 47900Design Of Building Components And Systems00000
CE 49200Civil Engineering Practice V00000
CE 49900Research In Civil Engineering00000
CE 51401Building Controls00000
CE 52100Construction Business Management00000
CE 52300Selection And Utilization Of Construction Equipment00000
CE 52600Construction Of Temporary Facilities00000
CE 53500Bituminous Materials And Mixtures00000
CE 54200Hydrology00000
CE 54500Sediment Transport Engineering00000
CE 54900Computational Watershed Hydrology00000
CE 55900Water Quality Modeling00000
CE 56200Geometric Design Of Highways00000
CE 56700Highway Traffic And Safety Analysis00000
CE 57100Earthquake Engineering00000
CE 57500Experimental Methods In Structural Engineering00000
CE 58000Advanced Geotechnical Engineering00000
CE 58300Slopes And Retaining Structures00000
CE 59100Advanced Structural Steel Design00000
CE 59400Transportation Systems Analysis00000
CE 59800Graduate Professional Internship00000
CE 61500Statistical And Econometric Methods II00000
CE 67100Behavior Of Metal Structures00000
CE 67500Finite Element Analysis00000
CE 68200Ground Water And Seepage00000
CE 68600Underground Construction00000
CE 69500Probabilistic Methods In Geotechnical Engineering00000
CE 69900Research PhD Thesis00000