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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ABE 20500Computations For Engineering Systems53551
ABE 30500Physical Properties Of Biological Materials43451
ABE 29299Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op II00000
ABE 30400Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory00000
ABE 30800Heat And Mass Transfer In Food And Biological Systems00000
ABE 31400Design Of Electronic Systems00000
ABE 33600All Terrain Vehicle Design00000
ABE 39399Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op III00000
ABE 39699Professional Practice Internship00000
ABE 45000Finite Element Method In Design And Optimization00000
ABE 48400Project Planning And Management00000
ABE 49000Professional Practice In Agricultural And Biological Engineering00000
ABE 49800Undergraduate Research In Agricultural And Biological Engineering00000
ABE 52700Computer Models In Environmental And Natural Resources Engineering00000
ABE 55600Biological And Food Process Design00000
ABE 58000Process Engineering Of Renewable Resources00000
ABE 65100Environmental Informatics00000
ABE 69400Graduate Research Training00000
ABE 69800Research MS Thesis00000
ABE 20100Thermodynamics In Biological Systems I00000
ABE 21000Thermodynamics Principles Of Engineering And Biological Systems00000
ABE 29000Sophomore Seminar00000
ABE 30100Numerical And Computational Modeling In Biological Engineering00000
ABE 31000Thermodynamics Of Food And Biological Systems00000
ABE 32500Soil And Water Resource Engineering00000
ABE 37000Biological/Microbial Kinetics And Reaction Engineering00000
ABE 38299Professional Practice Co-Op II00000
ABE 39599Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op V00000
ABE 44000Cell And Molecular Design Principles00000
ABE 46000Sensors And Process Control00000
ABE 48500Agricultural Engineering Project Management And Design00000
ABE 49500Select Topics In Agricultural And Biological Engineering00000
ABE 50100Welding Engineering00000
ABE 52500Irrigation Management And Design00000
ABE 53100Instrumentation And Data Acquisition00000
ABE 55500Biological And Food Processing Unit Operations00000
ABE 55800Process Design For Food And Biological Systems00000
ABE 59000Special Problems00000
ABE 62600Life Of A Faculty Entrepreneur; Discovery, Delivery, Translation00000
ABE 68000Bioseparations And Bioprocess Engineering:Principles, Practice And Economics00000
ABE 69700Doctoral Professional Development00000
ABE 20200Thermodynamics In Biological Systems II00000
ABE 28100Professional Internship00000
ABE 29199Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op I00000
ABE 30300Applications Of Physical Chemistry To Biological Processes00000
ABE 30700Momentum Transfer In Food And Biological Systems00000
ABE 32000Solid Modeling, Simulation, And Analysis00000
ABE 33000Design Of Machine Components00000
ABE 38199Professional Practice Coop I00000
ABE 38399Professional Practice Co-Op III00000
ABE 39499Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op IV00000
ABE 43500Hydraulic Control Systems For Mobile Equipment00000
ABE 45700Transport Operations In Food And Biological Engineering I00000
ABE 48600Agricultural Engineering Design00000
ABE 49900Thesis Research00000
ABE 52200Ecohydrology00000
ABE 52900Nonpoint Source Pollution Engineering00000
ABE 54500Design Of Off-Highway Vehicles00000
ABE 55700Transport Operations In Food And Biological Systems II00000
ABE 56000Biosensors: Fundamentals and Applications00000
ABE 59100Special Topics00000
ABE 62700Colloidal Phenomena In Bioprocessing00000
ABE 69100Special Topics00000
ABE 69600Graduate Seminar00000
ABE 69900Research PhD Thesis00000