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PSU Shenango Course Reviews

Penn State Shenango

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSYCH 422Human Sexuality00000
ENGL 194Women Writers00000
AMST 196Introduction To American Folklore00000
MKTG 301WPrinciples Of Marketing00000
CRIMJ 495Internship In Criminal Justice00000
OT 105Group Process Across The Lifespan00000
BA 321Contemporary Skills For Business Professionals00000
HDFS 129Introduction To Human Development And Family Studies00000
BISC 3Environmental Science00000
HDFS 497Special Topics00000
MATH 22College Algebra II And Analytic Geometry00000
HDFS 311Human Development And Family Studies Interventions00000
NURS 357Introduction To Nursing Informatics00000
OT 100Structural Foundations Of Occupational Therapy00000
CRIMJ 240Field Research In The Criminal Justice00000
SPAN 1Elementary Spanish I00000
PT 270WPathophysiology00000
CHEM 108Problem Solving In Chemistry00000
HDFS 229Infant And Child Development00000
HDFS 494Research Project00000
HDFS 418Family Relationships00000
CRIMJ 100Introduction To Criminal Justice00000
AMST 105American Popular Culture And Folklife00000
ENGL 202AEffective Writing: Writing In The Social Sciences00000
KINES 13First Aid, Personal Safety, And Cpr00000
INTST 100Introduction To International Studies00000
HDFS 431Family Disorganization: Stress Points In The Contemporary Fa...00000
MGMT 341Human Resource Management00000
MGMT 301Basic Management Concepts00000
CAS 100BEffective Speech00000
NURS 460Advanced Concepts In Clinical Nursing Informatics00000
NURS 465Health Concepts For Adults With Complex Health Care Needs00000
OT 195ALevel I Fieldwork Experience00000
ENGL 15Rhetoric And Composition00000
PT 290Professional Issues In Clinical Practice00000
PSU 8First-Year Seminar University College00000
ACCTG 211Financial And Managerial Accounting For Decision Making00000
ENGL 4Basic Writing Skills00000
BIOL 129Mammalian Anatomy00000
SOC 1Introductory Sociology00000
CRIMJ 441The Juvenile Justice System00000
CAS 297Special Topics00000
HDFS 239Adolescent Development00000
BA 322Negotiation Skills For Business Professionals00000
HIST 121History Of The Holocaust 1933-194500000
HDFS 401Project Planning, Implementation, And Evaluation In The Huma...00000
CHEM 101Introductory Chemistry00000
HDFS 440Family Policy00000
CRIMJ 407Victimology00000
CHEM 111Experimental Chemistry I00000
EDSGN 100Introduction To Engineering Design00000
INART 115The Popular Arts In America: Popular Music00000
GEOSC 10Geology Of The National Parks00000
ART 50Introduction To Painting00000
HDFS 414Resolving Human Development And Family Problems00000
MATH 4Intermediate Algebra00000
IB 303International Business Operations00000
HDFS 495CProfessional Practicum In Human Services00000
MGMT 215Entrepreneurial Mindset00000
KINES 82Action Methods For Stress Management00000
BIOL 110Biology: Basic Concepts And Biodiversity00000
MATH 140Calculus With Analytic Geometry I00000
MIS 404Introduction To Erp And Business Processes00000
MGMT 425New Venture Creation00000
ECON 104Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis And Policy00000
NURS 390Transition And The Professional Nursing Role00000
NURS 458Ethical Challenges In Healthcare Informatics00000
NURS 475Integrated Concepts In Nursing Practice00000
CHEM 110Chemical Principles I00000
OT 107Activity Analysis: Assistive Technologies And Methods Of Ada...00000
NUTR 251Introductory Principles Of Nutrition00000
PHIL 103Introduction To Ethics00000
BIOL 240WBiology: Function And Development Of Organisms00000
PT 160Therapeutic Exercise I00000
OT 295AField Experience In Occupational Therapy I00000
SCM 301Supply Chain Management00000
CRIMJ 494Research Topics00000
THEA 105Introduction To Theatre00000
PT 100Physical Therapist Assistant--Introduction00000
ART 20Introduction To Drawing00000
FRNSC 100Introduction To Forensic Science00000
BA 494Research Project00000
RLST 1Introduction To World Religions00000
CAS 203Interpersonal Communication00000
ENGL 419Advanced Business Writing00000
CRIMJ 230Corrections In America00000
STAT 200Elementary Statistics00000
ECON 481Business Forecasting Techniques00000
ARTH 112Renaissance To Modern Art00000
GEOG 1Global Parks And Sustainability00000
ART 80Introduction To Ceramics00000
HDFS 402Human Services Seminar00000
HDFS 315YFamily Development00000
BA 495BUndergraduate Research In Business00000
ART 3Visual Images On The Web00000
BA 495ABusiness Internship00000
CRIMJ 290Introduction To Internship Experience00000
BA 420Preparation For Career Management00000
MATH 35General View Of Mathematics00000
HIST 155American Business History00000