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PSU Lehigh Valley Course Reviews

Penn State Lehigh Valley

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 140Calculus With Analytic Geometry I00000
ART 3Visual Images On The Web00000
APLNG 493Teaching English As A Second Language00000
HSSCI 6001CClinical: Fund Of Practical Nursing00000
CC 401Internal Communication00000
PSYCH 212Introduction To Developmental Psychology00000
PSYCH 261Introduction To Psychology Of Learning00000
HPA 332Health Systems Management00000
BA 322Negotiation Skills For Business Professionals00000
IST 230Language, Logic, And Discrete Mathematics00000
HIST 20American Civilization To 187700000
COMM 472Public Relations Event Planning00000
MGMT 355Leadership And Change In Organizations00000
IST 495Internship00000
FIN 301Corporation Finance00000
MKTG 301WPrinciples Of Marketing00000
RHS 402Children And Families In Rehabilitation Settings And Human S...00000
SCM 320Transport Systems00000
CI 495FProfessional Development Practicum00000
BA 421Project Management00000
HSSCI 6001LFundamentals Of Practical Nursing00000
BIOL 129Mammalian Anatomy00000
CMPSC 360Discrete Mathematics For Computer Science00000
CMPEN 275Digital Design Laboratory00000
IST 421Advanced Enterprise Integration: Technologies And Applicatio...00000
FRNSC 100Introduction To Forensic Science00000
EDUC 452Teaching Writing00000
MATH 251Ordinary And Partial Differential Equations00000
HPA 390Professional Development In Health Policy & Administration00000
ENGL 15Rhetoric And Composition00000
IST 261Application Development Design Studio I00000
NUTR 251Introductory Principles Of Nutrition00000
MATH 10Preparation Skills For Success In Mathematics00000
CHEM 111Experimental Chemistry I00000
MGMT 321Leadership And Motivation00000
PSYCH 456Advanced Cognitive Psychology00000
PHYS 212General Physics: Electricity And Magnetism00000
HIST 12History Of Pennsylvania00000
RHS 301Introduction To Counseling As A Profession00000
SOILS 101Introductory Soil Science00000
STAT 200Elementary Statistics00000
BBH 101Introduction To Biobehavioral Health00000
ARTSA 403Fundraising And Grant Writing00000
ARTSA 301Introduction To Arts Administration00000
BIOL 3Peer Learning In Biology00000
CMPEN 496Independent Studies00000
BA 495ABusiness Internship00000
IST 110Information, People And Technology00000
CAS 100AEffective Speech00000
BIOL 230WBiology: Molecules And Cells00000
CI 295Introductory Field Experience For Teacher Preparation00000
IST 302It Project Management00000
CMPSC 221Object Oriented Programming With Web-Based Applications00000
COMM 5803The Media And Public Relations00000
ECON 104Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis And Policy00000
KINES 68Strength Training00000
ENGL 409Composition Theory And Practice For Teachers00000
EMCH 211Statics00000
MATH 110Techniques Of Calculus I00000
GEOSC 10Geology Of The National Parks00000
EDUC 463Teaching With Modern Web Technologies00000
HPA 210Health Care Payment00000
MGMT 301Basic Management Concepts00000
HPA 442Long-Term Care Management00000
CC 495AInternship In Corporate Communication00000
IST 140Introduction To Application Development00000
MKTG 310Public Relations And Marketing00000
IST 331Foundations Of Human-Centered Design00000
ENGL 202DEffective Writing: Business Writing00000
KINES 77Yoga 100000
PHYS 250Introductory Physics I00000
MATH 26Plane Trigonometry00000
BA 420Preparation For Career Management00000
MATSE 81Materials In Today's World00000
PSYCH 270Introduction To Abnormal Psychology00000
MGMT 425New Venture Creation00000
GEOSC 20Planet Earth00000
NUTR 100Contemporary Nutrition Concerns00000
RHS 100Introduction To Disability Culture00000
PSYCH 100Introductory Psychology00000
CHNS 3Level Two Chinese A00000
PSYCH 494Research Projects00000
SCM 301Supply Chain Management00000
RHS 403Medical Aspects Of Disability00000
HPA 57Consumer Choices In Health Care00000
SPAN 1Elementary Spanish I00000
SRA 111Introduction To Security And Risk Analysis00000
AMST 100Introduction To American Studies00000
ARTSA 401Arts Event Planning And Project Management00000
ART 80Introduction To Ceramics00000
ART 40Introduction To Printmaking00000
BA 243Social, Legal, And Ethical Environment Of Business00000
HPA 420Principles Of Managed Care00000
ARTSA 495BOn Campus Internship In Arts Administration00000
ART 20Introduction To Drawing00000
ASTRO 1Astronomical Universe00000
CAS 352Organizational Communication00000
ECON 481Business Forecasting Techniques00000
MATH 4Intermediate Algebra00000
ENGL 30Honors Freshman Composition00000