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PSU Harrisburg Course Reviews

Penn State Harrisburg

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EET 431Advanced Electronic Design00000
GER 3Intermediate German00000
COMM 168American Journalism: Values, Traditions, And Practices00000
EDUC 563Methods In Teaching Reading00000
CRIMJ 12Criminology00000
CE 543Prestressed Concrete Behavior And Design00000
ENVE 417Hydraulic Design00000
BIOL 296Independent Studies00000
COMM 495AInternship00000
BISC 4Human Body: Form And Function00000
EDUC 416Teaching Secondary English And The Humanities00000
CRIMJ 500Advanced Criminological Theory00000
CE 341Design Of Concrete Structures00000
EE 481Control Systems00000
BESC 370Community Psychology00000
ENGL 202CEffective Writing: Technical Writing00000
CMPSC 414Contest Programming00000
FIN 302Introductory Financial Modeling00000
AMST 540Ethnography And Society00000
HDFS 312Empirical Inquiry In Human Development00000
BIOL 494Research Project00000
COMMS 568Media Production Workshop00000
AMST 611Ph.D. Dissertation Part-Time00000
CRIMJ 345Criminal Justice And The Community00000
BUS 596Individual Studies00000
EDUC 315Social And Cultural Factors In Education00000
ECON 104Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis And Policy00000
CE 333Construction Management I00000
EDUC 490Student Teaching00000
ASTRO 1Astronomical Universe00000
EE 314Signals And Circuits II00000
CE 423Traffic Operations00000
EE 596Individual Studies00000
AMST 196Introduction To American Folklore00000
ENGL 6Creative Writing Common Time00000
CHEM 1Molecular Science00000
ENGL 455Topics In British Literature00000
BIOL 129Mammalian Anatomy00000
ESL 5Writing Tutorial00000
CMPSY 519Research Methods I00000
FR 1Elementary French I00000
ACCTG 495Internship00000
HADM 595Internship00000
COMM 374Audio Production00000
HDFS 428Infant Development00000
AMST 596Individual Studies00000
COMM 597Special Topics00000
BIOTC 459Plant Tissue Culture And Biotechnology00000
COMP 520Artificial Intelligence00000
ADTED 550Qualitative Research In Adult Education00000
CRIMJ 220Courts And The Prosecution Process00000
BUS 510Business Analytics And Decision Modeling00000
CRIMJ 465Ethics In Criminal Justice00000
ARMY 301Advanced Principles Of Leadership And Management00000
CRIMJ 595Internship00000
CAS 100SEffective Speech00000
EDUC 303Inclusive Practices In General Education Classrooms00000
EDLDR 595Internship00000
CE 321Highway Engineering00000
EDUC 402Early Learning: Language And Concept Development00000
ARTH 100Introduction To Art00000
EDUC 468Language Acquisition For English As A Second Language Teache...00000
CE 335Engineering Mechanics Of Soils00000
EDUC 505Curriculum Foundations00000
AMST 104Women And The American Experience00000
EDUC 587Master's Project00000
CE 360Fluid Mechanics00000
EE 406Electrical Engineering Capstone Design00000
BA 242Social And Ethical Environment Of Business00000
EE 500Colloquium00000
CE 447Structural Analysis By Matrix Methods00000
EET 408Communication System Design00000
ACCTG 432Accounting Information Systems00000
EMCH 524AMathematical Methods In Engineering00000
CET 430Structural Analysis00000
ENGL 50Introduction To Creative Writing00000
BIOL 11Introductory Biology I00000
ENGL 212Introduction To Fiction Writing00000
CHEM 112Chemical Principles II00000
ENGL 497Special Topics00000
AMST 476American Women Writers00000
ENVE 550Chemical Fate And Transport00000
CMPSC 487Software Engineering And Design00000
ET 321Dynamics00000
BIOL 220WBiology: Populations And Communities00000
FIN 420Investment And Portfolio Analysis00000
COMM 110Media And Democracy00000
FRNSC 210Essential Practices Of Forensic Science00000
ABA 595Internship00000
HADM 541Health Economics And Policy00000
COMM 260News Writing And Reporting00000
HDFS 229Infant And Child Development00000
BIOL 433Evolution Of Vertebrates00000
COMM 454Documentary In Film And Television00000
ABA 522Single Subject Research00000
ACCTG 211Financial And Managerial Accounting For Decision Making00000
ADTED 610Thesis Research Off Campus00000
ART 20Introduction To Drawing00000
CE 254Personal & Occupational Safety00000
EDPSY 101Analysis And Interpretation Of Statistical Data In Education00000