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PSU Great Valley Course Reviews

Penn State Great Valley

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ACCTG 511Financial And Managerial Accounting00000
BUSAD 511New Ventures 100000
BUSAD 525Quantitative Methods In Finance00000
BUSAD 530Biotechnology And Health Industry Overview00000
BUSAD 551Business, Ethics, And Society00000
BUSAD 802Cornerstone Of Sustainability00000
ENGMT 510Economics And Financial Studies For Engineers00000
FIN 506Portfolio Theory And Policy00000
IB 500International Business Management00000
INSC 539It Systems Seminar00000
LEAD 561Dynamic Communication In Leadership Contexts00000
OPMGT 510Operations Management00000
SWENG 826Applied Human-Computer Interaction00000
SYSEN 555Invention And Creative Design00000
BUSAD 501Statistical Analysis For Managerial Decision Making00000
BUSAD 526Current Issues In Corporate Finance00000
BUSAD 537Management Information Systems00000
BUSAD 555Full Range Leadership Development00000
BUSAD 578Managing Business Processes00000
DAAN 825Large-Scale Database And Warehouse00000
FIN 505Multinational Managerial Finance00000
FIN 531Financial Management00000
INSC 526Business Process Management And Integration00000
LEAD 555Full Range Leadership Development00000
MGMT 571Strategic Management00000
STAT 500Applied Statistics00000
SYSEN 536Decision And Risk Analysis In Engineering00000
SYSEN 596Individual Studies00000
ACCTG 512Financial Accounting Theory And Reporting Problems00000
BUSAD 523Prices And Markets00000
BUSAD 528Mergers And Acquisitions00000
BUSAD 545Negotiation Strategies00000
BUSAD 576Ethical Issues In Information Technology00000
BUSAD 835Commercialization Of Biopharmacueticals00000
DAAN 881Data-Driven Decision Making00000
ENGMT 539Engineering Management Strategy00000
FIN 508Analysis Of Financial Markets00000
INSC 521Database Design Concepts00000
LEAD 501Leadership Across The Lifespan00000
MGMT 501Behavioral Science In Business00000
MKTG 500Marketing Management00000
SWENG 500Software Engineering Studio00000
SYSEN 550Creativity And Problem Solving I00000
SYSEN 594Research Topics00000