PSU Altoona Course Reviews

Penn State Altoona

HDFS 401Project Planning, Implementation, And Evaluation In The Huma...00000
IST 495Internship00000
DANCE 485Contemporary Dance Repertory00000
FR 1Elementary French I00000
EMET 403Electromechanical Design Project Preparation00000
CRIMJ 100Introduction To Criminal Justice00000
HIST 174The History Of Traditional East Asia00000
CHEM 1Molecular Science00000
EDTHP 297Special Topics00000
CHEM 395Chemistry Teacher Assistant Training00000
ENGL 496Independent Studies00000
ENGL 180Literature And The Natural World00000
COMM 160Basic News Writing Skills00000
GEOSC 20Planet Earth00000
BISC 4Human Body: Form And Function00000
HIST 20American Civilization To 187700000
CRIMJ 497Special Topics00000
INART 115The Popular Arts In America: Popular Music00000
BA 495BUndergraduate Research In Business00000
KINES 202Functional Human Anatomy00000
CHEM 113Experimental Chemistry II00000
EGEE 101Energy And The Environment00000
BIOL 129Mammalian Anatomy00000
ENGL 4Basic Writing Skills00000
CI 405Strategies In Classroom Management00000
ENGL 419Advanced Business Writing00000
ENGL 209Journal Or Magazine Practicum00000
CNED 100Effective Career Decision-Making00000
ENTR 497Special Topics00000
BIOL 495Internship In Biology00000
GEOG 20Human Geography: An Introduction00000
COMM 374Audio Production00000
HDFS 229Infant And Child Development00000
BA 250Small Business Management00000
HIST 1The Western Heritage I00000
CRIMJ 441The Juvenile Justice System00000
HIST 112Introduction To Public History00000
CAS 100AEffective Speech00000
IB 303International Business Operations00000
DANCE 240Jazz Dance00000
IST 110Information, People And Technology00000
ART 168The Digital Medium00000
KINES 77Yoga 100000
ECON 104Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis And Policy00000
KINES 321Psychology Of Movement Behavior00000
BBH 101Introduction To Biobehavioral Health00000
EET 114Electrical Circuits II00000
CHEM 221Quantitative Analysis00000
EMCH 211Statics00000
ART 365Themes And Issues I00000
EMET 430Programmable Logic Controls II00000
CI 295Introductory Field Experience For Teacher Preparation00000
ENGL 50Introduction To Creative Writing00000
BIOL 141Introductory Physiology00000
ENGL 202DEffective Writing: Business Writing00000
CI 495FProfessional Development Practicum00000
ENGL 297Special Topics00000
ENGL 221British Literature To 179800000
CMPSC 101Introduction To C++ Programming00000
ENGL 487Senior Seminar00000
BIOL 412Ecology Of Infectious Diseases00000
ENTR 300Principles Of Entrepreneurship00000
COMM 100The Mass Media And Society00000
ENVST 395Internship00000
AYFCE 211Foundations: Civic And Community Engagement00000
FRNSC 100Introduction To Forensic Science00000
COMM 269Photojournalism00000
GEOG 160Mapping Our Changing World00000
BISC 1Structure And Function Of Organisms00000
GER 3Intermediate German00000
COMM 470BConvergent Media News Service: Tv00000
HDFS 301Values And Ethics In Health And Human Development Profession...00000
ART 40Introduction To Printmaking00000
HDFS 418Family Relationships00000
CRIMJ 230Corrections In America00000
HIST 10World History I00000
CAMS 100Ancient Greece00000
HIST 103The History Of Madness, Mental Illness, And Psychiatry00000
CRIMJ 469Drugs And Drug Policy In The United States00000
HIST 120Europe Since 184800000
BA 421Project Management00000
HIST 453American Environmental History00000
DANCE 100Dance Appreciation00000
INART 1The Arts00000
CE 310Surveying00000
INART 494Research Projects00000
DANCE 270Introduction To Bartenieff Fundamentals00000
IST 302It Project Management00000
ACCTG 471Intermediate Financial Accounting I00000
KINES 61Fitness Theory And Practice00000
ECE 479The Young Child's Play As Educative Processes00000
KINES 126The Health Program For The Elementary School Child00000
CHEM 110Chemical Principles I00000
EDPSY 101Analysis And Interpretation Of Statistical Data In Education00000
ACCTG 211Financial And Managerial Accounting For Decision Making00000
ART 3Visual Images On The Web00000
ASTRO 1Astronomical Universe00000
BIOL 230WBiology: Molecules And Cells00000
CMPEN 271Introduction To Digital Systems00000
ENGL 234Sports, Ethics, And Literature00000