PSU Course Reviews

Plymouth State University

BI 2040Vertebrate Zoology00000
BI 5810University Biology Teaching00000
AR 3295Printmaking: Cut, Carve, Etch00000
AT 5470Therapeutic Intervention I00000
AR 4510Painting: Special Problems00000
AP 3710Adapted Adventure Programming00000
BI 4610Environmental Internship00000
AHS 2100Pre-Professional Observation Experience00000
AR 40252D Studio Capstone00000
AN 3115Environmental Anthropology: Culture, Ecology, and Conservati...00000
AT 5255Intro to Burdenko Conditioning00000
AT 1010Introduction to Athletic Training00000
AP 3310Lead Rock Climbing00000
AT 5800Current Issues in Athletic Training00000
AH 3105Contemporary Art Seminar00000
BI 3060Genetics00000
AR 1065Art Foundations 3D: Materials and Meaning00000
BI 5105Biology Colloquium00000
AG 3530History of Graphic Design00000
BU 2040Foundations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship00000
AN 2100Foundations of Anthropology00000
AR 4080Painting: Advanced Concepts00000
AG 4200UX/UI: Digital Identity00000
AR 4900Art and Design Capstone00000
AN 3215ST: Experimental Anthropology00000
AT 4800Clinical Athletic Training IV00000
AT 3250Injury Assessment I00000
AP 3101Immersion Wilderness Expedition00000
AT 5410Lower Extremity Assessment00000
AH 1230Foundations of Art History: Prehistory to 140000000
AT 5700Instructional Strategies in Burdenko Conditioning00000
AP 3401Immersion Wilderness First Responder00000
AT 6100Advanced Practicum in Athletic Training00000
AG 3050Digital Multimedia Design00000
BI 2270Integrative Biology00000
AP 3959ST: Sea Kayaking00000
BI 4050Ecology00000
AH 4880Art History Internship00000
BI 4800Current Environmental Issues00000
AR 3125Painting II: Thematic Exploration00000
BI 5185Molecular Biology00000
AE 3100Curriculum and Assessment for Art Education00000
BIDI 1400Plagues and Peoples00000
AR 3570The Art of Sustainability00000
BU 2262Management Accounting00000
AG 3650PSU Student Design Company Internship00000
AR 4075Drawing III: Advanced Concepts00000
AN 3030Ancient Egypt Land of the Pharaohs00000
AR 4125Thesis II: Multi-Media00000
AE 4960Art Education Internship in Teaching: Secondary Component00000
AR 4560Special Problems in Drawing00000
AN 3200Anthropology of Religion, Ritual, and Myth00000
ARDI 1300Myths, Masks, and Identity00000
AG 4380Graphic Design V00000
AT 2750Clinical Athletic Training I00000
ANDI 2200The Science of Archaeology00000
AT 4100Administration of Athletic Training00000
AT 3280Injury Assessment Laboratory II00000
AP 2400Canoe Paddling Fundamentals00000
AT 5100Athletic Training Administration00000
AH 1140Art History Foundations: Visual Culture00000
AT 5320Fundamentals in AT Ed Instruction II00000
AP 3201Immersion Human-Nature Relationship00000
AT 5440Athletic Training Administration00000
AE 5700Curriculum Development and Assessment in the Arts00000
AT 5500Modalities in Sports Medicine00000
AP 3400Wilderness First Responder00000
AT 5770Practicum in Athletic Training III00000
AH 270020/21: Art Since 190000000
AT 5830Clinical Athletic Training III00000
AP 3510Outdoor Skills Clinical00000
BI 1110Biological Science I00000
AE 2000Foundations of Art Education00000
BI 2120Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
AP 3880Adventure Education Practicum00000
BI 3035Biochemistry I00000
AH 3735Gender, Representation, and the Visual Arts00000
BI 3240Conservation00000
AP 4880Adventure Education Internship00000
BI 4170Ecology and Development00000
AG 3200Imagery00000
BI 4765Animal Behavior00000
AR 2070Professional Practice: Matting and Framing00000
BI 4970Biology Seminar00000
AHDI 1210Exploring Art: Revelations and Revolutions00000
BI 5150Animal Physiology00000
AR 3220Foundations of Ceramics: Exploration00000
BI 5560ST: Research Methods in R00000
AD 5330Leadership in Curriculum Development and Assessment00000
BIDI 1100Personal Health and Immunity00000
AR 3520Drawing: Advanced00000
BU 1100Business Computer Applications00000
AHS 3300Epidemiology and Evidenced Based Medicine00000
AR 3940Advanced Multi-Disciplinary Studio00000
AD 5010Organizational Leadership in Schools00000
AD 5800Practicum in Educational Leadership: The Principalship00000
AE 5060Pedagogy and Planning in Secondary Level Art Education00000
AG 4900Internship00000
AP 2210Adventure Education Teaching Theories and Methods00000
AT 3760Clinical Athletic Training II00000