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PSU Course Reviews

Plymouth State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
LLDI 2450Creating Language00000
MA 4350Probability Theory00000
BU 5060Business Graduate Internship00000
IT 1070Conversational Italian II00000
BU 5420Health Care Law and Ethics00000
BU 4210Auditing Practice00000
MA 2450Mathematical Reasoning00000
BU 3240Information Technology00000
BU 5192Advanced Financial Accounting00000
BU 3360Marketing Research00000
IS 3080Welcoming Immigrants to New Hampshire: Cross-cultural Fieldw...00000
BU 5700Marketing Techniques00000
BU 4050Incubation Business Launch00000
LL 2950American Sign Language I00000
BU 3100Financial Modeling00000
MA 1200Elementary Algebra00000
BU 4530Small Business/Entrepreneurship Finance and Accounting Metho...00000
MA 3230College Geometries00000
BU 1500Financial Reporting and Analysis00000
MA 4986Internship in Mathematics Teaching Seminar00000
BU 3291Medical Sales: Practicum00000
BU 5227Accounting Information Systems00000
BU 2262Management Accounting00000
BU 5590Budgeting and Fund Accounting00000
BU 3420Organizational Behavior00000
IS 1750ST: US Hispanic Culture-UNH00000
ID 5010Introduction to Instructional Design00000
BU 3550Investment Principles00000
IS 4425Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Seminar00000
BU 2480Business Law I00000
LIDI 2955Language Acquisition00000
BU 4100Accounting Information Systems00000
LL 5010Grad Practicum in TESOL00000
BIDI 2050Plants and Society00000
LM 5030Resource Selection & Instruction00000
BU 4330Sales Management00000
MA 2130Precalculus00000
BU 3170Income Taxes00000
MA 2700Introduction to Mathematical Proof Writing00000
BU 4700Small Business/Entrepreneurship Capstone00000
MA 3540Calculus III00000
BI 5950Thesis Research Biology00000
MA 4966Internship in Mathematics Teaching (5-8)00000
BU 5120Financial Analysis00000
ME 1100Introduction to Music Education00000
BU 2090ST: Social Entrepreneurship II00000
BU 5220The Legal Environment of Business00000
BU 3340Consumer Behavior00000
BU 5360Social Media Marketing00000
BIDI 1090Curiosity and the Nature of New Hampshire00000
BU 5490Capstone: Health Care Topics00000
BU 3380Business Innovation00000
BU 5630Policy Topics: Applied Project00000
BU 2310Creating a Website to Market a Business/Organization00000
BU 5820Women As Leaders00000
BU 3450Sports Marketing00000
IS 1404Ascent Project00000
IP 4425Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Seminar00000
BU 3485Digital Marketing00000
IS 2225Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies00000
BU 2450Principles of Marketing00000
IS 4220Signature Project00000
BU 3720Career Development00000
ISDI 2000Making Sense of Madness "Madness": Numbers and Narratives00000
BIDI 2010Human Biology I00000
LIDI 2455Creating Language00000
BU 4090ST: Tax Practice Institute00000
LL 1023Academic Writing for English Language Learners00000
BU 3040ST: Marketing: Negotiations00000
LL 5005Foundations of TESOL Methodology00000
BU 4150Auditing00000
LLDI 2200Modern Latin American Literature00000
BI 5810University Biology Teaching00000
LM 1010Copyright for Content Creators00000
BU 4250Marketing Management00000
LM 5300Advanced Children and Young Adult Literature00000
BU 3122Intermediate Accounting II00000
MA 1900Statistical Literacy in Today's Society00000
BU 4390Seminar in Finance00000
MA 2300Statistics I00000
BU 1100Business Computer Applications00000
MA 2500Applied Calculus II00000
BU 4620Business Internship00000
MA 3120Linear Algebra00000
BU 3210Financial Management00000
MA 3355Introduction to Mathematical Modeling00000
BU 4850Plymouth Marketing and Design Agency00000
MA 4040Teaching and Learning Mathematics for Secondary and Middle S...00000
BI 5200Methods in Biostatistical Analysis00000
MA 4910Introduction to Analysis-KSC00000
BU 5075Foundations of Management and Strategy00000
MA 4976Internship in Mathematics Teaching (7-12)00000
BU 3281Medical Sales: Introduction to Basic Sales Concepts00000
BU 5180Exploring Personal and Organizational Health00000
BI 5100Biology Colloquium00000
BI 5600Current Environmental Issues00000
BIDI 1320Biology Core Concepts: Cells, Genes, and Biotechnology00000
BU 2330Storytelling with Data00000
BU 3470Small Business Law and Human Resources00000
IS 1401Ascent Writing00000