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Principia Course Reviews

Principia College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EDST 253Dynamic Learning Communities00000
ENGL 400Capstone in Literature00000
BUAD 360Managerial Finance00000
DANC 371Dance Practicum Staff00000
CHEM 260Organic Survey00000
BUAD 161Business Analytics00000
ENGL 238Orality And Literacy00000
BNR 120Plants And Society00000
CHEM 111Environmental Chemistry00000
BNR 232Wildlife Conservation00000
DANC 048Dance: Jazz I00000
CSCI 181Accelerated Intro Programming00000
BNR 391Soil and Water Conservation00000
ECON 321Money and Banking00000
ARTS 401Creative Research Project00000
EDST 325Literacy Across the Curriculum00000
BUAD 321Marketing Research00000
ENGL 291Fiction Writing II00000
ARTS 230Color Studies00000
ENGR 2423-D Printing Technology00000
BNR 201Methods in Research & Writing00000
CHEM 131FYE:Fundamentals ofChemistry I00000
ARTS 256Exhibition Project Management00000
CHEM 311Phys Chem I: Thermodynamics00000
BNR 264Sugarbush Management00000
CSCI 421Computer Issues Seminar00000
CSCI 263Computer Software Architecture00000
BNR 315Freshwater Ecology00000
DANC 083Dance as Movement00000
ARTS 325Art and Critical Theory00000
ECON 303Intermed Microeconomic Theory00000
BNR 403Biology Research Experience00000
EDST 21021st Century Learning00000
ARTS 203Sculpture I00000
EDST 287Character Education00000
BUAD 261Business Analytics00000
ENGL 150Introduction to the Major00000
ARTS 499Capstone Exhibition00000
ENGL 253Gender Studies in Literature00000
BUAD 335International Business00000
ENGL 353Literary Editing00000
ARTH 355Adv Studies/19Th-20Th C Art00000
ENGR 201Engineering Mechanics:Statics00000
CAR 101You. Your Major. Your Career00000
ENGR 262Computer Hardware Architecture00000
ARTS 251The Language of Drawing00000
CHEM 115Introduction To Chemistry00000
BNR 225Indigenous Ecol Knowledge00000
CHEM 132Fundamentals of Chemistry II00000
ARTS 103Three Dimensional Design00000
CHEM 263Organic Chemistry II00000
BNR 256Conservation Genetics00000
CHEM 441Senior Research Project00000
ARTS 280Printmaking00000
CSCI 220Programming Languages00000
BNR 290Environmental Policy00000
CSCI 410Capstone Proposal00000
CSCI 324Web Development00000
BNR 313Forest Ecology00000
DANC 044Dance: Ballet II00000
ARTS 301Portraiture00000
DANC 081Dance: Modern II00000
BNR 390Forest Resource Management00000
DANC 330Dance Composition00000
ARTS 185Survey of Contemporary Art00000
ECON 204Principles of Macroeconomics00000
BNR 401Senior Thesis00000
ECON 313Introduction to Econometrics00000
ARTS 350Drawing III00000
ECON 431Evolution of Economic Thought00000
BUAD 110Discovering Business00000
EDST 240Contemporary Tpcs:Facilitation00000
ARTH 300Adv Stud/Ancient:Greek & Roman00000
EDST 260Communication00000
BUAD 251Financial Accounting00000
EDST 305Community Education00000
ARTS 495Portfolio Seminar00000
EDST 388Philosophy of Education00000
BUAD 310Investments00000
ENGL 202Understanding Poetry00000
ARTS 220Watercolor Painting I00000
ENGL 240Poetry Writing I00000
BUAD 328Global Strategic Marketing00000
ENGL 283Romantic Literature00000
BNR 111Introductory Botany00000
ENGL 330Single Author: Austen00000
BUAD 340Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt00000
ENGL 388Literature And Critical Theory00000
ARTH 132Fye: Themes In Renaissance Art00000
ENGR 040Fund of Engineering Exam Prep00000
BUAD 400Sem: Art & Science of Selling00000
ENGR 203Mechanics of Materials00000
BNR 190Global Environmental Issues00000
CAR 301Investigating Career Options00000
ARTH 101FYE:Intr Western Art 1400-Pres00000
ARTH 23519th Century European Art00000
ARTS 150Drawing I00000
ARTS 298Design. in Space:Sus Furniture00000
BNR 312Grassland Ecology00000
CSCI 333Computer Networking00000