Princeton Course Reviews

Princeton University

AFS 394Colonialism, Post-Colonialism and Islam: North Africa (1830-...00000
AMS 331Excavate/Illuminate: Creating Theater from the Raw Material...00000
AAS 442Radical African Thought and Revolutionary Youth Culture00000
AFS 105Intermediate Wolof I00000
AAS 483Pathologies of Difference: Art, Medicine and Race in the Bri...00000
AAS 404Intersectional Activisms and Movements for Social Justice00000
AMS 223Policing and Militarization Today00000
AAS 355Pleasure, Power and Profit: Race and Sexualities in a Global...00000
AAS 473Kongo Art00000
AAS 372Postblack - Contemporary African American Art00000
AAS 560Art and the British Empire00000
AAS 499Theoretical Approaches in Black Studies00000
AAS 396Reckoning: Complicated Histories and Collective Identities00000
AFS 272Intoxicating Cultures: Alcohol in Everyday Life00000
AAS 340Christians and Incarceration00000
AFS 470Health, Race, and Power in Africa in the Digital Age00000
AAS 413Major Author(s)00000
AMS 312Race, Gender, and the Urban Environment00000
AAS 260Introduction to African Art00000
AMS 349The Reverence and Violence of Modern Dance00000
AAS 363Blackness and Media00000
AAS 476Crafting Freedom: Women and Liberation in the Americas (1960...00000
AAS 311Citizenships Ancient and Modern00000
AAS 492Utopias of Yesteryear: Socialist Experiments in Africa00000
AAS 383Cinema in Times of Pandemic: Research Film Studio00000
AAS 522Publishing Articles in Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies00000
AAS 502Gender and Sexuality in American Politics and Policy00000
AAS 392Topics in African American Literature00000
AAS 578Topics in African Diaspora History00000
AAS 329Rhythm Tap Dance Lab: Explorations in Black Embodied and Ele...00000
AFS 258Music of Africa00000
AAS 399Illegal Gatherings Act - South African Protest Theatre00000
AFS 340Egypt in the Pyramid Age00000
AAS 245Introduction to 20th-Century African American Art00000
AFS 424The History of Christianity in Africa: From St. Mark to Desm...00000
AAS 411Art, Apartheid, and South Africa00000
AMS 202The Sixties: Documentary, Youth and the City00000
AAS 349Seeing To Remember: Representing Slavery Across the Black At...00000
AMS 305Race Across the Americas00000
AAS 423Africa: Revolutionary Movements and Liberation Struggles00000
AMS 322Native American Literature00000
AAS 235Race Is Socially Constructed: Now What?00000
AMS 341'Cult' Controversies in America00000
AAS 448The Media and Social Issues00000
AMS 352Battle Lab: The Battle of Princeton00000
AAS 300Junior Seminar: Research and Writing in African American Stu...00000
AAS 474Art and Politics in Postcolonial Africa00000
AAS 367African American History Since Emancipation00000
AAS 477The Civil Rights Movement00000
AAS 239Introduction to African Literature and Film00000
AAS 488Law, Social Difference, and the Sustenance of Health00000
AAS 377Post-1945 African Photography00000
AAS 497Princeton Atelier00000
AAS 316#Dancing Black: Black American Dance from 1970 to Today00000
AAS 500African American Intellectual Tradition00000
AAS 388Unrest and Renewal in Urban America00000
AAS 520Topics in Literary and Cultural Theory00000
AAS 503Marx in the Caribbean00000
AAS 390Law, Policy and the Black Lives Matter Movement00000
AAS 529Ancient Egyptian Kingship in Image, Architecture & Performan...00000
AAS 326Topics in African American Culture & Life00000
AAS 573Problems in Literary Study00000
AAS 393Race, Drugs, and Drug Policy in America00000
AFS 106Intermediate Yoruba I00000
AAS 244Introduction to Pre-20th Century Black Diaspora Art00000
AFS 239Introduction to African Literature and Film00000
AAS 398Curating Within Obscurity: Research as Exhibition Structure...00000
AFS 262Languages of Africa00000
AAS 335Modern Brazilian History00000
AFS 314The Anthropology of Development00000
AAS 403Race and Medicine00000
AFS 366Politics in Africa00000
AAS 224Policing and Militarization Today00000
AFS 412Human Trafficking and its Demise: African and European Slave...00000
AAS 409History of African American Families00000
AFS 442Radical African Thought and Revolutionary Youth Culture00000
AAS 343Race and Nation in Modern Latin America00000
AFS 474Art and Politics in Postcolonial Africa00000
AAS 412Human Trafficking and its Demise: African and European Slave...00000
AMS 215Introduction to Dance Across Cultures00000
AAS 246Rhetoric, A User's Guide (From Ancient Greece to the America...00000
AMS 246Native American and Indigenous Studies: An Introduction00000
AAS 420Seminar in American Politics00000
AMS 309Music Traditions in North America00000
AAS 352Black and Indigenous Feminist Survival and Experimentation i...00000
AMS 315Race and the American Musical from Minstrelsy to Hamilton00000
AAS 426Memory, History and the Archive00000
AMS 326Witchcraft, Rituals and Colonialism00000
AAS 219Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Contemporary States of Unfreedo...00000
AMS 336Gender Crossings in American Musical Theater00000
AAS 443Black Worldmaking: Freedom Movements Then and Now00000
AMS 346Reimagining the American Theatrical Canon00000
AAS 358Sexuality and Religion in America00000
AAS 455Major Author(s) - Toni Morrison and the Ethics of Reading00000
AAS 208Media, Sex, and the Racialized Body00000
AAS 222Introduction to Hip-Hop Dance00000
AAS 243#BlackLivesMatter00000
AAS 320Studies in Religion00000
AAS 389Movements for Diversity in American Theater00000
AAS 505Studies in the Religions of the Americas00000