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PPCC Course Reviews

Pikes Peak Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHI 113Logic: GT-AH353551
MAT 120Math for Liberal Arts: MA154551
ENG 122English Composition II:CO252441
DEA 124Dental Materials II00000
DAN 117Salsa I00000
CNG 101Networking Fundamentals00000
BIO 106Basic Anatomy and Physiology00000
DPM 210Diesel Air Induction & Exhaust00000
CON 159NCCER Carpentry Level II00000
EDU 221Introduction to Education00000
CON 289Capstone: Construction00000
CUA 256Marketing in the Hospitality Industry00000
CIS 130Introduction to Internet00000
DAN 211Dance Composition & Improv I00000
ASE 160Automotive Engine Repair00000
DPM 100Intro to Diesel Mechanics00000
COM 125Interpersonal Comm: SS300000
ECE 225Language & Cognition00000
ART 215Stained Glass III00000
ELT 112Advanced Dc-Ac00000
BIO 224Genetics: GT-SC100000
ART 230Color Theory00000
CRJ 220Human Rel/Social Conflict00000
BUS 181Internship00000
CSC 105Computer Literacy00000
CSC 220Intro to MS Visual Basic.NET00000
CUA 157Menu Planning00000
CHE 211Organic Chemistry I w/Lab00000
CWB 110Complete Web Authoring: HTML00000
ASE 123Starting and Charging System00000
DAN 133Ballet III00000
CIS 240Database Design & Development00000
DAN 275Special Topics: Dance Perf III00000
ART 139Digital Photography I00000
DEA 181Internship I: Dental00000
CNG 257Netwrk Defense/Countermeasures00000
DPM 126Heavy Duty Starting & Charging00000
ASL 122American Sign Language II00000
ECE 103Guidance Strategies Yng Child00000
CON 120Build Material/Environ Impact00000
ECE 289Capstone:Early Childhood Ed00000
ANT 250Medical Anthropology: GT-SS300000
EIC 217Electrical Estimating/Costing00000
CON 167NCCER Plumbing II00000
ELT 165Electronic Assembly00000
ART 224Watercolor II00000
CRJ 135Judicial Function00000
BTE 111Keyboarding Speedbuilding I00000
CRJ 236CRJ Research Methods00000
ART 110Art Appreciation: AH100000
CSC 129Introduction to Secure Coding00000
BUS 287Cooperative Education00000
ART 251Painting II00000
CSL 245Professional Ethics I00000
CAD 102Computer Aided Drafting/2D II00000
CSL 265Culturally Informed Treatment00000
CUA 100Culinary Program Fundamentals00000
CUA 153Confectionaries & Petit Fours00000
CHE 101Introduction to Chemistry I with Lab: GT-SC100000
CUA 233Advanced Line Prep and Cookery00000
ASE 102Introduction to the Automotive Shop00000
CUA 264Sustainable Food Service Operations00000
CIS 102Computer Assistive Technology00000
DAN 111Modern Dance I00000
ART 128Figure Drawing I00000
DAN 124Jazz IV00000
CIS 165Comp Presnt Graphics: MS Pwrpt00000
DAN 143Tap I00000
ASE 141Suspension and Steering II00000
DAN 224Dance for Musical Theatre I00000
CIS 268Systems Analysis and Design I00000
DEA 120Introduction to Dental Practices00000
ANT 107Introduction to Archaeology: GT-SS300000
DEA 126Infection Control00000
CNG 121Computer Technician I: A+00000
DIT 123Management for Dietary Managers00000
ASE 233Auto Fuel Inject/Emissions II00000
DPM 106Diesel Fuel Systems00000
CNG 263CISCO Network Associate IV00000
DPM 205Heavy Duty Powertrains II00000
ART 161Ceramics I00000
ECE 101Intro to Early Childhood Educ00000
COM 216Advanced Public Speaking00000
ECE 191School Age Theory and Practice00000
AST 101Astronomy with Lab: Planetary Systems: GT-SC100000
ECE 241Administration: Human Relations for Early Childhood Educatio...00000
CON 154NCCER Masonry III00000
ECO 245Environmental Economics:SS100000
AEC 125History of Architecture00000
EGG 230Thermodynamics00000
CON 163NCCER Electrical II00000
EIC 230Instrument/Process Control II00000
BIO 202Human Anatomy&Phys IIw/Lab:SC100000
CAD 215Advanced CAD for Interiors00000
CUA 120Wines and Spirits00000
CUA 129Center of the Plate00000
CON 175Specia Topics: Electrical LvlI00000
AEC 102Residential Construction Draw00000
AEC 236International Building Codes00000
ART 114Art Sampler: Portraiture00000