PPCC Course Reviews

Pikes Peak Community College

BIO 104Biology: A Human Approach: GT-SC100000
CAD 155Creo Advanced00000
ART 151Painting I00000
ASE 233Auto Fuel Inject/Emissions II00000
ART 230Color Theory00000
ART 115Stained Glass I00000
BTE 111Keyboarding Speedbuilding I00000
AEC 102Residential Construction Draw00000
ART 221Drawing II00000
AEC 225Architectural Design & Development00000
ASE 150Manual Drive Train and Axle Maintenance00000
ART 255Mural Painting I00000
ANT 250Medical Anthropology: GT-SS300000
ASL 123American Sign Language III00000
ACT 211Metal Welding and Cutting II00000
BIO 203Advanced Human Anatomy00000
ART 131Visual Concepts 2-D Design00000
BUS 287Cooperative Education00000
ACT 132Structural Damage Repair00000
CAD 259Advanced Solidworks00000
AEC 122Construction Practices & Docs00000
ART 225Watercolor III00000
ACT 151Plastics & Adhesives I00000
ART 235Jewelry and Metalwork IV00000
AEC 236International Building Codes00000
ASE 132Ignition System Diagnosis and Repair00000
ART 280Internship00000
ANT 212Intro Forensc Anthrp w/Lab:SC100000
ASE 161Engine Repair & Rebuild00000
ACT 180Automotive Collision Repair Internship Level I00000
ASE 265HVAC Systems00000
ART 110Art Appreciation: AH100000
AST 101Astronomy with Lab: Planetary Systems: GT-SC100000
ACT 124Replace Weld-on Exterior Panel00000
BIO 112General College Biology II with Lab: GT-SC100000
ART 122Drawing for the Graphic Novel00000
BIO 224Genetics: GT-SC100000
ACT 243Refinishing II00000
BUS 181Internship00000
ART 142Landscape Photography00000
CAD 102Computer Aided Drafting/2D II00000
ACT 111Metal Welding and Cutting I00000
CAD 227Advanced Revit Architecture00000
ART 164Handbuilt Clay III00000
CAD 266Advanced 3D Printing00000
ACT 143Spray Equipment Operation00000
ART 223Drawing IV00000
AEC 125History of Architecture00000
ART 228Advanced Figure Drawing00000
ACT 121Non-Structural Repair Preparation00000
ART 233Jewelry and Metalwork II00000
AEC 232Construction Project Management00000
ART 252Painting III00000
ACT 164Hobbyist Paint and Body00000
ART 262Ceramics III00000
AEC 280Internship00000
ASE 123Starting and Charging System00000
ASE 102Introduction to the Automotive Shop00000
ANT 175Study Abroad00000
ASE 140Suspension and Steering I00000
ACT 170Auto Collision Tech Lab Exp I00000
ASE 152Man Trans/Transax/Clutch II00000
ANT 218Archaeology of the Bible00000
ASE 221Auto/Diesel Body Electrical00000
ACT 123Metal Finishing & Body Filling00000
ASE 240Suspension and Steering III00000
ARE 113Masonry I00000
ASL 121American Sign Language I00000
ACT 205Estimating and Shop Management00000
ASL 221American Sign Language IV: AH400000
ART 112Art History Renaissance 1900: GT-AH100000
AST 155Astronomy Ancient Cultures:SC200000
ACC 132Tax Help Colorado00000
BIO 106Basic Anatomy and Physiology00000
ART 116Stained Glass II00000
BIO 201Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab: GT-SC100000
ACT 231Adv Struct Damage Diag/Repair00000
BIO 216Pathophysiology00000
ART 128Figure Drawing I00000
BTE 102Keyboarding Applications I00000
ACT 131Structural Damage Diagnosis00000
BUS 115Introduction to Business00000
ART 133Jewelry and Metalwork I00000
BUS 217Business Communication & Report Writing00000
ACT 244Final Detail00000
CAD 100Print Reading for CAD00000
ART 149Mixed Media I: Digital Art00000
CAD 105AutoCAD for Interiors00000
ACC 121Accounting Principles I00000
CAD 224Revit Architecture00000
ART 162Handbuilt Clay I00000
CAD 253Advanced Creo00000
AEC 107Print Reading Residential/Commercial00000
ART 215Stained Glass III00000
ACC 115Payroll Accounting00000
ACC 125Computerized Accounting00000
ACT 122Panel Repair and Replacements00000
ACT 166Automotive Body Customizing II00000
ANT 107Introduction to Archaeology: GT-SS300000
ASE 111Automotive Brake Service II00000