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Portland State Course Reviews

Portland State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
UNST 169BWhat Are Great Books52551
MUS 320Fund Of Conducting: Mued Chral45441
ECE 171Digital Circuits41451
ECE 101LLab for Ece 10153551
ARCH 361Building Tectonics 200000
ART 271Intro Printmaking: Etching00000
ART 353Typeface Design00000
ART 479Adv Prntmkng - Working Place00000
ANTH 458The Archeology Of Disaster00000
ARCH 543Topics In Prof Practice00000
ASL 103First-Year Asl Tm300000
ART 131Intro to Drawing I00000
AR 424Classical Arabic Poetry00000
ART 318Weaving: Pattern & Structure00000
ANTH 416Urban Anthropology00000
ART 404Intern: Nas Curation-Book Prod00000
ARCH 481Architectural Design Studio 500000
ART 580Studio Prac: Directed Studies00000
ANTH 312USe Asian Societies & Cultures00000
ANTH 491Cult, Vul And Disaster Resil00000
BA 302Organizational Behavior00000
ARCH 585Design Thesis00000
ARH 312USurvey Of Chinese Art00000
ANTH 345Practicing Anthropology00000
ANTH 526Transnationalism & Migration00000
ARH 352UAnc Greek Art & Architecture00000
ART 105Core: Ideation00000
AR 306Intmd Common Spoken Arabic Tm300000
ART 230Drawing II00000
ANTH 399Spst: Ayurvedic Food & Health00000
ART 297Book Arts00000
ARCH 121Visual Communication 200000
ART 331Art And Privilege00000
AGE 660Mental Health & Aging00000
ART 371Interm Prnt: Thematic Process00000
ARCH 426Computational Design II00000
ART 439Bfa Vertical Lab II00000
ANTH 435HHonors Visual Anthropology00000
ART 498Bfa Project II00000
ARCH 530Contemporary Arch Theory00000
ART 590Advanced Painting00000
ACTG 513Mngrl Actg And Control00000
BA 101Intro Bus & Wrld Aff00000
ARCH 572Arch Des Tran Studio 300000
BA 311Marketing Management00000
ANTH 320Native Americans Of Nw Coast00000
ARH 206Art History: Modern World00000
ANTH 515Applied Anthropology00000
ARH 321USurvey Of Korean Art00000
ACTG 565Cur Top: Glbl Fin Actg00000
ANTH 553Archaeological Field Methods00000
ARH 359UGothic Art00000
ARH 376UItalian Baroque Art00000
ARH 382U19Th Century Art00000
ANTH 355UHst Arch & Origins Mod Pnw00000
ANTH 558The Archeology Of Disaster00000
ARH 398Contemporary Art00000
ART 100Intro Comm Desgn/Non-Majors00000
AR 203Second-Year Standrd Arabic Tm300000
ART 118Intro Typography & Comm Dsgn00000
ANTH 372Human Variation00000
ART 216Sewn Construction00000
AR 410Top: Consecutive Translation00000
ART 257Introduction to Video Art00000
AGE 560Mental Health & Aging00000
ART 291Introduction To Sculpture00000
AR 519Folk Proverbs Of Arabs00000
ART 310Digital Imaging & Illust II00000
ANTH 414Culture & Ecology00000
ART 323UHistory of Dress II00000
ARCH 232Arch & Cultural History III00000
ART 342Interactive Media II00000
ACTG 493Advanced Auditing00000
ART 360Top In Photo: Guide Books00000
ARCH 382Architectural Design Studio 300000
ART 389Metal Casting00000
ANTH 425Topics in Medical Anthropology00000
ART 428Ksmoca: Museum And Community00000
ARCH 467Building Structures00000
ART 461Photographic Exploration00000
ANTH 301Culture & Ethnography00000
ART 492Contemporary Studio Prac00000
ARCH 521Urban Design Methods00000
ART 530Critical Art Theories II00000
ANTH 455HAnalysis Of Faunal Remains00000
ART 583Mfa Gr Sem III: Pedagogy+Prxis00000
ARCH 535Top: Topics In Modernism00000
ART 598Social Practice: Workshop00000
ACTG 404Intern: Career Skills Dev00000
ASL 302Third-Year Asl Tm200000
ARCH 567Architectural Structures00000
BA 213Decision Making W/Actg Info00000
ANTH 472The Roots Of Human Biology00000
ARH 412UJapanese Buddhist Art00000
ANTH 578Human Osteology00000
ARH 431UWomen in Visual Arts00000
ARH 49320Th Century Art00000
ARCH 583Architectural Design Studio X00000
ACTG 281Accounting Mechanics: Dr & Cr00000
ACTG 445Forensic Accounting00000