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Porterville Course Reviews

Porterville College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHDV P122Child/Family and Community00000
FIRE P051Interagency Basic Wildland Firefighter00000
NURS P125Mental Health-Psychiatric Nurs00000
ART P120Head Sculpture00000
PTVN P009Nursing Fundamental Concepts00000
HMSV P102Introduction To Addiction Studies00000
EL2 P094BHigh Interm Listening & Speakn00000
EL2 P096Advanced Listening & Speaking00000
PHIL P112The Ethics of Living & Dying00000
ENGL P140Creative Writing00000
ANAT P110Human Anatomy00000
STSS P105College Planning and Success Strategies00000
HIST P105History of Western Civilization II00000
BSAD P101Introduction to Business00000
CMRT P102Commercial Layout and Design00000
EL2 P072BHigh Intermediate Listening and Speaking00000
MUSC P143ABeginning Class Piano00000
ENGL P050College Writing00000
ART P116Introduction to Painting00000
HIST P109Modern Latin American History00000
EMTC P050Emergency Medical Technician-Basic00000
PSYT P020BUnderstanding and Promoting Personal Development and Adjustm...00000
BSAD P155Business Statistics00000
SPAN P102Elementary Spanish00000
ENGL P01AXExpanded Expository Composition-NOTE: Requires registration...00000
AGRI P107Agricultural Marketing00000
ADMJ P140ABasic Field Work Administration of Justice Police Cadet00000
GEOG P114Physical Geography00000
ART P1073-D Design00000
CHDV P121Infant/Toddler Development00000
BSAD P120Principles of Management and Organization00000
HIST P104History of Western Civilization I00000
CHDV P245Administration I: Programs in Early Childhood Education00000
ART P119Advanced Painting00000
COMM P103Persuasion00000
MGMT P059Managing Organizational Change00000
EL2 P091BHigh Beginning Grammar and Writing00000
ECON P101Principles of Microeconomics00000
ENGL P115Forms of Literature: Women Writers00000
NURS P123Medical-Surgical Nursing 200000
ENGR P120Introduction to Programming Concepts and Methodologies for E...00000
ADMJ P113Interviewing and Counseling in Corrections00000
HIST P108Early Latin American History00000
PHED P103Beginning Weight Training00000
HLED P112Health Education00000
ASL P103Intermediate American Sign Language00000
PSYT P030BPsychopathology I: Major Mental Illness00000
ENGL P119Forms of Literature: Poetry00000
PSYT P030DPsychopath II/Disorders00000
AGRI P103Agricultural Sales00000
SOCI P130Family and Society00000
ENGL P103Shakespeare Survey00000
SPAN P101Elementary Spanish00000
BSAD P140Business Law00000
ADMJ P102Introduction to Administration of Justice00000
ENGL P083RBasic Reading and Writing00000
ADMJ P066APolice Reserve Training, Level III00000
ADMJ P101Public Safety Report Writing00000
FIRE P101Principles of Emergency Services00000
AGRI P105Farm Accounting00000
CHDV P118Introduction to Children with Special Needs00000
ANTH P105Native Cultures of North America00000
HCRS P009Health Careers Fundamental Concepts00000
ART P117Advanced Drawing00000
ANTH P101Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
ASL P101Beginning American Sign Language00000
HIST P120History of the Middle East00000
BSAD P160Introduction to Entrepreneurship00000
CHDV P223Child Growth and Development00000
CGRA P110Introduction to Digital Art00000
HMSV P106Psychopharmacology of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Psychothera...00000
CHDV P115Curriculum and Strategies for Children with Special Needs00000
ADMJ P140CAdvanced Field Work Administration of Justice Police Cadet00000
CHEM P101BGeneral Chemistry II00000
HMSV P107Understanding Psychopathology00000
DRMA P101Introduction to Theatre00000
COMM P111Introduction to Mass Communication00000
EL2 P091ABeginning Grammar and Writing00000
MUSC P101Music Theory and Musicianship I00000
EL2 P082ABeginning Listening and Speaking00000
ART P101Art Studio Fundamentals00000
ENGL P112Forms of Literature: Chicano00000
MUSC P127Concert Band00000
ENGL P071Basic Writing Skills00000
EL2 P095Advanced Reading & Writing00000
ENGL P113Forms of Literature: Chicano Drama00000
NURS P170Role Transition: Bridging Nurs00000
ENGR P260LCircuit Analysis Lab00000
ADMJ P104Criminal Law00000
GEOL P110Introduction to Geology00000
NURS P131Concepts of Nursing Care of the Adult and Older Adjult I00000
HIST P107California History00000
EL2 P060Advanced Reading and Writing00000
PHED P106AShape Up-Aerobic Exercise00000
ADMJ P107Exploring Contemporary Multicultural Issues00000
ADMJ P105Principles and Procedures of the Justice System00000
AGRI P055Agri Leadership Training00000
BSAD P122Human Resources Management00000
ENGR P110Introduction to Engineering00000
ADMJ P103Introduction to Law00000