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PNW Course Reviews

Purdue University Northwest

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COM 53400Comparative Telecommunication Systems00000
ECE 39400Industrial Practice IV00000
CEMT 17000Materials And Systems Of Construction00000
COM 20400Critical Perspectives On Communication00000
CGT 32200User Interface Design I00000
CE 11500Engineering Drawing I00000
CS 52510Distributed Systems00000
BIZA 41000Data Mining In Business00000
CET 10400Elementary Surveying00000
BUSM 33300Total Quality Management00000
CIS 49000Senior Project00000
CHM 10300Chemistry & Society00000
CDFS 64600Contemporary Issues In Family Therapy00000
COM 32500Interviewing: Principles And Practice00000
BIOL 57701Ecology Of Microorganisms00000
CS 30200Operating Systems00000
CE 33001Structure And Properties Of Materials00000
ECE 27000Introduction To Digital System Design00000
BIOL 39500ArcGIS00000
ECE 53000Wireless Communication00000
BUSM 10100Introduction To Business00000
CGT 11200Sketching For Visualization And Communication00000
BIOL 41700Lab In Biotechnology00000
CGT 41600Senior Design Project00000
BUSM 36000Production And Operations Management00000
CIS 16600Introduction To Programming00000
CHM 26100Organic Chemistry00000
CDFS 60100Advanced Child Development00000
CNIT 35500Software Development For Mobile Computers00000
BIOL 51605Environmental Microbiology00000
COM 26400Cinematography00000
CDFS 66300Structural And Strategic Family Therapies00000
COM 43900Focus Group Research00000
BIOL 31600Basic Microbiology00000
CRJU 31500Incarceration And Society00000
CE 27300Mechanics Of Materials00000
CS 45500Interactive Computer Graphics00000
BIOL 69800Research MS Thesis00000
EAS 39100Environmental Sci For Elem Ed00000
CE 43900Senior Engineering Design II00000
ECE 32100Electromechanical Motion Devices00000
BCM 34500Scheduling00000
ECE 45100Industrial Automation00000
CEMT 30900Principles of Highway Construction00000
ECE 56801Digital Control Systems00000
BIOL 40700Capstone Experience00000
CET 33100Property & Behavr Soil00000
BUSM 30000Third Year Seminar In Business00000
CGT 21600Vector Imaging For Computer Graphics00000
BIOL 22700Fundamentals Of Human Pathology00000
CGT 35100Interactive Multimedia Design00000
BUSM 35100Organization Theory And Design00000
CGT 45000Professional Practices00000
BIOL 42800Biology Seminar00000
CHM 21400Chemistry For Elementary Education00000
BUSM 40000Fourth Year Seminar In Business00000
CHM 46300Medicinal Chemistry00000
CHM 26605Organic Chemistry00000
BUSM 49900Undergraduate Research In Management00000
CIS 26300Java Programming00000
BIOL 49500Forensic Genetics00000
CNIT 12700Microcomputer Spreadsheet Applications00000
CDFS 61800Program Development And Evaluation00000
CNIT 48500Topics In Information Systems And Technology00000
BIOL 30800Introduction To Biotechnology00000
COM 25000Mass Communication And Society00000
CDFS 65700Social Constructionist Family Therapies00000
COM 31400Advanced Presentational Speaking00000
BIOL 54401Epigenetics00000
COM 34900Media And Culture00000
CDFS 68000Professional Issues For Child And Family Specialists00000
COM 46500Visual Aesthetics In Television And Film00000
ASTR 36400Stars And Galaxies00000
COM 59000Interpersonal Exam Ghosting00000
CE 20400Civil Engineering Materials00000
CS 12300Programming I: Java00000
BIOL 58800Plant Ecology00000
CS 40400Distributed Systems00000
CE 30800Construction Engineering Management00000
CS 51540Object-Oriented Design, Analysis And Programming00000
BIOL 34200Biological Sciences Practicum00000
EAS 11000Survey Of Geology00000
CE 35400Introduction To Environmental Engineering00000
ECE 20800Electronic Devices And Design Laboratory00000
BIZA 32500Applied Business Statistics00000
ECE 30200Probabilistic Methods In Electrical And Computer Engineering00000
CEMT 10300Introduction To Construction Management00000
ECE 37100Computer Organization And Design00000
ACC 40700Managerial/Cost Accounting00000
ECE 43200Elements Of Power System Engineering00000
CEMT 26001Strength Of Materials00000
ECE 50700Introduction To Biomedical Imaging00000
BIZA 43000Data Preparation And Visualization00000
CEMT 44500Construction Management I00000
ACC 35000Intermediate Accounting I00000
AD 10600Design II00000
BIOL 28800Intro Field Ecology00000
BIOL 48800Biological Sciences Internship00000
BUSM 45000Strategic Management: Capstone00000
CHM 33300Principles Of Biochemistry00000