PLU Course Reviews

Pacific Lutheran University

CLAS 350Classical and Comparative Mythology LT00000
CSCI 115Solve It With the Computer MR, NS00000
BMMR 506Sampling And Experimental Design00000
CHEM 320Analytical Chemistry00000
BUSA 302Business Finance00000
BMBA 510Legal, Ethical and Social Responsibilities of Business00000
COMA 340Conflict and Communication00000
ARTD 499AKeystone SR00000
BMSF 514Foundations of Finance00000
BIOL 305Cadaver Prosection00000
BUSA 467Marketing Research00000
BUSA 322Intermediate Accounting II00000
BIOL 445Molecular Biology00000
CHEM 343Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
ARTD 383Studies in Art History AR00000
COMA 229Student Media00000
BMBA 577Project Management00000
COMA 411Advanced Debate00000
ARTD 110Graphic Design 1 AR00000
CSCI 331Electrical Circuits00000
BIOL 205Human Anatomy and Physiology I NS, SM00000
BMSF 538Risk Management00000
ARTD 2023D Design AR00000
BUSA 309Operations and Supply Chain Management00000
BIOL 352Comparative Anatomy00000
BUSA 437Financial Analysis and Strategy00000
BUSA 341Nonprofit Financial Literacy00000
BIOL 388ST: Plants of the PNW00000
CHEM 104Environmental Chemistry NS, SM00000
ARTD 330Ceramics 200000
CHEM 334Organic Chemistry II Laboratory00000
BIOL 462Plant Diversity & Distrib Lab00000
CHSP 499Capstone: Senior Project SR00000
ANTH 480Anthropological Inquiry00000
COMA 211Debate00000
BMBA 517Understanding and Managing Financial Resources00000
COMA 305Argumentation and Advocacy00000
ARTD 466Painting 300000
COMA 361Strategic Communication00000
BMMA 524Advanced Research Methods00000
COMA 461Advertising, PR + Campaigns00000
ANTH 343East Asian Cultures C, SO00000
CSCI 144Introduction to Computer Science NS00000
BMMR 530Data Mining00000
CSCI 343Programming Language Concepts00000
ARTD 181History of Western Art II AR00000
BMSF 534Portfolio Theory and Management00000
BIOL 225Molecules, Cells, and Organisms NS, SM00000
BUSA 202Financial Accounting00000
ANTH 362Transnational Lives C, SO00000
BUSA 305Behavior in Organizations00000
BIOL 341Developmental Biology00000
BUSA 320Accounting Information Systems00000
ARTD 220Photography I: BW Photography AR00000
BUSA 335Investments and Portfolio Management00000
BIOL 355Ornithology00000
BUSA 427Tax Accounting00000
BUSA 387ST: Consumer Relations Mgmt.00000
BIOL 368Ecology00000
BUSA 444Project Management00000
ARTD 315The Art of the Book I AR00000
BUSA 487St:Customer Relation Mgmt00000
BIOL 442Cell Biology00000
CHEM 115General Chemistry I NS, SM00000
ANTH 388ST:Ecol, Prehist of PNW A, SO00000
CHEM 332Organic Chemistry II00000
BIOL 453Mammalian Physiology00000
CHEM 341Physical Chemistry00000
ARTD 365Painting I00000
CHIN 202Intermediate Chinese C00000
BIOL 488ST: Stats for Biologists II00000
CLAS 322Roman Civilization00000
ANTH 336Ethnography of Latin America C, SO00000
COMA 101Introduction to Communication00000
BMBA 513Marketing Management00000
COMA 215Writing in Communication Careers00000
ARTD 410Graphic Design 400000
COMA 303Gender and Communication A00000
BMBA 522Quantitative and Managerial Decision Analysis00000
COMA 321The Book in Society00000
ARTD 101Drawing I, AR00000
COMA 343Media Writing00000
BMMA 504Quantitative Marketing Research00000
COMA 399Career Exploration00000
ARTD 488ST: Advanced Photography AR00000
COMA 426Advanced MediaLab00000
BMMA 530Data Mining00000
COMA 496Supplemental Internship00000
ANTH 210Contemporary Global Issues: Migration, Poverty, and Conflict...00000
CSCI 131Introduction to Engineering NS00000
BMMR 526Big Data and Digital Analytics00000
CSCI 302Computer Organization00000
BIOL 116Introductory Ecology NS, SM00000
BMSF 505Financial Econometrics00000
ANTH 103Introduction to Archaeology and World Prehistory SO00000
ANTH 334FYEP190:Contemp America A,SO00000
ANTH 370The Archaeology Of Ancient Empires C, So00000
ARTD 287ST: Innovation and Design AR00000
BIOL 359Biology of Reproduction00000
BUSA 422Advanced Accounting00000