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PLU Course Reviews

Pacific Lutheran University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
DANC 340Dance Composition and Choreography00000
EDUC 334Foundations of Educational Measurement00000
COMA 226MediaLab00000
CSCI 444Operating Systems00000
COMA 401Contemporary Issues In Media And Visual Culture00000
CHIN 301Composition and Conversation C00000
ECON 331International Trade and Commercial Policy00000
BUSA 438Empirical Finance00000
COMA 322Publishing Procedures00000
CHEM 105Chemistry of Life NS00000
CSCI 387ST: Cloud Computing00000
CSCI 115Solve It With the Computer MR, NS00000
CHEM 450Inorganic Chemistry00000
DANC 240Dance Concert Ensemble AR00000
BUSA 352Global Management00000
ECON 111Principles of Microeconomics: Global and Environmental SO00000
CLAS 326A History Of Medicine: Antiquity To European Renaissance00000
ECON 503Economics for Finance00000
BUSA 201Introduction to Business in the Global Environment00000
EDUC 402Internship I00000
BUSA 468Marketing Management00000
COMA 344Multimedia Production00000
BUSA 305Behavior in Organizations00000
COMA 461Advertising, PR + Campaigns00000
CHEM 331Organic Chemistry I00000
CSCI 371Design and Analysis of Algorithms00000
CSCI 144Introduction to Computer Science NS00000
CHEM 344Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
CSCI 390Objects and Design00000
BUSA 335Investments and Portfolio Management00000
CSCI 499ACapstone: Senior Seminar SR00000
CHIN 101Elementary Chinese00000
DANC 255Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop AR, PE00000
BMSF 532Fixed Income Securities and Credit Risk00000
DANC 463Dance Composition and Choreography00000
CHSP 350SA:Chinese Culture and Society00000
ECON 313Environmental Economics00000
BUSA 424Auditing00000
ECON 344Econometrics00000
COMA 120Introduction to Media Studies AR00000
EDUC 330Professional Practice I00000
BMMR 524Advanced Research Methods00000
EDUC 373Mathematics, Science, and Assessment00000
COMA 304Intercultural Communication C00000
EDUC 404The Integration of Literacy in Social Studies00000
BUSA 203Managerial Accounting00000
COMA 342Communication Inquiry00000
BUSA 499Capstone: Strategic Management SR00000
COMA 362Principles Of Advertising00000
BMMR 528Consumer Behavior and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)00000
COMA 426Advanced MediaLab00000
CHEM 116General Chemistry II NS, SM00000
COMA 496Supplemental Internship00000
BUSA 309Operations and Supply Chain Management00000
CSCI 131Introduction to Engineering NS00000
CHEM 333Organic Chemistry I Laboratory00000
CSCI 343Programming Language Concepts00000
CSCI 302Computer Organization00000
CHEM 342Physical Chemistry00000
CSCI 386Computer Networks00000
BUSA 322Intermediate Accounting II00000
CSCI 389ST: Mobile App Development00000
CHEM 405Biochemistry II00000
CSCI 412Computer Graphics00000
BMSF 512Financial Accounting: Reporting & Analysis I00000
CSCI 487ST:Introduction to Data Mining00000
CHEM 499BCapstone Seminar II SR00000
DANC 170Introduction To Dance Ar00000
BUSA 341Nonprofit Financial Literacy00000
DANC 252Beginning/Intermediate Contemporary AR, PE00000
CHIN 201Intermediate Chinese C00000
DANC 310Functional Alignment00000
BMMR 506Sampling And Experimental Design00000
DANC 352Advanced Contemporary00000
CHIN 387ST: Chinese Contemporary Art00000
DATA 233Introduction to Data Science II00000
BUSA 388ST: Cultural Marketing00000
ECON 302Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis00000
CLAS 321Greek Civilization00000
ECON 322Money and Banking SO00000
BMSF 536Advanced Corporate Finance00000
ECON 337International Macroeconomics00000
CLAS 491Is: Digital Lit Intern/Employ00000
ECON 386Evolution of Economic Thought00000
BUSA 430Finance for Entrepreneurial and Privately-Held Firms00000
EDUC 205Multicultural Perspectives in the Classroom A00000
COMA 212Public Speaking00000
EDUC 332Communities, Schools, and Students00000
BMMA 508Qualitative Marketing Research00000
EDUC 371Developing Professional Learning Communities00000
COMA 301Media and Cultural Criticism00000
EDUC 375Technology Integration00000
BUSA 449Strategic Human Resource Management00000
COMA 306Persuasion00000
BIOL 342Microbiology00000
BMMA 599Graduate Research Project in Marketing II00000
BMMR 599Graduate Research Project in Marketing II00000
BUSA 320Accounting Information Systems00000
CHEM 336Organic Special Projects Laboratory00000
CSCI 331Electrical Circuits00000