Pitt Course Reviews

University of Pittsburgh

ANTH 2556Zooarchaeology00000
ARC 1990Architectural Studies Internship00000
AFROTC 0004Team and Leadership 200000
ANTH 1763Field Methods00000
ANTH 0768Human Sexuality in Cross Culture00000
AFRCNA 1353Comparative Dance Expression00000
ARABIC 0125Modern Standard Arabic 5/Levantine 500000
ADMPS 3116Competent Management Of Human Resources00000
ANTH 0582Introduction to Archeology00000
AFRCNA 0120African American Experience Sports00000
ANTH 1726Global Pharmaceuticals00000
ANTH 1551Gis in Archaeology00000
AFRCNA 1026African Presence In Latin American Lit/Culture00000
ANTH 1903Directed Research-Readings00000
ADMPS 3008Community Engagement In Education00000
ANTH 2788Cultural Anthropology Core Course00000
AFRCNA 1655African Cinemas/Screen Griots00000
ARC 0182The City Of Rome And Its Architecture: From Aeneas To Zaha H...00000
ADMPS 2093Supervisor Curriculum And Instruction Internship00000
ARTSC 1620Study Abroad: Iceland00000
ADMPS 3141Policy Studies In Higher Education00000
ANTH 0681Introduction to Human Evolution00000
ADMPS 2120Capstone Seminar In Student Services00000
ANTH 1537Basic Laboratory Analysis00000
AFRCNA 0311Introduction To The African American Family00000
ANTH 1719Anthropology of Race and Science00000
ANTH 1603Human Origins00000
AFRCNA 0628Afro-Latin America00000
ANTH 1747Writing Culture00000
ADMPS 2405Public Leadership: School Law00000
ANTH 1786Cultures Of The Pacific00000
AFRCNA 1250Black Europe00000
ANTH 2533Ancient States In The New World00000
ADMPS 2053Management & Organization Effectiveness00000
ANTH 2720Poetics And Politics Of Ethnography00000
AFRCNA 1510Health in the African Diaspora00000
ARABIC 0103Modern Standard Arabic 3/Egyptian 300000
ADMPS 3093Internship In Central Office Administration00000
ARABIC 1905Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in Arabic00000
AFRCNA 1760Africana Theory & Methodology00000
ARC 1162Campus-Community Workshop00000
ADMJ 1242Gender, Race, Class, And Crime00000
ARTSC 0112Right Start to College 200000
AFROTC 1006Senior Leadership Lab00000
ARTSC 1900Artsc Academic Internship00000
ADMPS 2101Pennsylvania School Law00000
ANTH 0680Introduction to Physical Anthropology00000
ADMPS 3311Ways Of Knowing00000
ANTH 0714Asia Now Language Trailer00000
ADMJ 1300Introduction To Corrections00000
ANTH 1524Chinese Archaeology00000
AFRCNA 0212West African Dance00000
ANTH 1544Ancient Civilizations00000
ADMPS 2140Higher Education Capstone Seminar00000
ANTH 1590Archaeology Of Israel-Palestine00000
AFRCNA 0352African American Dance00000
ANTH 1709Activist Anthropology00000
ANTH 1617Paleopathology00000
AFRCNA 0524Swahili 200000
ANTH 1722Culture And Politics Of Mental Health00000
ADMPS 2359Gender In Education00000
ANTH 1729Brazil00000
AFRCNA 0787Black Consciousness00000
ANTH 1752Anthropology of Food00000
ADMPS 1001Social Foundations Of Education00000
ANTH 1770Kinship and the Family00000
AFRCNA 1108African American Folk Culture00000
ANTH 1801Himalayan Biodiversity00000
ADMPS 3001Research Methods In Education Policy And Practice00000
ANTH 2524Archelogical Data Recovery And Analsis 200000
AFRCNA 1334Music In Africa00000
ANTH 2537Special Topics In Comparative Archeology Part 200000
ADMJ 1234Introduction To Cybercrime00000
ANTH 2617Paleopathology00000
AFRCNA 1418From Vodou To Santeria: Religions Of The West African Diaspo...00000
ANTH 2750Contemporary Anthropological Theory00000
ADMPS 3087Writing Seminar00000
ANTH 2990Independent Study00000
AFRCNA 1538History Of Black Pittsburgh00000
ARABIC 0121Modern Standard Arabic 1/Levantine 100000
ADMPS 2059Advising And Supporting Skills For Higher Education Professi...00000
ARABIC 1620Arab Cinema00000
AFRCNA 1720West Africa In The Era Of The Slave Trade00000
ARC 0116Global Architecture 2: Modern00000
ADMPS 3101Competent Management Of Fiscal Resources00000
ARC 0902Architectural Studies Proseminar00000
AFRCNA 1903Directed Research00000
ARC 1204Design Studio 400000
ADMJ 1115Criminalistics00000
ARTSC 0020Latin America And Caribbean00000
AFROTC 0006Sophomore Leadership Lab00000
ARTSC 0800Intercultural Experiences00000
ADMPS 3134Contemporary Latinx Issues In Us Higher Education00000
AFROTC 1016National Security Forces00000
ADMJ 0500Introduction To Administration Of Justice00000
ADMJ 1210Juvenile Delinquency00000
ADMJ 1450Critical Issues In Criminal Justice00000
ADMPS 2343Education And Culture00000
AFRCNA 0454Man/Woman Literature00000
ANTH 1701Religion and Race00000