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Peru State Course Reviews

Peru State College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 400Senior Exhibition/Portfolio00000
CMIS 497Directed Study In Computer And Management Information System...00000
HPER 201Foundations Of Health And Physical Education00000
SPED 307Special Education Practicum00000
JOUR 401Journalism Practicum00000
ENG 418Shakespeare00000
BUS 380Human Resources Management00000
COUN 390Group Work00000
HPER 360Physiology Of Exercise00000
EDUC 312K-12 Education Practicum00000
PSYC 330Research Methods00000
MGMT 697Thesis/Action Research Project II00000
EDUC 605Cognition And Learning00000
ART 101Drawing I00000
CJUS 450Criminalistics00000
BUS 232Principles Of Managerial Accounting00000
HIST 202World Civilization After 150000000
CJUS 330Research Methods00000
BUS 342Accounting Information Systems Design & Analysis00000
EDUC 290Selecting And Evaluating Literature For Elementary Curriculu...00000
EDUC 255Differentiated Instruction For Diverse Learners00000
HPER 420Mechanical Kinesiology00000
BUS 420Federal Income Taxes - Corporate, Partnerships, Fiduciary00000
MATH 306Modern Algebra00000
EDUC 337Science, Math, And Social Science For K-3 Education00000
PSCI 301Comparative Government00000
MUSC 215History Of Rock00000
EDUC 523Methods And Curriculum Design In The English As A Second Lan...00000
SOC 300Contemporary Social Problems00000
CJUS 230Policing00000
SPED 430Special Education Methods00000
ENG 203Literature For Children Through Adolescence00000
ART 311Painting00000
BUS 328Principles Of Marketing00000
BIOL 370Natural History Of Invertebrates00000
GEOG 103Human Geography00000
BUS 339Business Finance00000
CMIS 441Computer Management And Information Systems Internship00000
CHEM 102General Chemistry II00000
HIST 497Directed Study In History00000
CJUS 495Seminar In Criminal Justice00000
BIOL 130General Biology00000
COUN 410Addictions00000
HPER 309Curriculum And Educational Leadership In Health And Physical...00000
EDUC 304Middle Level Practicum00000
BUS 372Advanced Cost/Managerial Accounting00000
HPER 416Skills And Content Assessments In Physical Education And Hea...00000
EDUC 300Managing The Learning Environment For Effective Teaching00000
HPER 497Directed Study In Hper00000
BIOL 317Ecology00000
MATH 112College Algebra00000
EDUC 324Methods And Curriculum Design In The English As A Second Lan...00000
MGMT 661New Venture Planning And Financing00000
BUS 468Public Administration00000
MUSC 110Women's Choir00000
EDUC 411Secondary Student Teaching00000
MUSC 498Special Topics In Music00000
MUSC 320Applied Music00000
EDUC 510Current Issues In Education00000
PSCI 468Public Administration00000
CHEM 205Principles Of Qualitative Analysis00000
PSYC 450Abnormal Psychology00000
EDUC 552Introduction To Multimedia Authoring00000
SPCH 250Acting00000
BUS 231Principles Of Financial Accounting00000
SPED 405Special Education/Early Childhood Characteristics & Methods00000
EDUC 697Thesis/Action Research Project II00000
SPED 500Inclusionary Practices For Special Education00000
CJUS 360Criminology00000
ART 206Art Appreciation00000
ENG 330Modern Poetry And Drama00000
ART 321Motion Graphics00000
ART 330Printmaking00000
BIOL 301Microbiology00000
ESCI 240Introduction To Meteorology And Climatology00000
BIOL 497Directed Study In Biology00000
CMIS 210Essentials Of Computer Programming00000
BUS 329Integrated Marketing Communications00000
HIST 114American History After 186500000
BUS 355E-Marketing00000
BUS 337Intermediate Accounting I00000
BUS 442Business Administration Internship00000
HIST 341Modern Europe00000
CJUS 190Criminal Law00000
COLL 101College Success00000
CJUS 401Homeland Security00000
HP 310Democracy Ancient And Modern00000
CMIS 310Network Administration And Implementation00000
ART 218Art History II00000
COUN 300Professional Ethics00000
HPER 222Structural Kinesiology00000
EDUC 208Foundation And Principles Of Teacher Education00000
EDUC 206Principles Of Early Childhood Education00000
HPER 322Coordinated School & Community Health: Program Planning And...00000
ART 112Introduction To Graphic Design00000
ART 313Illustration00000
BIOL 426Vertebrate Diversity00000
BUS 495Business Policy00000
EDUC 428Organization And Administration Of Early Childhood Education00000
MUSC 440Senior Recital00000