Pepperdine Course Reviews

Pepperdine University

HUM 111Western Culture I2.531.512
CHEM 390Inorganic Chemistry00000
EDUC 520Single Subjects Teaching and Content Area Methods00000
FILM 111Film and Culture00000
CRWR 595Creative Writing Internship00000
BIOL 420Microbiology00000
ENG 412Professional Writing00000
ASIA 310A History of Modern Japan00000
BA 355Principles of Marketing00000
COM 218Communication in Organizations00000
COM 322Communication Training and Techniques00000
CRWR 203Introduction to Creative Writing00000
BIOL 107Plants and the Environment00000
ECON 428Behavioral Economics00000
ARTH 425Roman Art and Archaeology00000
ENG 325British Literature00000
CHEM 310LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory00000
ENG 456Shakespeare00000
ART 368Explorations in Watercolor00000
FILM 441Women and Film00000
BA 210Introduction to Microeconomics00000
COM 292Special Topics00000
ART 416Graphic Design00000
BA 442Financial Markets and Institutions00000
COM 411Gender and Communication00000
COM 483Small Group Communication00000
COSC 450Programming Paradigms00000
BA 492Current Issues in Management00000
CRWR 405Advanced Fiction Writing00000
ART 499Directed Studies00000
ECON 410Applied Econometrics00000
BIOL 311Introduction to Ecology00000
EDUC 461Instructional Design00000
ART 250Foundations in Sculpture00000
ENG 201English Studies00000
BIOL 492Selected Topics00000
ENG 335Environmental Literature00000
ARTH 442Islamic Art00000
ENG 436Topics in Multicultural American Literature00000
CHEM 340LQuantitative Analysis Laboratory00000
ENG 492Selected Topics00000
ADV 495Advertising Internship00000
FILM 321World Cinemas00000
CHIN 251Second-Year Chinese I00000
FILM 480Senior Thesis Project in Film00000
ART 376Explorations in Digital Photography00000
COM 250Forensics Production00000
BA 321Financial Management00000
COM 302Introduction to Qualitative Communication Research00000
AMST 592Selected Topics00000
COM 385Argumentation and Advocacy00000
BA 410Business Ethics00000
COM 422Communication Training and Development00000
ART 420Animation00000
BA 449Portfolio Management00000
COM 590Seminar In Communication00000
COM 690Thesis00000
COSC 330Computer Systems00000
BA 471Marketing Strategy00000
COSC 495Internship in Computing00000
ART 495Studio Art Internship00000
CRWR 306Intermediate Poetry Writing00000
BA 498Service Leadership Project00000
CRWR 410Advanced Writing for Screen and Television00000
ART 101Art Fundamentals00000
ECON 212Statistics for Economists00000
BIOL 212Biology of Animals00000
ECON 425Industrial Organization00000
ARTH 300World Art History II00000
ECON 450The Political Economy of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism00000
BIOL 350Genetics00000
EDUC 465Teaching English Learners00000
AC 501Ethics for Accounting00000
EDUC 592Selected Topics00000
BIOL 460Developmental Biology00000
ENG 305Style and Editing Workshop00000
ARTH 432American Art00000
ENG 330American Literature00000
CHEM 120LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory00000
ENG 390Literary Theory00000
ART 350Explorations in Sculpture00000
ENG 425Topics in British Literature (pre-1800)00000
CHEM 330LCellular Biochemistry Laboratory00000
ENG 450Topics in Rhetoric or Literary Theory00000
ARTH 492Special Topics00000
ENG 468Modern British Literature00000
CHEM 370LPhysical Chemistry I Laboratory00000
FA 240Introduction to Art and Architecture00000
AC 311Intermediate Accounting II00000
FILM 300Film Theory and Criticism00000
CHEM 440Advanced Analytical Chemistry00000
FILM 410Advanced Writing for Screen and Television00000
ASIA 350Buddhist Texts, Images, and Practices00000
COM 699Directed Studies00000
CHIN 499Directed Studies00000
AAS 431African American Cinema00000
AC 422Income Tax Accounting00000
ARBC 151Elementary Arabic00000
ART 491Selected Topics00000
BA 456Financial Derivatives00000