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PCC West Course Reviews

Pima Community College, West

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CUL 174From Garden to Table00000
DHE 122Pharmacology00000
BCT 153Finish Tech Cabinet/Furn Makng00000
CIS 265The C Programming Language00000
BIO 184INPlant Biology00000
AVM 100BAircraft Maintenance: Module B00000
DAR 217Post Production for Film00000
ART 141Photography II00000
BCT 287Int'l Residential Code II00000
ART 220Sculpture00000
CIS 133Fundamentals of PC Security00000
BUS 148Ethics in the Workplace00000
ATT 203Avionics Test Equipment00000
CRC 110Clinical Research Common Term00000
ARC 281Global Positioning Systems00000
DAE 169Dental Assist Procedures II00000
AVM 227Engine Air Flow Systems00000
DAR 296I1Independent Proj: Design00000
ANT 180Artifact Identif: Tucson Basin00000
DHE 250Dental Hygiene III00000
ART 210Drawing II00000
BIO 121INHuman Biology and Evolution00000
ANT 253Death Dying Across Cultures00000
BIO 250Biomedical Ethics00000
ART 262Ceramics IV00000
CAD 296Independent Study CAD:200level00000
CAD 142IntroParametric Mod:SolidWorks00000
ASL 201American Sign Language III00000
CIS 218Intro to Voice over IP (VoIP)00000
ARC 204INHumEvol:ApeMen/CaveWmn/MsngLnk00000
CIS 299Adv Co-op: Comp Info Syst00000
AUT 124Auto Diesel Engine Tune-Up00000
CUL 130Savory Cuisine00000
AJS 250Crime Control Policy/Practice00000
DAE 162Dental Assisting I00000
AVM 209Intermediate Electricity00000
DAR 128Digital Photography I00000
ART 1203D Design00000
DAR 254Interactive Design II00000
BCT 120Blueprint Reading for Construc00000
DHE 104LBDental/Oral Morphology Lab00000
AIT 135Electronics Assembly & FabI00000
DHE 196Ind Study Dental Hygiene00000
BCT 190Fieldwork for Construction00000
DLT 101Dental Morphology00000
ANT 206Contemp Native Amer of the SW00000
BIO 109INNatural History of Southwest00000
ART 215Painting I00000
BIO 160INIntro Human Anatomy & Phys00000
AIT 270Robotics I00000
BIO 203Anatomy/Physiology Review HRP00000
ART 248Indiv Projects in Photography00000
BIO 299WKCo-op Work: Biotechnology00000
ANT 277Archaeological Excavation II00000
BUS 277Analytical Methods in Business00000
ART 289Portfolio Capstone00000
CAD 256AdvCommDesign: Revit00000
CAD 157Intro Site Dev and Design00000
ASL 050Conversational Sign Lan I00000
CDA 138Build Parent/Classroom Connect00000
ARC 093Archaeology Workshop00000
CIS 171CISCO II: Network Router Techn00000
ASL 296Ind Study in Sign Language00000
CIS 226Advanced Linux Networking00000
AJS 201Rules of Evidence00000
CIS 280Sys Analy/Des:Concepts & Tools00000
AUT 101Automotive Maintenance00000
CMN 140Interpersonal Communication00000
ARC 267Intro to Geographic Info Systm00000
CRC 291CRC Internship00000
AUT 133AutoTrans/Transaxl Svc/Rebldng00000
CUL 160Pastry Arts I00000
AIT 100Industrial Safety00000
CUL 251Int'l Cuisine: World of Flavor00000
AVM 202Aviation Safety00000
DAE 164LBDental Materials Lab00000
ART 105Exploring Art/Visual Culture00000
DAR 120Applied Computer Graphics00000
AVM 224Atmospheric Controls00000
DAR 175Art of Digital Cinematography00000
ANT 110Buried Cities and Lost Tribes00000
DAR 230Production Techniques/Print00000
BCT 102Building Materials00000
DAR 275Basic Audio Production00000
ART 130Art/Culture:Prehistoric-Gothic00000
DHE 101LCDental Hygiene I Clinical00000
BCT 135NEC Residential Wiring Applic00000
DHE 116LCOral Radiography Clinical00000
ACC 290Internship in Accounting00000
DHE 150Dental Hygiene II00000
BCT 174Electrical III00000
DHE 209Ethics and Practice Management00000
ART 170Metalwork I: Jewelry00000
BCT 265Sustainability for Bldg Trades00000
ACC 205Corp. & Partnership Tax00000
AIS 122Tohono Oodham History Culture00000
AJS 115Criminal Procedures00000
ANT 296Independent Studies in ANT/ARC00000
ART 296I3Independent Study: Metals00000
CAD 203Adv Electro-Mechanical Design00000