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PCC Northwest Course Reviews

Pima Community College, Northwest

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHM 151RCGeneral Chemistry I Recitation00000
CSA 100Computer Literacy00000
AVM 219Airframe Inspections00000
CAD 166Introduction to Revit00000
BCT 159Furniture Design/Construction00000
ATT 204Glass Cockpit Installer00000
CIS 222Implementing Win NT Infrastrct00000
ARC 101Human Origins and Prehistory00000
BCT 120Blueprint Reading for Construc00000
ART 109Watercolor Painting00000
BIO 250Biomedical Ethics00000
BCT 232Residential & Indus HVAC V00000
ART 289Portfolio Capstone00000
CDA 103Curriculum Planning/Schedules00000
ANT 205Intro to SW Prehistory00000
CIS 132Intro to Computer Forensics00000
AUT 139Steering/Alignment Systems00000
CMN 140Interpersonal Communication00000
AIT 225Electrical Systems II00000
CUL 189Culinary Arts Capstone I00000
ARC 278Archaeological Surveying II00000
BCT 146Woodworking I00000
AJS 124Ethics & Admin of Justice00000
BCT 183Resid and Indust Plumbing III00000
ART 140Photography I00000
BIO 182INGeneral Biology II: (Majors)00000
BCT 284National Electrical Code II00000
ART 223Life Drawing II00000
BUS 290Internship in Business00000
ANT 110Buried Cities and Lost Tribes00000
CAD 252Intro Parametric Model: Creo00000
ASL 202American Sign Language IV00000
CHI 102Elementary Chinese II00000
AIT 120Pneumatic Systems00000
CIS 103MS Windows Oper Sys Prof Admin00000
AUT 124Auto Diesel Engine Tune-Up00000
CIS 173CISCO IV: Proj Based Learning00000
ANT 278Archaeological Surveying II00000
CIS 269Data Structures00000
AVM 202Aviation Safety00000
CRC 230Intro Clin Rsrch Stdy Protocol00000
ACC 273Governmental and Nonprofit ACC00000
CUL 153Cakes00000
AVM 232Reciprocating Engine Overhaul00000
DAE 166Dental Assisting II00000
AJS 109Criminal Law00000
BCT 133Residential & Indus HVAC II00000
ARC 295Field Projects00000
BCT 149Cabinetmaking II00000
ACC 296Independent Study Accounting00000
BCT 174Electrical III00000
ART 121Figure Sculpture00000
BCT 231Residential & Indus HVAC IV00000
AJS 205Forensic Pathol-Death Investig00000
BCT 272Electrical V00000
ART 160Ceramics I00000
BIO 156INIntro Biology Allied Health00000
BIO 105INEnvironmental Biology00000
ART 217Painting II00000
BIO 201INHuman Anatomy/Physiology I00000
ANT 102Intro to Cult Anthro & Ling00000
BUS 148Ethics in the Workplace00000
ART 260Ceramics II00000
CAD 151Comp-AidedDesignConstruction00000
AIS 206Contemp Native Americans of SW00000
CAD 196Independent Study/CAD:100Level00000
ASL 050Conversational Sign Lan I00000
CAD 270IntegratedMech/Elec-MechDesign00000
ANT 180Artifact Identif: Tucson Basin00000
CDA 155How Children Learn and Develop00000
AST 102INStars, Galaxies, Universe00000
CHM 130RCFundamental CHM Recitation00000
ACC 211Financial Accounting00000
CHM 235RCGen Organic CHM I Recitation00000
AUT 101Automotive Maintenance00000
CIS 121Web Publishing00000
ANT 253Death Dying Across Cultures00000
CIS 162Database Design & Development00000
AUT 132AutoDrivetrainRemoval/Replacem00000
CIS 219Intro to Virtual Computing00000
AIT 205Electronic Control Systems I00000
CIS 229Protecting Your PC and Network00000
AVM 105Aircraft Sheet Metal Repair I00000
CMN 102Intro to Communication00000
ARB 101Elem Modern Standard Arabic I00000
CRC 102Introduction to Research Data00000
AVM 209Intermediate Electricity00000
CRC 260INLab Skills and Prof Practice00000
ACC 204Individual Tax Accounting00000
CUL 105Food Serv Nutrition/Sanitation00000
AVM 226Engine Electrical Systems00000
CUL 162Art of Chocolate00000
ARC 204INHumEvol:ApeMen/CaveWmn/MsngLnk00000
BCT 105Service,ConsMath,Basic Rigging00000
ACC 150Payroll Accounting00000
ACC 207IRS Enrolled Agent Exam00000
AIS 101Intro Amer Ind Studies00000
AJS 260Criminal Justice Management00000
ART 213Life Drawing I00000
BIO 121INHuman Biology and Evolution00000