PCC East Course Reviews

Pima Community College, East

AVM 130Aircraft Composite Repair I00000
BCT 148Cabinetmaking I00000
ART 140Photography I00000
AUT 122Engine Remove and Install00000
ART 227Painting III00000
ARC 276Archaeological Surveying I00000
AVM 232Reciprocating Engine Overhaul00000
AJS 270Contemporary Iss Criminal Jus00000
ART 213Life Drawing I00000
ANT 148History Indians North America00000
ATT 203Avionics Test Equipment00000
ART 288Portfolio Preparation00000
ARC 060Artifacts and Sites of Tucson00000
AUT 138Auto Suspension Systems00000
AJS 204Criminal Investigations00000
AVM 218Airframe Rigg & Land Gear Syst00000
ART 109Watercolor Painting00000
BCT 120Blueprint Reading for Construc00000
AIT 120Pneumatic Systems00000
BCT 174Electrical III00000
ANT 102Intro to Cult Anthro & Ling00000
ART 217Painting II00000
AIT 210Electronic Control Systems II00000
ART 260Ceramics II00000
ANT 204INHumEvol:ApeMen/CaveWmn/MsngLnk00000
AST 101INSolar System00000
ART 296I5Independent Study: Photography00000
ANT 286Electronic & Digital Field Map00000
AUT 100Small Engine Troublesht&Repair00000
AJS 123Corrections as a Process00000
AUT 129Auto Electrical Accessories00000
ARC 181Global Positioning Sys Basics00000
AVM 100BAircraft Maintenance: Module B00000
AIS 205Intro to SW Prehistory00000
AVM 207Weight and Balance00000
ARC 295Field Projects00000
AVM 226Engine Electrical Systems00000
AJS 225Criminology00000
BCT 105Service,ConsMath,Basic Rigging00000
ART 121Figure Sculpture00000
BCT 135NEC Residential Wiring Applic00000
ACC 290Internship in Accounting00000
BCT 159Furniture Design/Construction00000
ART 160Ceramics I00000
BCT 182Resid and Indust Plumbing II00000
AIT 135Electronics Assembly & FabI00000
ART 215Painting I00000
ANT 112Exploring Non-Western Cultures00000
ART 219Printmaking III00000
ACC 296Independent Study Accounting00000
ART 249Artists' Books00000
ANT 181Global Positioning Sys Basics00000
ART 262Ceramics IV00000
AIT 225Electrical Systems II00000
ART 289Portfolio Capstone00000
ANT 206Contemp Native Amer of the SW00000
ASL 203Comparative Analysis ASL/ENL00000
ASL 050Conversational Sign Lan I00000
ANT 276Archaeological Surveying I00000
AST 105INLife in the Universe00000
AJS 113Crime Control Policy/Practice00000
ATT 205Op Sys III Infrared Wx Radar00000
ARB 101Elem Modern Standard Arabic I00000
AUT 105Light Line Maintenance00000
AIS 122Tohono Oodham History Culture00000
AUT 126EnginePerf/DriveabltyTrblshoot00000
ARC 110Buried Cities and Lost Tribes00000
AUT 133AutoTrans/Transaxl Svc/Rebldng00000
AJS 170Forensic Pathol-Death Investig00000
AUT 140Auto Brakes Diagnosis/Repair00000
ARC 205Intro to SW Prehistory00000
AVM 110Aircraft Blueprint Reading00000
ACC 273Governmental Accounting00000
AVM 205Motion Dynamics00000
ARC 281Global Positioning Systems00000
AVM 211Alternate Structures00000
AJS 210Police Community/Hum Relations00000
AVM 224Atmospheric Controls00000
ART 105Exploring Art/Visual Culture00000
AVM 229Engine Support Systems00000
AIT 105Maintenance Operations00000
BCT 101Principles of Construction00000
ART 115Color and Composition00000
BCT 107SafetyHand&PowerToolsBlueprint00000
AJS 260Criminal Justice Management00000
BCT 133Residential & Indus HVAC II00000
ART 130Art/Culture:Prehistoric-Gothic00000
BCT 146Woodworking I00000
ACC 205Corp. & Partnership Tax00000
BCT 150Plumbing Basics00000
ART 146Lighting for Photography I00000
BCT 172Electrical I00000
AJS 290AJS Internship00000
ART 210Drawing II00000
ACC 150Payroll Accounting00000
ACC 211Financial Accounting00000
AIS 101Intro Amer Ind Studies00000
AJS 101Intro Admin of Justice Systems00000
ANT 250Archaeology Laboratory00000
ASL 102American Sign Language II00000