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PCC Downtown Course Reviews

Pima Community College, Downtown

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 105INEnvironmental Biology00000
CAD 114Electronic Manufact Processes00000
AUT 142Auto Heating, Vent, and AC00000
BCT 237Resid and Indust Plumbing V00000
AVM 260Aircraft Composite Repair II00000
ATT 110Avionic Familiriztn Electr Rev00000
BIO 201INHuman Anatomy/Physiology I00000
ARC 181Global Positioning Sys Basics00000
AVM 207Weight and Balance00000
ART 1203D Design00000
BCT 233Residential & Indus HVAC VI00000
BCT 113Hand and Power Tools00000
ART 296I5Independent Study: Photography00000
BCT 272Electrical V00000
ANT 206Contemp Native Amer of the SW00000
BIO 156INIntro Biology Allied Health00000
ATT 214App Avionics Knowledge00000
BUS 125eCommerce00000
AIT 135Electronics Assembly & FabI00000
CAD 196Independent Study/CAD:100Level00000
ARC 295Field Projects00000
AVM 225Fire, Ice, Rain & Fuel Systems00000
AJS 101Intro Admin of Justice Systems00000
BCT 105Service,ConsMath,Basic Rigging00000
ART 147Alt. Processes in Photography00000
BCT 181Residential & Indus Plumbing I00000
BCT 130EPA Clean Air Act: Section 60800000
ART 261Ceramics III00000
BCT 235NEC Commercial Wiring Applicat00000
ANT 110Buried Cities and Lost Tribes00000
BCT 239Resid and Indust Plumbing VII00000
AST 101INSolar System00000
BCT 286Int'l Residential Code I00000
AIS 205Intro to SW Prehistory00000
BIO 115INWildlife Of North America00000
ATT 203Avionics Test Equipment00000
BIO 182INGeneral Biology II: (Majors)00000
ARB 101Elem Modern Standard Arabic I00000
BIO 218Human Pathophysiology00000
AUT 128AutoElectricalFundmntls/Apps00000
BUS 290Internship in Business00000
ACC 273Governmental Accounting00000
CAD 154Integrated Circuit Design I00000
AVM 130Aircraft Composite Repair I00000
CAD 203Adv Electro-Mechanical Design00000
AIT 225Electrical Systems II00000
AVM 218Airframe Rigg & Land Gear Syst00000
ART 106Survey Paint Material/Tech00000
AVM 231Engine Prncpls/Monitrng/Inspec00000
ACC 292Income Tax Prep Experience00000
BCT 101Principles of Construction00000
ART 131Art/Culture:LateGothic to Mod00000
BCT 110OSHA10fortheConstructionIndust00000
AJS 124Ethics & Admin of Justice00000
BCT 114Blueprint Reading00000
ART 212Printmaking I00000
BCT 153Finish Tech Cabinet/Furn Makng00000
BCT 133Residential & Indus HVAC II00000
ART 223Life Drawing II00000
BCT 202Construction Business Mgmt00000
AJS 265Issues in Admin of Justice00000
BCT 234Residential & Indus HVAC VII00000
ART 288Portfolio Preparation00000
BCT 236Resid and Indust Plumbing IV00000
AIS 148History Indians North America00000
BCT 238Resid and Indust Plumbing VI00000
ASL 201American Sign Language III00000
BCT 271Electrical IV00000
ANT 181Global Positioning Sys Basics00000
BCT 274Electrical VII00000
ATT 100Basic Electricity for Avionics00000
BCT 290Building&ConstTechCapstone00000
ACC 221Intermed Accounting I00000
BIO 109INNatural History of Southwest00000
ATT 112Airframe Instrument Systems00000
BIO 127INHuman Nutrition & Biology00000
ANT 281Global Positioning Systems00000
BIO 160INIntro Human Anatomy & Phys00000
ATT 210Dependent Navigation Systems00000
BIO 184INPlant Biology00000
AIT 120Pneumatic Systems00000
BIO 202INHuman Anatomy/Physiology II00000
AUT 120Engine Diagnosis and Repair00000
BIO 296Special Projects in Biology00000
ARC 110Buried Cities and Lost Tribes00000
BUS 151Mathematics of Business00000
AUT 136ManualTrans/Driveline Srvc00000
CAD 101Computer-Aided Drafting00000
ACC 190Internship in Accounting00000
CAD 142IntroParametric Mod:SolidWorks00000
AVM 105Aircraft Sheet Metal Repair I00000
CAD 157Intro Site Dev and Design00000
ARC 276Archaeological Surveying I00000
AVM 203Aircraft Sheet Metal Repair V00000
ACC 100Practical Account Proced00000
ACC 205Corp. & Partnership Tax00000
AFA 130The African Diaspora00000
AJS 205Forensic Pathol-Death Investig00000
ART 218Screenprinting II00000
BCT 147Woodworking II00000