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PCC Desert Vista Course Reviews

Pima Community College, Desert Vista

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
DAR 259Mobile Application Design00000
ECE 248Early Childhood Curriculum00000
BCT 106Soldering/Brazing for BCT00000
CHM 121INChemistry and Society00000
BCT 271Electrical IV00000
AUT 132AutoDrivetrainRemoval/Replacem00000
DLT 204LBDental Laboratory II00000
ART 1203D Design00000
BCT 150Plumbing Basics00000
ART 212Printmaking I00000
CDA 112Guidance Prin For Self-Discipl00000
BIO 127INHuman Nutrition & Biology00000
AST 105INLife in the Universe00000
CRC 110Clinical Research Common Term00000
ARC 180Artifact Identif: Tucson Basin00000
DHE 150LBDental Hygiene II Lab00000
AVM 211Alternate Structures00000
ECE 117Child Growth and Development00000
AJS 225Criminology00000
EDC 256Class Mgmt: Secondary00000
ART 141Photography II00000
BCT 183Resid and Indust Plumbing III00000
ANT 148History Indians North America00000
BCT 290Building&ConstTechCapstone00000
ART 223Life Drawing II00000
CAD 257AdvLandDevDesign:Civil3D00000
CAD 101Computer-Aided Drafting00000
ASL 101American Sign Language I00000
CDA 173Ages & Stages of Child: Presch00000
ARB 101Elem Modern Standard Arabic I00000
CMN 120Bus & Prof Communication00000
AUT 101Automotive Maintenance00000
CSA 100Computer Literacy00000
AJS 109Criminal Law00000
DAR 296I1Independent Proj: Design00000
AVM 105Aircraft Sheet Metal Repair I00000
DHE 255Dental Hygiene IV00000
ARC 286Electronic & Digital Field Map00000
DNC 166Modern Dance I00000
AVM 229Engine Support Systems00000
ECE 211Inclusion Child Special Needs00000
AIS 122Tohono Oodham History Culture00000
ECN 201HCMicroeconomics Principles: HC00000
BCT 133Residential & Indus HVAC II00000
EDC 264Practicum 1: Secondary00000
ANT 102Intro to Cult Anthro & Ling00000
BCT 173Electrical II00000
ART 170Metalwork I: Jewelry00000
BCT 232Residential & Indus HVAC V00000
AIT 100Industrial Safety00000
BCT 273Electrical VI00000
ART 218Screenprinting II00000
BIO 109INNatural History of Southwest00000
ANT 205Intro to SW Prehistory00000
BUS 205Stat Methods in Economics/Busi00000
ART 260Ceramics II00000
CAD 206Commercial Design: Revit00000
CAD 151Comp-AidedDesignConstruction00000
ART 296I2Independent Study: Ceramics00000
CAD 296Independent Study CAD:200level00000
ANT 281Global Positioning Systems00000
CDA 155How Children Learn and Develop00000
ASL 203Comparative Analysis ASL/ENL00000
CDA 271Professionalism00000
AIT 215Process Control Systems00000
CHM 140RCFund. Org. & BioCHM Recitation00000
ATT 204Glass Cockpit Installer00000
CMN 228ResearchMethodsInCommunication00000
ARC 060Artifacts and Sites of Tucson00000
CRC 250INClin Res Site Coord and Mgmt00000
AUT 124Auto Diesel Engine Tune-Up00000
DAR 254Interactive Design II00000
ACC 292Income Tax Prep Experience00000
DAR 286Digital Cinema Capstone00000
AUT 139Steering/Alignment Systems00000
DHE 122Pharmacology00000
ARC 205Intro to SW Prehistory00000
DHE 213CBAdv Periodontal Srvcs Clinic B00000
AVM 206Materials and Processes00000
DLT 104Dental Occlusion00000
AJS 201Rules of Evidence00000
DLT 206LBDental Ceramics00000
AVM 224Atmospheric Controls00000
DNC 269Dance Ensemble00000
ART 106Survey Paint Material/Tech00000
ECE 125Nutrition/Hlth/Sfty YngChild00000
AVM 233Turbine Engines00000
ECE 226Positive Child Guidance00000
ACC 205Corp. & Partnership Tax00000
ECN 150HCEconomics Perspective: Honors00000
BCT 123Concrete/Masonry00000
EDC 250Introduction to Teaching00000
ART 121Figure Sculpture00000
BCT 146Woodworking I00000
ACC 100Practical Account Proced00000
ACC 221Intermed Accounting I00000
AIT 125Electrical Systems I00000
ANT 253Death Dying Across Cultures00000
ART 262Ceramics IV00000
CAD 172Geometric Dimensioning00000