PCC Course Reviews

Pasadena City College

ART 064Introduction To Interaction Design00000
AUTO 206ABasic Automotive Electrical Systems00000
ART 003BHistory of Asian Art00000
ART 041CInterior Design: Space Planning and Materials III00000
ART 020CAdvanced Painting00000
ARCH 010BDesign Fundamentals00000
ASL 002Elementary American Sign Language00000
AJ 022Concepts of Enforcement Services00000
ART 011AFoundation Drawing00000
AMER 125American Institutions00000
ART 038DCeramics00000
ART 025Beginning Sculpture00000
ANTH 009Gender, Sex and Culture00000
ART 052AIntroduction to Illustration00000
AJ 010Introduction to the Administration of Justice00000
ART 118Advanced Rendering00000
ARCH 022AArchitectural Practice00000
AT 113Anesthesia Pharmacology00000
AHSD 6412U.S. History: Reconstruction to Present00000
AUTO 223Automatic Transmissions And Transaxles00000
AJ 130N/A00000
ART 012BLife Drawing00000
AHSD 6416Global Affairs00000
ART 021Contemporary Painting Practice00000
ANAT 110Dissection Anatomy00000
ART 036BJewelry/Metal Fabrication II00000
ART 031BColor Theory00000
ANTH 004Anthropology of Religion, Magic, Witchcraft00000
ART 039DHandbuilt Ceramics00000
AHSD 6428Physical Science - Chemistry00000
ART 050AIntroduction To Graphic Design & Advertising00000
ANTH 086Chicano/A and Latino/A American Culture00000
ART 059Creative Coding For The Internet00000
AHSD 6405U.S. Literature00000
ART 081Game Design With Game Engines00000
ARCH 013Architectural Portfolio Preparation00000
ART 155B3-D Animation And Simulations00000
AJ 018Community Relations00000
ASTR 001Elementary Astronomy00000
ARMN 002Elementary Armenian00000
AUTO 202Automatic Transmission And Transaxles00000
ACCT 104CIncome Tax Preparation00000
AUTO 208AN/A00000
ART 004AHistory Of Ancient Art In The West00000
AUTO 227Advanced Engine Performance00000
AHSD 6414Introduction to Economics00000
ART 011CPortfolio Development of Drawing00000
AJ 185Homeland Security00000
ART 016Perspective00000
ART 020ABeginning Painting00000
ANAT 025Human Anatomy00000
ART 022ABeginning Watercolor Painting00000
AHSD 6422Mathematics Pre-Algebra00000
ART 027N/A00000
ART 034AApplied Design I - Materials and Processes00000
ART 032ADesign-Three Dimensional00000
ANTH 002HHonors Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 036AJewelry/Metal Fabrication00000
AHSD 6426Life Science - Biology00000
ART 038BCeramics00000
ANTH 006Archaeology of the Ancient World00000
ART 039BHandbuilt Ceramics00000
AHSD 6403Essentials in Writing a00000
ART 041BInterior Design: Space Planning and Materials II00000
ANTH 020Independent Study00000
ART 051ATypography Lettering00000
AHSD 6432Art History00000
ART 056Introduction To Digital Painting And Drawing00000
ARBC 002Elementary Arabic00000
ART 061Creative Coding For Mobile Devices00000
ACCT 104BPayroll Accounting00000
ART 075Exhibition and Presentation of Visual Art00000
ARCH 012AVisual Communications I00000
ART 085A3D Modeling & Sculpting00000
AJ 014Legal Aspects of Evidence00000
ART 145Portfolio Development And Critique00000
ARCH 020AArchitectural Design00000
ART 180Digital Media Incubator00000
AHSD 6408Literature In A Multicultural Society00000
ASL 004Intermediate American Sign Language--Level 200000
ARCH 024AHistory of Architecture00000
ASTR 020Independent Study00000
AJ 019Principles of Investigation00000
AT 115Advanced Anesthesia Equipment - Theory and Lab00000
ART 001AHistory of Western Art - Prehistoric Through Medieval00000
AUTO 203Manual Transmission, Transaxle, And Drivetrain00000
ACCT 001AFinancial Accounting00000
AUTO 206BAutomotive Electrical Systems00000
ART 004DHistory of Modern Art00000
AUTO 208BN/A00000
AJ 128Use of Force00000
ART 007Pre-Columbian Art00000
ABE 3001Language Arts00000
ACCT 001BManagerial Accounting00000
AHSD 6401Fundamentals of Grammar a00000
AHSD 6424Algebra Ib00000
ANTH 001HHonors Physical Anthropology00000
ART 033AProduct Design Application I00000