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PCC Course Reviews

Pasadena City College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CIS 010Introduction to Information Systems00000
DA 127Clinical Experience II00000
BIOL 011General Biology00000
CHDV 035Introduction to Curriculum and Strategies for Children With...00000
BLDG 223Principles of Plumbing Inspection00000
ASTR 020Independent Study00000
COSM 101Haircutting00000
ART 020CAdvanced Painting00000
BIT 106Business Software-Introduction to Microsoft Office System00000
ART 033AProduct Design Application I00000
CHDV 013APracticum in Child Development-A00000
BUS 116Entrepreneurship00000
ART 080Foundations Of Interactive Game Design00000
CHIN 003Intermediate Chinese (Mandarin) - Level 100000
ART 003BHistory of Asian Art00000
CIS 065Digital Forensics Fundamentals00000
AUTO 207Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning00000
CS 003CFundamentals of Computer Science II (Python)00000
AJ 130N/A00000
DANC 011ABALLET I Lab Courses00000
ART 025Beginning Sculpture00000
BIT 128Business Software-Microsoft Word00000
ANTH 002HHonors Cultural Anthropology00000
BUS 012ABusiness Law00000
ART 038DCeramics00000
BUSN 7310Computer Microsoft Windows Applications-Bilingual00000
BUSN 2601BComputer Keyboarding B00000
ART 052AIntroduction to Illustration00000
CHDV 022Infant Toddler Care and Education00000
ARCH 020AArchitectural Design00000
CHEM 002AChemistry - General, Organic and Biochemistry I00000
ART 158Interactivity For The Internet00000
CINE 007AEarly Film History00000
AJ 014Legal Aspects of Evidence00000
CIS 040Unix/Linux Administration00000
AUTO 140AVehicle Maintenance00000
CIS 192Introduction to Web Development00000
ART 011AFoundation Drawing00000
COUN 011Learning Strategies and College Skills Development00000
BIOL 002Animal Biology00000
CUL 154BN/A00000
AHSD 6413Introduction to American Government00000
DANC 006ATAP DANCE I Lab Courses00000
BIOL 038Cell And Molecular Biology00000
DANC 015AJAZZ DANCE I Lab Courses00000
ANAT 110Dissection Anatomy00000
BIT 117Collaborative Web-Based Workspaces00000
ART 031BColor Theory00000
BLDG 215N/A00000
AHSD 6422Mathematics Pre-Algebra00000
BUS 002Personal Finance00000
ART 036BJewelry/Metal Fabrication II00000
BUS 016Business Computations Using Technology00000
ANTH 007N/A00000
BUS 151International Marketing00000
ART 039DHandbuilt Ceramics00000
BUSN 7304Fundamentals of Office Records Management and Filing00000
BUSN 4002Managing a Small Business00000
ART 050CAdvanced Graphic Design & Advertising00000
CHDN 1102Basic Skills For Child Care Provider00000
ARCH 011Introduction to Architecture00000
CHDV 015Child, Family and Community00000
ART 061Creative Coding For Mobile Devices00000
CHDV 024ASpecial Topics In Child Development - Health And Safety00000
AHSD 6432Art History00000
CHDV 122FField Practice in Early Intervention/Special Education00000
ART 118Advanced Rendering00000
CHEM 022Introductory Chemistry00000
ARCH 024AHistory of Architecture00000
CHIN 022Chinese Calligraphy00000
ASL 002Elementary American Sign Language00000
CINE 027Cinematography00000
AHSD 6404Essentials in Writing B00000
CIS 020Independent Study00000
CIS 061Introduction to Information Systems Security00000
ART 005Art Fundamentals00000
CIS 151Vcp-Dcv: Vmware Vsphere Administration00000
AUTO 203Manual Transmission, Transaxle, And Drivetrain00000
COMM 001Survey of Mass Communication00000
AJ 022Concepts of Enforcement Services00000
COSM 106Nail Care00000
AUTO 226Engine Performance00000
COUN 030N/A00000
ART 012BLife Drawing00000
CS 020Independent Study00000
BIOL 010CGenetics00000
DA 111Applied Human Behavior00000
ACCT 104AComputerized Accounting - Quickbooks00000
BIOL 020Independent Study00000
DANC 009BMODERN DANCE II Lab Courses00000
ART 021Contemporary Painting Practice00000
BIOL 102DBiological Technology - Laboratory Internship00000
ABE 3002Mathematics00000
AHSD 6400Practical English Skills00000
AHSD 6426Life Science - Biology00000
ANTH 086Chicano/A and Latino/A American Culture00000
ART 039BHandbuilt Ceramics00000
BUSN 4403Financing A Small Business -Bilingual00000