PC Course Reviews

Providence College

AST 218Asian Art Through VR Games00000
BIO 220Intro to Tropical Biology00000
ARB 101Elementary Arabic I00000
ART 374Photography IV00000
ARH 306Baroque and Rococo Art00000
AMS 445Consumer Society00000
BIO 106General Biology II00000
AMS 279ST: Asian American Literature00000
ARH 107The African-American Artist00000
AMS 311American Constitutional Law00000
ART 243Digital Imaging:Screenprinting00000
ARH 498Principles of Research00000
AMS 36820th Century American Drama00000
ART 493Sculpture Thesis00000
AMS 231Modern Latin American History00000
AST 370Special Topics Asian Studies00000
APG 309Intro Latin Amer Anthropology00000
BIO 200Cell Bio & Molecular Genetics00000
AMS 107African American Artist00000
BIO 250Biogeochemistry00000
AMS 306The American Presidency00000
ARH 271America Thru Camera's Eye00000
AMS 205Introduction to Public History00000
ARH 380Interpretive Methods Art Hist00000
AMS 324American Diplomatic Hist II00000
ART 170Introduction To Photography00000
ART 108Intro to Desktop Publishing00000
AMS 364Modern American Fiction00000
ART 273Intro to Digital Photography00000
AMS 224American Film Genres00000
ART 470Special Topics: Thesis Prep00000
AMS 384Politics of 1960s in America00000
ART 498Digital Imaging Thesis00000
ACC 490Ind Study in Accounting00000
AST 321Chinese Politics00000
AMS 483Simple Life In Amer Culture00000
BIO 104General Biology II00000
AMS 256US History: 1789-187700000
BIO 124Ethnobotany00000
APG 444The Global Food System00000
BIO 205Human Anatomy00000
ACC 311Intermediate Accounting II00000
BIO 230Invertebrate Zoology00000
ARB 201Arabic Composition00000
BIO 308Genetics00000
AMS 121Hist Film-Clsc Hollywd &Beyond00000
ARH 200Art of Ancient Classical World00000
AMS 308Urban Sociology00000
ARH 304American & Eur Art Since 194500000
ACC 405Advanced Accounting00000
ARH 320Women in Arts 1960-Present00000
AMS 313The Power Of Whiteness00000
ARH 470ST: Apocalypse, Plague & Death00000
AMS 207American Art00000
ART 102Visual Design 3D00000
AMS 330Hamilton & Jefferson 1789-181500000
ART 151Ceramics I00000
ART 111Drawing Fundamentals00000
AMS 355American Lit to 186500000
ART 205Design Thinking & Prob Solving00000
AMS 215Diversity Lat Am Religious His00000
ART 270ST: Figure & Portrait Drawing00000
AMS 366Corps & Entrepreneurs Us Hist00000
ART 333Community Lens00000
ACC 470ST: Audit Innovation00000
ART 375Digital Workflow: LF Photo00000
AMS 375Food in US History00000
ART 490Independent Study I00000
AMS 227History of Jazz00000
ART 496Ceramics Thesis00000
AMS 413The Power of Whiteness00000
AST 104Asian Art00000
ACC 301Cost Accounting00000
AST 298Early Modern East Asia00000
AMS 470ST: American Gov't & Politics00000
AST 368Modern Japan00000
AMS 242Intro to Latinx Literature00000
BIO 103General Biology I00000
APG 101Intro Socio-Cultural Anthrplgy00000
BIO 105General Biology I00000
AMS 103US History to 187700000
BIO 121Environmental Biology00000
APG 360Prehistoric Archaeology00000
BIO 126Evolution And Modern Biology00000
AMS 258American Century 1939-Present00000
BIO 201Comparative Anatomy00000
APG 479ST:Gender,Medicine & Care00000
BIO 215Histology and Cytology00000
ACC 113Data Applications in Business00000
BIO 225Symbiosis00000
ARB 103Intermediate Arabic I00000
BIO 240Marine Biology00000
AMS 305Social Movements00000
ARH 104Asian Art00000
ACC 110Computer Applicatns In Bus I00000
ACC 203Financial Accounting00000
ACC 412Auditing00000
AMS 213African American Artist00000
AMS 345The Consumer Society00000
ART 131Painting I00000