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PC Course Reviews

Providence College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EPS 430Thermodynamics00000
FRN 102Elementary French II00000
ENG 355American Lit to 186500000
EPS 111LElementary Physics I Lab00000
ENG 36820th Century American Drama00000
ENG 304History of English Language00000
FIN 320Insurance and Risk Management00000
EDU 767Diverse Literatures K-1200000
ENG 364Modern American Fiction00000
EDU 813Educational Measurement00000
ENG 492Publishing & Producing Alembic00000
ENG 376Toni Morrison00000
ENG 231Survey British Literature I00000
EPS 222Elements Of Systems Modeling00000
EDU 676Student Devlpmnt in Higher Ed00000
FIN 210Intro to Finance Profession00000
ENG 316Chaucer's Love Poetry00000
FIN 450Finance Internship00000
EDU 606Tch Read Special Need Student00000
FRN 322Survey of French Literature II00000
EDU 804Teaching Intership III00000
ENG 366Developments 20th C Fiction00000
EDU 617Behavior Strategies00000
ENG 372Contemporary Drama00000
EDU 835Learning Differences00000
ENG 481Seminar: Cormac McCarthy00000
ENG 385Advanced Writing00000
ENG 202Rhetorical Analysis00000
EPS 102LGeneral Physics II Lab00000
EDU 668Language, Literacy & Culture00000
EPS 131Intro to Engineering00000
ENG 279ST: Asian American Literature00000
EPS 303Systems Apprch Cmplx Prob Sol00000
EDU 555Projects Counsel And Guidance00000
EPS 496Research00000
ENG 311Shakespeare: History/Comedies00000
FIN 308Managerial Finance II00000
EDU 690Career Counseling in Higher Ed00000
FIN 420Corporate Treasury Management00000
ENG 349Nature and the Arts00000
FIN 490Independent Study00000
EDU 522Operations and Management00000
FRN 210Conversational French00000
ENG 359Communications Internship00000
FRN 402French Poetry 19th and 20thC's00000
EDU 613Vocational Programming00000
ENG 36520th C African-American Lit00000
EDU 808Methods Secondary Education00000
ENG 367Modern Brit and Amer Poetry00000
EDU 532Curriculum Design/Constructn00000
ENG 369Women In Literature00000
EDU 829Design/Implmnt Counsl Prgrm00000
ENG 373U.S. Fiction Since 196000000
EDU 630Practice Teach Elem Spcl Educ00000
ENG 381Creative Writing: Poetry00000
EDU 842The Literacy Coach00000
ENG 461Tut:Fiction,Jrnalism&Baseball00000
ENG 400Literary Criticism and Theory00000
ENG 194Science Fiction00000
ENG 489Seminar: Fiction Capstone00000
EDU 665English Applied Linguistics00000
ENG 499Senior Thesis00000
ENG 204Literary Editing & Publishing00000
EPS 105Conceptual Physics00000
EDU 546Group Counseling00000
EPS 112Elementary Physics II00000
ENG 241Intro to Latinx Literature00000
EPS 202Electronic Devices w/lab00000
EDU 670Foundations of Amer Higher Edu00000
EPS 301Mechanics00000
ENG 285Intro to Creative Writing00000
EPS 396Research00000
EDU 514Prgrm Eval:Rsrch Cont Imprvmnt00000
EPS 490Independent Study00000
ENG 307Chaucer's Canterbury Tales00000
FIN 200Principles of Investing00000
EDU 682Higher Education Law & Policy00000
FIN 217Statistical Analy Bus Dec I00000
ENG 313Renaissance Drama00000
FIN 311Management Science00000
EDU 568Counseling Internship II00000
FIN 417Fixed Income Securities00000
ENG 321Age of Satire00000
FIN 440Options and Futures00000
EDU 710Foundations Bilingual Educatn00000
FIN 475Financial Modeling00000
ENG 353Victorian Age00000
FIN 496Student Managed Invest Fund II00000
EDU 471ST: Education Program Prep00000
FRN 104Intermediate French II00000
ENG 357Modern Drama00000
FRN 304French Culture00000
EDU 791Education Psychology00000
ENG 36320th C British Novel00000
EDU 416Teach Math Scnd School00000
EDU 504Supervsn Personnel Problms Ed00000
EDU 541Theories of Counseling00000
EDU 645Families in Crisis00000
ENG 175Intro to Literature00000
ENG 441SIL:ModernUtopian&DystopianLit00000