Pace Course Reviews

Pace University

BMB 609Special Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology00000
CHE 224BOrganic Chemistry II (Laboratory)00000
ART 297TDrawing and Painting on Site00000
BIO 321Developmental Biology00000
ART 341Life Drawing and Anatomy00000
ART 255Documentary Photography00000
CHE 106Chemistry Of Food And Cooking00000
ART 153Introduction to Photography00000
ART 298GTopic: Icp Non-Silver Printing00000
ART 186Digital Design I00000
BIO 251Principles of Human Anatomy00000
ART 481Art History Seminar II00000
ART 226Native American Art History00000
BIO 399XGenomics00000
ANT 296ZTopic: Economic Anthropology00000
BMB 712Thesis Preparation00000
ART 273Graphic Design 200000
CHE 112DGeneral Chemistry II Discussion Group00000
ACC 645Theory and Analysis of Financial Statements00000
CHE 330Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
ART 1693D Design00000
ART 298ETopics: Icp Daily Practice: The Photo Journal00000
ACC 685Analytics for Fraud Detection and Risk Assessment00000
ART 380Computer Illustration00000
ART 201Art History: Ancient Greek Art00000
BIO 210Ecology00000
BIO 114Evolution00000
ART 217Art History: Latin American Art00000
BIO 301Tropical Ecosystem Assessment00000
AMS 399Seminar in American Studies00000
BIO 345Introduction to Toxicology00000
ART 238Painting in Watercolor II00000
BIO 492Internship in Biology II00000
ACC 620Accounting Entities00000
BMB 629Molecular Biochemisty00000
ART 268International Center for Photography: Portrait Photography00000
BUS 150Contemporary Business Practice00000
ART 103Art History: Renaissance Through Modern Art00000
CHE 111AGeneral Chemistry I (Lecture)00000
ART 287Digital Design II00000
CHE 213Foundations of Organic Chemistry00000
ACC 375Accounting Information Systems00000
CHE 302Physical Chemistry II00000
ART 297VGraphic Design 200000
CHE 333Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
ACC 664Advanced Auditing and Analytics00000
ART 298KTopic: Icp Power Of The Color Image: Exploring Color In And...00000
ART 176Visual Literacy00000
ART 306Project Studio A00000
ACC 461Auditing I00000
ART 351Digital Photography 200000
ART 196WDigital Drawing I00000
ART 395Independent Study in Art and Design00000
AMS 102Introduction to American Studies00000
BIO 101General Biology I00000
ART 205Contemporary Art History00000
BIO 153Anatomy and Physiology II00000
BIO 123Biology and Contemporary Society00000
ART 214Art History: Modern Art00000
BIO 231Genetics00000
AMS 296DConstructing Whiteness in America00000
BIO 292Biology Laboratory Research Training00000
ART 220Art History: Aspects of Asian Art00000
BIO 301BTropical Ecosystem Assessment II00000
ACC 615Financial Reporting I00000
BIO 334General Physiology00000
ART 233Public Art In The Urban Context00000
BIO 375Advanced Cell Biology00000
ANT 108Global Culture and Local Identities00000
BIO 490AMajor Field Test in Biology00000
ART 245Art History: History of Photography00000
BMB 601Graduate Colloquium00000
ACC 333Advanced Accounting00000
BMB 620Quantitative Methods: Data Analysis and Presentation00000
ART 263International Center for Photography: Fashion Photography00000
BMB 640Physical Biochemistry00000
ARA 102Elementary Arabic II00000
BUS 043Business Writing00000
ART 270ICP: The Power of the Color Image: Exploring Color in and ou...00000
BUS 496Advanced Professional Development for Career Readiness00000
ACC 635Advanced Auditing Practices00000
CHE 110The Chemical World00000
ART 283Live Art Performance, the Body, and the Camera00000
CHE 111General Chemistry I00000
ART 138Painting in Watercolor I00000
CHE 112BGeneral Chemistry II (Laboratory)00000
ART 289Video I00000
CHE 223BOrganic Chemistry I (Laboratory)00000
ACC 204Managerial Accounting00000
CHE 224AOrganic Chemistry II (Lecture)00000
ART 297PVideo II00000
CHE 326Biochemistry00000
ART 164Principles of Design00000
ART 298DTopic: French Art: From the Middle Ages to Modern Times00000
ACC 040BCPA Review Auditing and Attestation00000
ACC 305Internal Auditing I00000
ACC 495Business Honors Program Senior Thesis in Accounting00000
AMS 210Native and Indigenous Peoples Studies00000
ART 209Art History: Baroque Art in Flanders and Holland00000
BIO 127Microbes in our lives-Friend or Foe?00000