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Pace Course Reviews

Pace University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHE 370Advanced Biophysical Chemistry: Membrane Transport and Ionic...00000
CIT 312Introduction to Programming I00000
BIO 102General Biology II00000
CHE 112General Chemistry II00000
BIO 292Biology Laboratory Research Training00000
ART 298TIntroduction to Packaging Design00000
CHP 243The Psychology of Language00000
ART 207Art History: Architectural History of New York City00000
BIO 153Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ART 226Native American Art History00000
BUS 101Contemporary Business Practice00000
BIO 359Immunology00000
ART 288Mobile Media: City as Screen00000
CHE 224AOrganic Chemistry II (Lecture)00000
ART 165Mixed Media00000
CHP 109Basketball for Men and Women00000
ART 360Video II00000
CIS 122LAdvanced Spreadsheet Skills Test Prep00000
ANT 212Magic and the Spirit World00000
CIT 361Forensic Investigation, Acquisition, and Analysis of Digital...00000
ART 216Art History: American Art00000
BIO 231Genetics00000
ANT 228Political Anthropology00000
BIO 325Neurobiology00000
ART 235Traditional Animation00000
BMB 640Physical Biochemistry00000
BIO 480Research in Biology00000
ART 270ICP: The Power of the Color Image: Exploring Color in and ou...00000
CHE 107Forensic Chemistry I00000
ART 133Ceramics I00000
CHE 221Analytical Methods and Techniques00000
ART 297WTopics: Narrative Video and Film00000
CHE 326Biochemistry00000
AMS 396Internship In American Studies00000
CHI 102Elementary Chinese II (Mandarin)00000
ART 307Project Studio B00000
CHP 146Yoga00000
ART 196OTopics: ICP Faces, Masks, Narrative: Contemporary Portraits00000
CIS 102TTopic: Intergenerational Computing00000
ART 427Visual Communication and Technology00000
CIT 201Introduction to Programming Using Python00000
ACC 664Advanced Auditing and Analytics00000
CIT 342Systems Analysis and Design00000
BIO 124Introduction to Neuroscience00000
CIT 396DTopics: Blue CoLab Clinic00000
ANT 220Anthropology of Violence00000
BIO 215Urban Ecology00000
ART 220Art History: Aspects of Asian Art00000
BIO 254Basic Microbiology00000
ACC 692QResearch Project00000
BIO 301ATropical Ecosystem Assessment I00000
ART 233Public Art In The Urban Context00000
BIO 335Molecular and Cellular Biology00000
ANT 296ZTopic: Economic Anthropology00000
BIO 396Guided Study in Biology00000
ART 253Photography II: Black and White00000
BMB 626Cellular Biochemistry and Advanced Molecular Biology00000
BIO 492Internship in Biology II00000
ART 266International Center for Photography: Fundamentals of Studio...00000
BMB 712Thesis Preparation00000
ARA 283Intermediate Conversation00000
BUS 496Advanced Professional Development for Career Readiness00000
ART 283Live Art Performance, the Body, and the Camera00000
CHE 111RGeneral Chemistry I00000
AMS 296FTopic: Legal Literacy and Defense00000
CHE 113RPrinciples of Chemistry for the Health Professions Recitatio...00000
ART 297PVideo II00000
CHE 223AOrganic Chemistry I (Lecture)00000
ART 153Introduction to Photography00000
CHE 301Physical Chemistry I00000
ART 298GTopic: Icp Non-Silver Printing00000
CHE 330Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
ACC 645Theory and Analysis of Financial Statements00000
CHE 640Physical Biochemistry00000
ART 298LTopics: Icp Individual And Group Portraiture00000
CHP 101Wellness and Physical Fitness00000
ART 174Picturing Art in Film and Video00000
CHP 140Introduction to Scuba Diving00000
ART 343Painting III00000
CHP 165Stress Reduction Using Complementary and Alternative Therapi...00000
ANT 108Global Culture and Local Identities00000
CIS 100Electronic Keyboarding00000
ART 380Computer Illustration00000
CIS 121Advanced Word Processing Skills00000
ART 203Art History: Ancient Roman Art00000
CIS 143Introduction to SQL for Business00000
BIO 101General Biology I00000
CIT 223Introduction to Software Defined Networking and Virtualizati...00000
ACC 600Independent Study in Graduate Accounting00000
CIT 332Multimedia and User Interface Design00000
BIO 114Evolution00000
CIT 348Data Mining00000
ART 213Art History: 18th and 19th Century Art00000
BIO 127Microbes in our lives-Friend or Foe?00000
ACC 394Accounting Internship00000
ACC 618Financial Reporting II00000
AMS 102Introduction to American Studies00000
ARA 101Elementary Arabic I00000
ART 261Scientific Illustration, Visualization and Sonification00000
BMB 605Scientific Communications00000