PAC Course Reviews

Palo Alto College

ITSY 2186Internship Computer and Information Systems Security00000
MSCI 1101Fundamentals of Leadership and Management I00000
ENGL 2333World Literature II: Neoclassical to the Present00000
ITNW 1454Impl. and Sup. Servers00000
GOVT 2305Federal Government00000
DRAM 1310Introduction to Theatre Theatre Appreciation00000
LMGT 1349Materials Requirement Planning00000
CHEM 1407Introductory Chemistry II00000
FDST 2271Sensory Evaluation00000
COMM 2366Introduction to Cinema00000
INTC 2433Instrument Sys Install00000
HIST 2327Mexican-American History I00000
CSME 2233Applications of Facial and Skin Care Technology II00000
ITSC 2325Advanced Linux00000
BUSG 1302E-Business Management00000
KINE 1149Swimming I00000
EDUC 2301Special Populations00000
MATH 1324Mathematics for Business & Social Sciences00000
BCIS 1305Business Computer Applications00000
MUAP 1269Piano00000
CHEM 2325Organic Chemistry Lecture II00000
FREN 1411Elementary French I00000
BIOL 1409Biology for Non-science Majors II00000
HALT 2386Internship Applied Horticulture/Horticultural Operations, Ge...00000
COSC 2336Programming Fundamentals III00000
INRW 0201INRW CoReq to ENGL 130100000
HPRS 2321Medical Law and Ethics for Health Professionals00000
CSME 1445Facial & Skin Care Tech II00000
ITCC 2412CCNA 3: Scaling Networks00000
BMGT 1331Production and Operations Management00000
ITSC 1316Linux Installation and Configuration00000
CSME 2441Prep for State Exam00000
ITSE 2386Internship Comp Programmer00000
ARTS 2346Ceramics I00000
KINE 1107Jogging I00000
DRAM 2336Voice and Diction00000
KINE 2108Walking II00000
BUSI 2305Business Statistics00000
MATH 0142Co-Req for MATH 134200000
ENGL 1302Composition II00000
MATH 2412Precalculus00000
AIRP 2336Certified Flight Instructor Airplane00000
MUAP 1237Trumpet / Cornet00000
ENGR 2302Mechanics II: Dynamics00000
MUAP 1282Voice00000
BIOL 1323Consumer Nutrition Non-Sci Maj00000
FMKT 1301Floral Design00000
COMM 2324Practicum in Electronic Media00000
GEOG 1303World Regional Geography00000
AIRP 2349Instructor Ground School00000
HALT 2331Advanced Landscape Design00000
COSC 1337Programming Fundamentals II00000
HIST 2311Western Civilization I00000
BIOL 2106Environmental Biology Laboratory00000
HITT 1305Medical Terminology I00000
CRIJ 1307Crime in America00000
INCR 1302Physics of Instrumentation00000
HUMA 1301Introduction to the Humanities I00000
CSME 1348Principles of Skin Care00000
INTC 1455Unit Operations00000
BMGT 1307Team Building00000
ITCC 1444CCNA 2: Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials00000
CSME 1453Chemical Reformation and Related Theory00000
ITDF 1400Introduction to Digital Forensics00000
ARTS 1317Drawing II00000
ITSC 1305Introduction to PC Operating Systems00000
CSME 2310Advanced Haircutting00000
ITSC 1319Internet/Web Page Development00000
BMGT 2309Leadership00000
ITSE 1302Computer Programming00000
DANC 1245Beginning Modern Dance00000
ITSY 1342Information Technology Security00000
AIRP 1307Aviation Meteorology00000
ITSY 2442Incident Response and Handling00000
DRAM 1342Introduction to Costume00000
KINE 1109Walking/Jogging I00000
BUSI 1301Business Principles00000
KINE 1321Coaching I00000
ECON 2301Principles of Macroeconomics00000
LMGT 1319Introduction to Business Logistics00000
ARTS 2357Photography II (fine arts emphasis)00000
MATH 0105Math Preparatory00000
ELMT 2339Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers00000
MATH 0320Intermediate Algebra00000
CETT 1409DC-AC Circuits00000
MATH 1350Mathematics for Teachers I00000
ENGL 2323British Literature II: Romanticism to the Present00000
MRKG 1301Customer Relationship Mgmt00000
AGRI 1315Prin of Horticulture00000
MUAP 1229Clarinet00000
ENGR 1304Engineering Graphics I00000
MUAP 1257Percussion00000
CHEM 1412General Chemistry II00000
FDST 1320Principles of Enology I00000
ACCT 2302Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
AGRI 1329Principles of Food Science00000
ARTS 1304Art History Survey (Post 1300)00000
BIOL 2404Human Anatomy and Physiology00000
CRIJ 2328Police Systems and Practices00000
HUMA 2323World Cultures00000