OU Course Reviews

Oakland University

AN 3620Primate Behavior00000
APM 3430Theory of Computation00000
AHS 3310Health Care Safety00000
AN 470Anthropological Theory00000
ALS 4334Lang Development in Children00000
AH 2100Concepts Modern & Postmdn Art00000
APM 434App Num Methods: Matrix Method00000
ACS 4905ST:Modeling Financial Economic00000
ALS 518Tchng English As Second Lang00000
AH 101Western Art Renaissanc/Present00000
AN 350World Regional Geography00000
ALS 5574Cross-Cultural Communication00000
AH 399Field Experience00000
AN 3222Forensic Anthropology00000
ACC 6300Accounting & Communication00000
AN 4996Independ Study and Resrch00000
AH 3420Modern Art 1900-196000000
APM 569Graph Theory & Applications00000
ACC 3200Managerial and Cost Acct II00000
APM 5441Math Analysis For Engineers I00000
AED 4120Visual Culture: Thry in Art Ed00000
ALS 574Cross-Cultural Communication00000
ACC 4996Independent Study00000
ALS 4438Theory/Practice Lang Testing00000
AH 312Greek Art00000
AN 300Culture, Society And Tech00000
ALS 6630Language Pedagogy00000
AH 368History Of Photography I00000
AN 385Historical Archaeology00000
ACC 5520International Tax00000
AN 3110Culture, Society and Tech00000
AH 1001Western Art Prehist/Medieval00000
AN 3430Archaeology/Ancient Civiliztns00000
ACC 2100Managerial/Cost Accounting I00000
AN 3930Field Experience Anthro00000
AH 3110Art of Ancient Near East00000
APM 263Discrete Mathematics00000
ACS 450Financial Mathematics00000
APM 541Math Analysis For Engineers I00000
AH 3900ST: Techne- Art Making Context00000
APM 2555PIntro Diff Eg with Matrix Alg00000
ACC 490Independent Study00000
APM 4777Computer Algebra00000
ALS 374Cross Cultural Communication00000
APM 5557Adv Partial Diff Equations00000
ACC 4010Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ALS 535Psycholinguistics00000
AED 4320Teaching Art/Secondary Level00000
ALS 576Language And Society00000
ACC 512Managerial Accounting Systems00000
ALS 4375Language and Culture00000
AH 291Concepts Modern & Postmdn Art00000
ALS 5534Language Develop in Children00000
ACC 5120Managerial Accounting Systems00000
ALS 5589Special Education and SLA00000
AH 322Early Medieval/Byzt/Roman Art00000
AN 200Global Human Systems00000
AMS 300St: The Western00000
AH 362Art Since 196000000
AN 322The Food Quest00000
ACC 5260AIS: Audit and Control00000
AN 380Archaeology Of North America00000
AH 377Visualizing Nuclear Experience00000
AN 391Primate Behavior00000
ACC 690Independent Study/Accounting00000
AN 1111Intro to Cultural Anthropology00000
AH 496Senior Thesis Art History II00000
AN 3140Culture and Soc thru Film00000
ACC 6220Advanced Auditing00000
AN 3260Native Peoples/1st Nat/NAmer00000
AH 1003Arts of Asia and Islamic World00000
AN 3562Archaeology of Israel00000
ACC 411Auditing00000
AN 3800Intro to Geographic Info Syste00000
AH 3020Chinese Art00000
AN 4810Language and Culture00000
ACC 6995Prof Accounting Research00000
APM 163Math For Info Technology00000
AH 3220Early Medieval/Byzt/Roman Art00000
APM 381Theory Of Computation00000
ACC 3100Intermediate Financial Acct I00000
APM 490Independent Study00000
AH 3530History and Theory of Design00000
APM 567Algorithms And Complexity00000
ACS 3990ACHIEVE 3 Actuarial Sciences00000
APM 695Problem Solving Seminar00000
AH 4999Senior Thesis Art History II00000
APM 2559Intro Differential Equations00000
ACC 310Intermediate Financial Acct I00000
APM 4334App Num Methods: Matrix Method00000
ALS 176The Humanity Of Language00000
APM 5333Numerical Methods00000
AED 303Tchng Art Midl Schl00000
ALS 418Tchng English As Second Lang00000
ACC 210Managerial/Cost Accounting I00000
ACC 320Managerial And Cost Acct II00000
ACC 650Professional Issues In Acc00000
ACC 5210Federal Income Tax II00000
AH 345German Art00000
AMS 4998Senior Project00000