Otterbein Course Reviews

Otterbein University

DANC 1800Basic Dance00000
EDUC 2520Exceptional Children: Adolescence Writing Intensive00000
BIO 3340Coral Reef Ecology00000
COMP 1200Elementary Programming and Logic00000
CHEM 3100Analytical Chemistry00000
BIO 2400Special Topics in Biology: Working with Primates00000
ECON 3600Labor Economics and Industrial Relations00000
ASCI 2000Introduction to Data Science with R00000
CHEM 1500General Chemistry II00000
ASCI 5400Predictive Analytics00000
COMM 3750Intercultural Communication00000
CHEM 4200Advanced Spectroscopic Methods in Forensic Analysis00000
BIA 3000Database & Network Design00000
COMP 3300Computer Architecture00000
ART 4600Advanced Graphic Design00000
DANC 4200Choreography II00000
BIO 3030Animal Reproduction00000
EDUC 1600Study of the School Writing Intensive00000
ART 2000Sophomore Seminar Writing Intensive00000
EDUC 3350Methods of Teaming and Collaboration for Learners with Mild...00000
ASCI 4650Exam Preparation: Statistics and Probabilistic Models00000
CHEM 2400Organic Chemistry I00000
ART 2800Relief Printmaking00000
CHEM 3410Physical Chemistry I Laboratory Writing Enriched00000
ATHT 2500Clinical Proficiencies 100000
COMM 3100Advanced Public Speaking00000
COMM 1400Debate Team Practicum00000
ATHT 4550Clinical Proficiencies 600000
COMM 4700Health Communication Case Studies Writing Intensive00000
ART 3900IND ST: Story Telling through the Art of Photography00000
COMP 2100Data Structures00000
BIO 1810Anatomy and Physiology I00000
COMP 4210Scala Program Lang Instruction00000
ART 1100Design 2D00000
DANC 3200Choreography I00000
BIO 2900Basic Pathophysiology00000
ECON 3100Intermed Microecon Analysis00000
ARTH 3200Special Topics in Art History: Museum Studies00000
ECON 4500Introduction to Econometrics Writing Intensive00000
BIO 3140Developmental Biology00000
EDUC 2200Educational Psychology: Primary Education00000
ACCT 4100Taxation00000
EDUC 3220Advanced Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Intermediate Mathema...00000
BUS 3500Legal Environment of Business00000
EDUC 3410Middle Childhood Methods I00000
ART 2100Drawing II00000
CHEM 1700Engineering Chemistry00000
ASCI 5100Actuarial Models I00000
CHEM 2510Organic Chemistry II Laboratory00000
ACCT 4300Controllership00000
CHEM 3200Inorganic Chemistry00000
ATHT 1600Basic Athletic Training00000
CHEM 4030Introduction to Cheminformatics00000
ART 3100Special Topics in Drawing00000
COMM 1000Communicating with Audiences00000
ATHT 2650Advanced Athletic Training Upper Extremity00000
COMM 2700Introduction to Health Communication00000
COMM 1550Communication Practicum00000
ATHT 4100Professional Development in Allied Health Professions Writin...00000
COMM 3400Persuasion00000
ART 3650Special Topics in Graphic Design: Illustration00000
COMM 4100Gender and Communication00000
ATHT 4800General Medical & Pharmacological Conditions00000
COMP 1010Productivity Software: Microsoft Office00000
ART 1000Freshman Seminar00000
COMP 1800Computing in Python00000
BIO 1000Principles of Biology00000
COMP 2600Software Design00000
ART 4400Intermedia Topics00000
COMP 3700Web Development00000
BIO 2020Ecology00000
COMP 4250Web Application Development00000
ACCT 3700Intermediate Accounting I00000
DANC 2200Hist & Phil of Dance I00000
BIO 2700Gender and Biology00000
DANC 4000Dance Practicum00000
ARTH 2100Impressionists and Pop Artists Modern Art 1863-1963 Writing...00000
ECON 2100Principles of Microeconomics00000
BIO 2999Biology & Earth Science Seminar II00000
ECON 3300International Economics00000
ART 1300Color Principles00000
ECON 4250Environmental Economics00000
BIO 3060Aquatic Ecology00000
EDUC 0902Praxis Prep: Writing/Essay00000
ASC 0150Writing Workshop00000
EDUC 1800Health, Movement, and the Arts in Primary Education00000
BIO 3220Plant Physiology00000
EDUC 2500Pedagogical Content Knowledge in the P-5 Science Classroom I00000
ACCT 3050Intermediate Accounting II00000
EDUC 2600Emergent Literacy in Inclusive Environments Writing Intensiv...00000
BIO 3440Animal Systems Physiology Writing Intensive00000
EDUC 3250Integrated Curriculum Internship, Grades 4-500000
ASCI 4620Exam Preparation: Financial Mathematics00000
CHEM 1200Survey of Bio-Organic Chemistry00000
ACCT 2000Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 3300Accounting Info Systems00000
ACCT 5500Fraud and Forensics00000
ART 3500Digital Photography00000
ATHT 3500Clinical Proficiencies00000
COMM 2400Argumentation and Advocacy00000